Full of colour and big gestures, this Art at Home edit brings together eight artists who use a vivid paint palette to capture attention.

From the Australian desert to European cities, colour is used in art around the world to convey a shared understanding and perception. The artists in this Art at Home feature take inspiration from travel, identity, and 1970s glam rock, each returning to bright hues and pops of colour in paint to reveal the multi-dimensionality, yet interconnectivity, of life.

Jonny Niesche

Using colour to maximum effect, Sydney-based artist Jonny Niesche creates abstract paintings that radiate light and hues. The artist aims to represent colour, light, and perception through his art that meets art history with abstraction, minimalism, and pop culture at glam rock. 

Jenny Lundgren

Swedish artist Jenny Lundgren describes her artworks as semi-abstract portraits, capturing emotions through layers of colours intermingling on the surface of the canvas. “In my paintings, I always move between figuration and abstraction. I need the limits of the figuration to build my paintings around, but I also need the freedom of abstraction, which allows me to act and react more intuitively,” Jenny says. 

Fran O’Neill

American-Australia artist Fran O’Neill is based between Newcastle, NSW and Brooklyn, NY. She uses her duality of locations to inform her dream-like abstract paintings. The brushstrokes fill the composition through swashes of paint, inviting movement and gesture onto the canvas. 

Sue Beyer

Sue Beyer challenges the concept of ‘paintings’ with her superimposed digital edge, manipulating the theories of landscape artworks in a post-internet era. Interested in liminal space, Sue uses her artworks to explore the ‘in-between’ and human interactions, leaving brushwork visible and the artist’s hand revealed.

Beth Gibbeson

Through her bright-hued artworks, Beth Gibbeson narrates her travels around the world, filled with expression and character. From rural Victoria, Egypt and back to the suburbs of Melbourne, her interpretation and abstraction of the landscape seep into the paintings, leaving the audience to create their own impression.

Sarah Kelk

Splitting the canvas into geometric shapes, Melbourne-based Sarah Kelk uses colour oscillating from pastel hues to vivid pops of colour. Employing a fluid and intuitive process, the artworks reveal organic energy full of texture, mark-making, and depth of colour.

Jennifer Goodman

Melbourne-based artist Jennifer Goodman is informed by linear and geometric abstraction, modernism and colour theory in her paintings comprised of hand-mixed hues. Lines carve the canvas while colour divides negative and colour-filled space as the abstract artworks embody movement and shape.

Johnny Yungut Tjupurrula

Born in the Gibson Desert, WA, Johnny Yungut Tjupurrula depicts the landscape and tracks of ancestral journeys in his bright and colourful paintings. A recurring motif includes the traditional concentric circle and line and diminishing square design to reveal his travels around Country and Aboriginal Dreamtime Stories.

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