The kitchen can be likened to the heart of a house. Here is heaven for those of you who like to cook, prepare food, and enjoy a meal with your family. In addition to determining the right kitchen decoration, the selection of kitchen floor tiles is also important to support security and mobility when in the kitchen. Beautiful kitchen floor motifs are indeed very attractive, but considering the right tile material will reduce unwanted risks.

The kitchen floor is the slickest area in the house after the bathroom, this area is very at risk of oil spills or dirt from food, making you feel uncomfortable. The easiest solution is to place kitchen floor tiles with materials that are not slippery and have a texture to make it feel safer.

In this post, we want various kitchen floor tiles ideas to be the best choice for those of you who want an aesthetic kitchen but still pay attention to safety. Let’s check!

1. Concrete Kitchen Floor Tiles


Concrete kitchen floor tiles are very suitable to be applied to a minimalist style kitchen. This tile displays an industrial impression with a neutral color appearance, so it is easy to combine with a wide selection of any kitchen furniture. In addition, concrete tiles are strong and textured materials that make the floor non-slip.

2. Plain Kitchen Floor Tiles


If you like the look of a clean and tidy kitchen, then you can choose plain kitchen floor tiles. This type of tile usually has a choice of neutral colors such as white or gray. For example, you can choose plain white tiles for a minimalist style or want to create an open concept that is currently trending.

3. Wood Kitchen Floor Tiles


The atmosphere of cooking becomes much more pleasant with wooden kitchen floor tiles. In addition to being natural, wood tiles also give a luxurious look to the interior. In contrast to dark tiles, these wood tiles are not slippery but also add aesthetic value to your kitchen.


For added comfort, choose vintage-style decorations with the same materials as a wooden dining table, wooden kitchen cabinets, chairs, and wooden wall shelves. The combination of various wood materials will warm your kitchen area so that cooking becomes a fun activity.

4. Marble Kitchen Floor Tiles


You can get a luxurious and classy impression with marble kitchen floor tiles. However, marble tiles tend to be white so you need to combine them with the right kitchen furniture. For a modern and elegant look, choose kitchen furniture in a matching color or a bolder color. Also pay attention to the lighting because this will reduce the impression of humidity in a minimalist kitchen style.

5. Granite Kitchen Floor Tiles


Granite kitchen floor tiles at first glance are similar to marble floors but have a rougher texture. The choice of marble floor tiles is perfect for those of you who want the kitchen to look luxurious but still feel natural. This tile material is not slippery so it is suitable for clean kitchen use.

6. Colorful Kitchen Floor Tiles


A cheerful kitchen will make anyone feel excited. Not only neutral in color, you can even apply very colorful kitchen floor tiles to give a more vibrant and attractive impression. So that the room does not look flashy, you should choose neutral colored furniture such as white to make it look stylish.


7. Hexagon Kitchen Floor Tiles


Want to make your kitchen floor attract attention? You can apply kitchen floor tiles with a hexagon motif like above. The hexagon shape gives a unique and classy impression, while the combination of different tile colors gives the kitchen a charming impression.

8. Abstract Kitchen Floor Tiles


To make the kitchen look unique, you can apply abstract kitchen floor tiles. It is a mixture of different motifs and colors of tiles. The idea of ​​this tile will feel more artistic and the room will feel more alive. You can combine tile colors with simple tones to contrasts, there is no limit to displaying them according to your taste.

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