minimalist table setting

minimalist table setting

Often when I have friends over, I don’t bother to set the table with individual place settings. Instead, I just pile up everything to keep it simple and informal.  If it’s an occasion like Christmas or Easter then I will go a bit more formal but otherwise it’s all about effortless simplicity.

Even when it’s a simple look, I always add a few decorative pieces to make the table look inviting.  For me, there are a couple of ‘must haves’ on any kind of table setting but other than that it’s all about what I have to hand.  I like to keep the look pared back and simple because an over-crowded table just looks too busy for my liking.

simple tablescape ideas Scandi minimal table decor cosy dinner table setting

My inspiration for this table was simple: minimal & Scandinavian.  I wanted the table to be warm and welcoming without being cramped or overflowing with decor items. I worked with what I already had so I could show you that everyday items are all you need.  We don’t need fancy new things to make a table setting feel welcoming — my white linen tablecloth (AFF) is so old and has been used so many times.  Also I prefer to ‘shop’ my home and see what I can use for my table decor — like that marble board (find similar here – AFF) which is normally on my bedside table but it works just as well as a serving board for dry food.

Having said that it’s worth investing in a few timeless pieces that you can use again and again, in case you haven’t already.  My linen tablecloths and linen napkins (AFF) are an example where you buy one or two different neutral colours and use them for years on end.  Also white plates — they never go out of style and can be used in practically any table setting. Mine are over 15 years old and still going strong.

table setting with candles and foliage simple table decor ideas

The one thing I do like to buy for a table setting is some fresh foliage. I don’t usually go for flowers because they’re expensive and besides, I love foliage.  It adds a hint of colour to a minimal, neutral table and it adds texture too.  And foliage looks good even when it’s starting to dry out and die.  For this table I went with some baby eucalyptus stems.  I also always have some candles even in the warmer, summery months. Candles create a cosiness and warmth which adds so much to a dining table setting.  Here I went with tall candles in tall candle holders (find similar here AFF) but I also use tea lights, chunky pillar candles or any candles I have lying around.

When I put together an informal table like this, I like including one big decor piece.  Here I’ve used a simple large vase (AFF) that I had with some tall foliage.  I don’t use such big/tall pieces when it’s a seated table setting because there’s nothing more annoying than not being able to see the person opposite you. But in a table setting like this one, it works.

What are your favourite ways to create a simple table setting?

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