Soon the month of Ramadan will arrive, which means every Muslim is preparing to fast and get closer to God. When we want to carry out our worship solemnly, having a prayer room for prayer and reflection at home can be a source of comfort and recovery. If you think the prayer room can only be done inside the house, you can try making it outdoors to get a different atmosphere. Whether you have a large spacious room or just a small corner that connects to the outdoors, cultivating a quiet and inviting prayer space is an important part of enhancing your spiritual growth.

Designing an outdoor prayer or reflection space can provide a peaceful haven for spiritual connection and contemplation. In this post, we want to share seven of the best ideas for creating a beautiful, cozy and calm prayer space for every Muslim. The prayer room offers a quiet environment for doing dhikr, reading, contemplating life, or practicing mindfulness. This room serves as a quiet retreat for introspection and connecting with one’s inner self, cultivating emotional and spiritual well-being.

Prepare yourself so that the month of Ramadan feels even more beautiful and memorable, here are several ideas for prayer rooms that are integrated outdoors, including several open space options.

1. Minimalist Prayer Room


A minimalist prayer room with luxurious, brightly colored prayer mats and large windows with views of the outside can create a peaceful atmosphere when praying. A soft fur rug and Scandi-style bench are the perfect place to display the Koran while keeping important items within easy reach.

2. Rooftop Prayer Room


Many people believe that the best prayers are easily answered when you pray directly under the sky. This prayer room transforms the roof into a stunning prayer space. Transparent design with an industrial touch makes it perfect for worship.

3. Open Concept Prayer Room


The open concept prayer room with pastel colored carpets and geometric motifs will create a feeling of calm and openness. Surround your room with potted plants for a natural and refreshing atmosphere, hang contemporary calligraphy pieces of Islamic verses on the walls for added inspiration.

4. Prayer Room With Skylight


Even though it is small, this prayer room still looks bright because of natural light. Wooden floors create comfort when praying, while skylights that spell out Allah provide a special charm.

5. Spacious and Friendly Prayer Room


Create a welcoming and spacious prayer room to bring family and friends together for congregational prayers and spiritual gatherings. This prayer room concept features an open plan with a space connected to a small garden, lined with wooden floors which makes it even more grounded.

6. Outdoor Prayer Room


Consider creating a prayer space outdoors or in your garden. The enclosed garden gives you comfortable and quiet privacy to pray. Add an outdoor rug, and include natural features like potted plants to add serenity.

7. Prayer Room with Natural Light


The prayer room with natural light displays a collection of prayer mats in Moroccan motifs that make the room more aesthetic. Designate a simple and elegant prayer nook with shelves for the Koran, prayer beads and other Islamic paraphernalia. Combine skylights or large windows with sheer curtains to allow natural light to fill the room during the day.

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