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As we step into 2024, many of us are looking for ways to enhance the positivity and good fortune in our homes. Whether you’re superstitious or just enjoy a touch of charm, incorporating certain items into your living space can create a more harmonious and lucky environment. Let’s explore some of the must-have home decor items for good luck in 2024.

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Home Decor Items For Good Luck

1. Money Plant: For Wealth


Money Plant is a plant that brings growth and money. Keep it in the east corner of your home for the best effect.

2. Horseshoes: For Protection


Horseshoe Bookend, $24.99+ AT Etsy

Hang a horseshoe over your door. Also you can add Horseshoe Bookends,horseshoe hooks or horseshoe shaped furniture. It keeps your home safe and brings luck.


HAVEN HORSESHOE HOOK, $24.00 AT Stylish Equestrian


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Make sure it looks like a ‘U’ so the luck stays in!

3. Dream Catchers: For Good Dreams


Dream catchers stop bad dreams and let in good ones. Hang one over your bed for peaceful sleep.

4. Crystals: For Energy

Quartz and Amethyst home decor

Crystals like Quartz and Amethyst bring balance and wealth. Place them where you relax, like your living room.

5. Wind Chimes: For Harmony


chayana large moon mother of pearl wind chime, $45.00 AT MATR BOOMIE

Wind chimes help good energy flow in your home. Hang them near your entrance to attract wealth and peace.

6. Crab: For Protection and Success


A decorative crab bring good energy and success. Put them in the north part of your home.

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Four For Luck Console by JSB

7. Elephants: For Luck



Elephants with raised trunks are lucky. Put a statue near your front door to bring luck to everyone who enters.

8. Buddha: For Happiness

Buddha candle made of soy wax, handmade concrete pot

Buddha candle $15.81+ AT Etsy

A Buddha brings joy and plenty. Keep it in your living room facing the door for good vibes.


As we embrace the new year, incorporating these items into your home decor can not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also bring a sense of optimism and good fortune. Remember, the key to attracting good luck is also maintaining a positive mindset and a heart full of gratitude. Here’s to a lucky and prosperous 2024!

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