Are you stuck in a rut?

If you can easily and without hesitation, say “yes”,  just know that you are not alone. If misery loves company, then this gloomy place is actually quite crowded.

Needless to say, it has been a very difficult few years. For the many societal reasons and the impact they have had on us all. People’s lives have been and are extremely challenging at times. This is not including the shall I say “normal” personal challenges we all face throughout our lives.  

So there you go. You’re in a rut. You don’t understand entirely why you’re there and how you got there but the one thing you do know is that you are indeed there. Stuck. Unmotivated. Depressed. You can’t really move and function how you would like. 

Are you stuck in a rut?
I myself have also experienced this feeling and often wonder “What is wrong with me?”  I think for me this began during the pandemic, like it did for so many people.

A slow and steady emotional spiral downward that occurred over time. That coupled with different and often bad habits leaving you feeling lethargic, kind of sad and unmotivated.  

So what now? You’re in a rut. Just stuck.  How do you get out of that place and back to the you you want to be because it is not easy. The only thing that is actually working for me, is saying out loud, everyday, what I want to happen. 

 I don’t mean just once in a while but everyday, and many, many times a day. It goes to the “mind over matter” concept. Your mind controls your body. So I decided if I was going to take charge of myself I needed to take charge of my mind. 

Everyday I say out loud exactly what I want to happen. I have been doing this for at least 6 months. I never miss a day.  I walk, and do this the entire time, usually for 5 miles so for about an hour or more a day. 
The best thing is:  it’s working.

 I was skeptical a little at first, but I did not stop saying my mantra. “I am happy, I am healthy…. I will do this today,  I will do that”… you get the idea.
 Over and over and over I repeat what I want to happen, what will happen and it’s actually happening.

 The things I’m saying out loud and repeatedly, everyday no matter what are coming to fruition. 

 I thought I’d share this with all of you because best of all, ANYONE can do this. 
It’s free, it’s easy, all you have to do is think it and say it. Then you will slowly, over time begin to believe it. It just sort of happens when you’re not expecting it. Small little ways at first then it progresses. 

Are you stuck in a rut?
So I leave you this Monday with all the personal mind power you have. You have more than you know. I wish you all personal happiness and joy. Know that it is ok to be down in the dumps, you will come out of it eventually. The “Don’t worry, be happy quote” is a good one. Do your best, give yourself a break, maybe give this a try. 

Have a beautiful and wonderful day, ZsaZsa.

Are you stuck in a rut?

Are you stuck in a rut?
Are you stuck in a rut?