A tranquil pavilion house in Suffolk

Norm Architects designed this pavilion house in Suffolk, UK, as a beautiful inside-out construction, where you can get a glimpse of the surrounding nature from every room. The minimal and tuned-back architecture makes you pay attention to the beautiful countryside and frames it in a lovely way.

What is a pavilion?

A pavilion building is a subsidiary building either attached to the main building or placed within its surroundings. Pavilions can range in size, from a small garden pavilion to an entire extension just like in this case.

A pavilion built to complement the main building

The steel construction, wooden window frames, and vertical cladding of the pavilion design correspond to the design of the existing building. Since the pavilion needed to stand out against the impressive park-like countryside surroundings, it was raised on a dark basalt foundation which introduces a shadow gap between the land and the pavilion, which has the effect of seemingly raising the pavilion from the land it stands on.

The pavilion interior

Transparency stands front and center in the design of the pavilion so that the surroundings become an integral part of the interior. The color palette of the interior is very modest, so it fits with the surroundings.

The pavilion house is planned in a very open way, with different functional areas. The wood-burning stove divides the kitchen from the living room and dining area, where people can come together for entertainment, and recreation, and enjoy a sense of community.

A subtle white kitchen

The modest and tranquil way of designing the pavilion so all the attention goes to the natural surroundings has been continued in the kitchen as well, which is seamlessly integrated into the walls, with slim grey countertops for an elegant look and wooden furniture to enhance the natural feeling of the interior.

A dark cement bathroom

While the rest of the pavilion has a white and light base palette, the bathrooms have darker cement walls, which create a sanctuary feeling of separation from the surroundings. Some windows have been carefully placed in strategic places to allow light to flow in and privacy to be ensured.

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