A green kitchen with white metro tiles and a kitchen island in an interior with  two-tone walls

The green cabinets in the open-plan kitchen really stand out in this beautiful Swedish home. The color contrasts with the light-soaped hardwood flooring, the white subway tiles, and the two-tone walls throughout the living kitchen.

Green cabinets and metro tiles in the kitchen

The green color used in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and hallway is quite the bold statement in the otherwise neutral-colored interior. Green is a great color to add when you still want your home to look balanced and I think the effect has not been lost in this interior either.

The green of the kitchen cabinets pairs up nicely with the beautiful stone countertop, the stainless steel cabinet handles and faucet, and the subtle white metro tiles on the wall.

The kitchen island is also a breakfast bar and has a spot for two bar stools and the part of the kitchen walls that have not been covered with tiles has been painted in two tones just like in the living room.

Two-tone wall in the living room

The two-tone walls in the living room accentuate the beautiful wainscoting in the space. The wainscoting is covered with white paint, while the upper part of the two-tone wall has been painted in a warm gray paint color.

The warm wood color of the dining table and chairs in front of the window and the warm tones in the coffee table add a bit of warmth to the two colors on the walls and the white curtains frame the large window leading up to the balcony.

Painting walls is a great alternative to an accent wall and allows you to complement it with white paint to balance things out and create an effect that is subtle and balanced.

Green bedroom walls

The same green color as that of the kitchen comes back in the bedroom as well, where the walls have been painted entirely for a more dramatic effect. The green walls are complemented with elegant black wall lamps and contrasted by the light beige bed headboard and the white and beige bedding.

The wall-to-wall curtains consist of two layers just like in a hotel, which gives the bedroom a high-end look and feel.

Two-tone walls in the hallway and bathroom

The eye-catching green color comes back in the two-tone wall in the hallway, where the color also comes back in the built-in wardrobe that offers a lot of storage space.

In the bathroom, the same two-tone wall effect has been achieved with the green paint color on the upper part and on the ceiling and the bottom half of the wall has been tiled with simple white tiles just like in the kitchen. In every single room, this color is used, the color introduces an instant contrast in the space.

via Alicia Edelman

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