Clean, cozy, and filled with natural light, this is a home that rests and resets the mind after challenging periods of work and interaction. Visualized by Format Design, this 120 square-meter home was designed as a sanctuary of calm, where complex embellishments are avoided in favor of serenity. Excess elements are removed to assure an easy flow, both physically and visually. In this design, you’ll find an inviting living space with a bright dining area and open-plan kitchen that’s perfect for enjoying time with friends. The bedrooms and ensuite bathrooms are luxurious sanctuaries in which to escape from everyone and everything, to fully recharge for the next day.

The living room is modestly proportioned, though appears spacious thanks to a light color scheme and large, dual-aspect windows.

A Bauhaus cowhide chaise lounge chair gives the room pattern and personality. The chair is a Le Corbusier LC4 replica.

On the opposite side of the lounge, a leather chair adds a warm tan accent. Its smoothly curved lines are echoed in a tufted rug with arched patterns.

A pair of round coffee tables are arranged at the center of the sitting area. Their curved shape allows the homeowner to move around them with ease when accessing the media console unit.

The floating tv stand keeps the floor area visible, maintaining the full visual depth of the room. Two floating shelving units are mounted alongside the TV unit to store books and a small display of decorative items.

The living space includes a well-proportioned formal dining area. A round pedestal dining table and modern dining chairs accommodate up to eight diners. Wall art is hung beside the table to act as a visual anchor in the open layout.

A kitchen island divides the formal dining area from the cooking zone. It also serves as a casual breakfast bar.

A muxarabi screen is installed at one end of the kitchen island to construct a defined hallway. A black console table stands in front of the wooden room divider to make an attractive vignette.

Wooden kitchen units wrap around the corner of the room that leads into the hallway. The final, perpendicular unit serves as a convenient utility closet. A stacked washing machine and tumble dryer nest inside.

Interior doors fit flush to the ceiling line without a cumbersome door frame.

As we pass by the black console table in the hallway, we come to the home entryway.

A bespoke, floating entryway bench curves around the wall by the front door. The entryway walls are solidly wood-clad to achieve a seamless aesthetic with the matching wooden door.

Inside the first bedroom, an upholstered bed makes light contrast with a brown focal wall. Black track lights stylishly divide the headboard feature wall, creating a linear design with a concealed purpose.

A different bedside table serves each side of the room to fashion a more casual look. The nightstand beside the window is backed by a full-length mirror that reflects natural light into the room.

Beige, brown, and taupe tones build a warm and restful decor palette that helps soothe an overstimulated mind.

An upholstered desk chair introduces a mild green hue to the room, which is subtly reflected in the bedroom rug.

The bedroom workspace tucks neatly into a nook that’s created by a row of fitted units.

The desk is integrated into the side of the fitted units to create a cohesive visual. Track lights crisscross the desk wall to offer task lighting.

Behind the headboard wall, there is a luxury ensuite bathroom. A spa-like atmosphere creates an escape for the homeowner, where they can fully decompress. A round bathtub makes room for stretching out under the bubbles.

The round bathtub is complemented by a curved bathroom vanity unit. A curved stool is teamed with a full-length mirror to form a dressing area.

A rich brown, wood-clad wall creates a dark focal point around the vanity area.

A wall-mounted black bathroom faucet sits darkly against the wood wall paneling. Modern wall sconces brightly flank an illuminated bathroom mirror.

The second bedroom features a fresh white decor scheme with light wood accents. Contracting bedside units relax the clean aesthetic. A textured, 3D relief panel is highlighted under a paper bedroom pendant light. See more ideas for bedroom pendant lights.

Two bedroom rugs overlap to create a softly textured combo with a gently contrasting tone. The bedroom door is disguised under wood cladding, which also conceals a storage closet. The main, walk-in wardrobe is accessed via a pocket door beside the bed.

Wooden garment shelves and wall-hung chests of drawers stylishly populate the walk in wardrobe. Shelf lights illuminate the clothing options.

The wood trellis pocket door shares light with the bedroom. A small, upholstered stool offers a comfortable place to sit while trying on shoes for the day.

There is also an ensuite bathroom hidden behind the trellis door. The modern bathroom vanity is atmospherically lit by an illuminated bathroom mirror and two chic wall sconces.

An ocean-blue glass bathtub adds an uplifting note of color to the serene bathroom scheme. A textured wall treatment creates a dramatic backdrop behind the tub, which is accentuated under LED perimeter lights.

Opposite the blue bathtub, there stands a walk-in shower area with an elegant cylindrical surround.

Narrow vertical tiles make a neat white mosaic inside the shower space design. A gold showerhead rains water from directly overhead.

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