Many people often ignore the function of the bedroom because they think this room is just a place to rest or unwind. In fact, the bedroom is often a place where you usually do various activities, such as reading books, putting on makeup, and even an area for working. To make the bedroom feel more effective, adding partitions is the best way to divide the room according to its respective function.

A minimalist bedroom partition could be a smart solution for those of you who want to divide the function of the room but not feel full. Apart from that, bedroom partitions can also be used to maintain privacy as well as add aesthetic value to the room. There are many minimalist room divider ideas sold on the market today, which are also easy to apply to bedrooms.

If you need a separate room in your bedroom or just want to beautify your bedroom, here are some inspirations that you should know!

1. Wood panel partition


It doesn’t have to be expensive to get an aesthetic room divider appearance. Try to present a minimalist impression by adding a wooden panel partition. Arrange the panels vertically or zigzag then join them together using hinges. Instead of letting it look plain, you can decorate it by hanging photos or plant pots.

2. Glass partition


The small size of the bedroom usually makes it difficult for you to divide the room. To keep the room looking spacious, choose a transparent or see-through glass partition option. Leave it plain or frame it with aluminum plates for a more elegant appearance.

3. Curtain partition


The easiest way to divide the room in a minimalist bedroom is to use curtains as a room divider. Choose a neutral curtain color with an elegant appearance, then combine it with layering to give a glamorous impression to the room. This curtain divider idea will make the room look more spacious.

4. Sliding door partition


Sliding doors are an alternative room divider to replace walls. Having many choices of various door designs, makes this room divider easy to combine with the style of your room. In addition, sliding door partitions provide more privacy but are easy to adjust to your space needs.

5. Bookcase partition


The next bedroom partition option is to use a cupboard or bookshelf. Place a bookshelf right next to your bed or in any area where you need privacy. So that the cupboard or bookshelf doesn’t clutter up the design, you can make custom furniture that blends with the wall.

6. Plywood partition


Next, there are room partitions made of plywood which can be matched to the color of the walls. Plywood is known as one of the most popular materials for minimalist room insulation because of its affordable price, and this material is even light enough to be easy to move.

7. Rattan partition


Lastly, there are portable room dividers which are made of rattan and have an aesthetic design. This room strait is very flexible because you can use it or fold it in just a matter of minutes. Apart from wood, rattan is known as a furniture material that is strong, has a natural texture, and is also quite light.

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