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In 2015, the interior designer Krista Collard and her husband Ben were looking for a family home in Sydney. They saw three Californian bungalows for sale. One stood out, not because it was fancy, but because of its bright kitchen and living area.

Krista thought, “This small house, with just two bedrooms and a bathroom, could be a great family home with some changes.”

Images: Krista Collard

Living There


Krista, Ben, and their kids, Toby and Macy, moved in. They put in a pool and updated the bathroom. But by 2020, the house felt too small. They needed a big renovation.

The Big Change


They planned to add a second floor with bedrooms, bathrooms, and a space for the kids. They also wanted to turn a bedroom into an office and living area, and the bunk room into a guest room. The plan included a new kitchen, pantry, laundry, and a living area that opens to a deck with a fireplace and barbecue.

Blending Old and New


Krista and Ben didn’t want a typical modern extension. They mixed the old house’s charm with new luxury touches. The goal was to make it feel like a fancy hotel, with beautiful finishes and places for family time and alone time.

The Kitchen


Since they love cooking, the kitchen is important. It’s now warm and luxurious, with marble, brass, and blue-black cabinets.


The Bathroom


The bathrooms are like a spa, with a standalone tub and marble walls. Krista wanted them to be special and relaxing.


The Main Bedroom


Inspired by a hotel in Barcelona, the main bedroom is light, cozy, and stylish, with soft colors and bold art.

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The Coziest and Loveliest Home Sweet Home

The Result


Their home is now great for all seasons. In summer, they barbecue outside. In winter, they stay cozy by the fireplace.

Krista says, “It has everything we need and more.”



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This story shows how a home can change with the family. It’s about keeping the old charm while adding new, modern parts.

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