Whether you’ve just bought a new home or are looking to remodel your current one, updating the kitchen is typically one of the top priorities. And for good reason. We tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, between cooking our own meals and entertaining guests, so why not create a space that shows off your style and personality?

That’s why so many homeowners are embracing the trendy, yet timeless, choice of painting their cabinets navy blue. This popular kitchen cabinet color is a timeless cabinet color choice for your kitchen, yet it also adds a bit of contrast to make your design pop.

Let’s take a look below at the most inspiring kitchens with navy blue kitchen cabinets to help you kick-start your kitchen remodel.

Make a Statement With Deep Navy Blue Cabinets

If you’re looking for maximum impact, a deep shade of navy that borders on black is the way to go. The high contrast between the pure white walls and dark blue kitchen cabinets is perfectly balanced by the dark wood flooring and marble backsplash, preventing any one element from becoming overwhelming. Pair with black hardware and appliances to complete the look.

Dark navy blue kitchen cabinets contrast with white walls, white marble countertops and chrome hardware

via Alvhem

Pair Your Blue Cabinets With a Blue Tile Floor and Gold Fixtures

For a more unique take on navy kitchen cabinets, pair them with a light blue floor and bronze-gold hardware. The herringbone patterned tile here adds another dimension to the room, breaking up the smooth tones of the walls and cabinets.

To make the kitchen stand out, feature statement pieces in gold tones such as pendant lights.

A navy blue kitchen paired with gorgeous blue herringbone tiles on the floor

via File Under Pop

Embrace a Minimalist Style and a Splash of Fun With Slate Blue Cabinets

For fans of a more sleek, minimalist look, a simple two-toned blue kitchen with a blue island may be the answer. This design leans into contrast between the bottom and top halves of the room. By keeping the top half of the room a stark white, the bottom half truly pops, letting the stunning dark shade of the cabinetry stand front and center.

A subtle light wood floor balances everything quite well, helping to prevent the bottom half of the kitchen from feeling too heavy.

Navy blue kitchen cabinets paired with crisp white walls, chrome hardware and a white marble countertop

via Nordiska Kök

Complement Dark Fixtures and Appliances With Light Countertops and Navy Cabinets

Anyone with existing dark appliances and marble countertops looking to freshen up the space can take advantage of the easy transformation navy kitchen cabinets bring.

This is a quick and cost-effective way to breathe life into a current kitchen design that needs more personality. Change out the cabinet hardware with gold or bronze replacements and keep your neutral walls to bring everything together.

Navy kitchen cabinets paired with brass fixtures and a white marble countertop

photographed by Henrik Linden for Alvhem

White Tile, Tan Wood, and Blue Kitchen Cabinets: a Timeless Blend

This navy and white kitchen features dark blue bottom cabinets with an impressive white tile backsplash and countertop. Instead of upper cabinets, open shelving in a soft wood tone fills the upper part of the layout, creating a light and airy look and feel.

The stainless steel appliances and hardware provide the kitchen design with a modern aesthetic that goes well with the blue tone of the cabinets.

A navy blue kitchen with tiles in the backsplash and countertop, and wood shelving on the wall

Styled by Lingsell, photographed by Florbrant for Historiska Hem

Navy Kitchen Cabinets to Intensify Your Natural Tones

Navy blue kitchen cabinets can work incredibly well in an otherwise wood and earth-toned kitchen. It’s no secret that warm tones and blue items complement each other nicely, creating an interesting contrast.

By pairing the natural wood and orange hue of the window frame with a matte navy blue, the strengths of each color are accentuated, resulting in a kitchen space that is both minimal in design and bold in coloring.

Blue cabinets paired with oak kitchen modules for a modern and minimal effect

via Nordiska Kök

Balance Bright Natural Light With Navy Cabinetry

When faced with abundant natural light, a kitchen with white cabinets can quickly become overwhelming. However, the effect can be dramatically reduced through the addition of blue kitchen cabinets.

This deep navy allows the light-colored walls, white trim, and white subway tiles to exist without becoming blinding during certain times of the day.

A navy blue kitchen adds contrast to a light-flooded kitchen space

via Sjöman Frisk

Add Flare to Your Small Space With Marble Countertops and Blue Cabinets

Living with a small kitchen doesn’t mean that you can’t design a fun space. In fact, many navy kitchen ideas designed with large kitchens in mind can work best in a small kitchen. For instance, having a few kitchen cabinets to work with can be freeing when using an intense, dark shade because you can avoid the dilemma of not having enough natural light to neutralize it. Combined with countertops that have a low backsplash, you can even create the illusion of space.

Dark navy kitchen cabinets with a crisp white countertop in a small kitchen

Styled by Emma Fisher, photographed by Anders Bergstedt for Alvhem

Create an Inviting Space With Earthy Tones and Navy Cabinets

Opt for a more inviting kitchen with a cool color palette by adding muted navy cabinets to an otherwise earthy, true-neutral room. This hue of navy in particular lets the cabinetry serve as a focal point without minimizing the overall cool, calming tone of the kitchen. There’s also a certain flare of bohemian in this kitchen that’s the perfect way to express personality.

Navy kitchen cabinets paired with earthy tones in a modern shaker kitchen

via Picky Living

Combine Subtle Modern Style With Farmhouse Elements

This kitchen with subtle farmhouse elements takes it a step further with a much more subtle touch of modernity. The updated appliances and fixtures serve to keep it from looking outdated, while the upper and lower portions of the room provide an eye-catching contrast.

The light-colored elements on the top half of the kitchen create a greater sense of space in an otherwise limited kitchen.

A farmhouse kitchen with navy blue cabinets and an impressive tile backsplash

via Cupboards and Goods

Keep Your Cabinets the Center of Attention With White Walls and Stainless Steel Appliances

For an airy feel that keeps a space feeling light, embrace an overall white kitchen with a splash of color. As mentioned previously, dark-colored paint can quickly be overpowering without the proper counterbalance.

By allowing for the navy kitchen cabinets and some accessories to be the only source of color in the kitchen, you automatically transform the cabinets into a statement piece without compromising the rest of the room.

AA navy blue farmhouse kitchen with white countertops and a cream paint color on the walls

via DeVol Kitchens

Create a Unique Mid-Century Modern Navy Blue Kitchen

You can easily create a look that’s all your own by taking standard mid-century modern interior design and adding high-impact cabinets. This style embraces navy blue kitchen cabinets in a unique way by making them the dominant feature in the room. Matching upper and lower cabinets and a slightly glossy finish add another layer of character.

A mid-century modern inspired navy blue kitchen with chrome hardware

via Ballingslōv

Make the Most of Your Open Plan Space With a Navy Kitchen

This kitchen has it all. Herringbone patterned flooring, white tile backsplash, stainless steel appliances, and light wood accents all come together to create a modern, airy look that perfectly complements a large, open room.

The upper cabinets blend into a small open shelf right next to the window, which adds a playful touch to the kitchen design.

A navy blue kitchen with a white subway tile backsplash

Photography by Andres Bergstedt for Entrance Makleri

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