Green is the color of nature, so it’s only natural that it makes an excellent hue for a beautiful living space. If you’re thinking of incorporating a green sofa into your living room, it’s a wonderful way to add a fresh feel and a whole new look to this important part of the home.

This unique, versatile color has taken the world of interior design by storm over the past few years. It evokes a sense of warmth and can easily complement a wide range of styles, decor items, and furniture. From deep and dreamy to soft and earthy, there are endless ways you can add green sofas to a living room.

If you need some design inspiration, check out this list of green couch living room ideas to help you create a gorgeous space. Each one is designed to help you craft a fresh look and feel in your home by adding this stunning color.

Get Lush and Modern with an Emerald Green Couch

This plush emerald green couch boasts a luxe, soft velvet upholstery that brings the space a modern look. Button tufting along the back of the couch adds texture, and a bolster pillow near the arm adds more depth and comfort. Accent pillows in a matching emerald green also elevate the look of this piece of furniture.

Note how a tall gooseneck floor lamp in a sleek gold finish helps the color of the couch pop. A piece of modern wall art ties the contemporary theme of the room together. A pair of potted houseplants soften the look and feel of the living room to give it a warm, inviting finishing touch.

An emerald green velvet couch paired with blue tones and green plants

via Fantastic Frank

Keep it Neutral With Soft Green Tones

This long, roomy sofa features a much lighter shade of green that complements the overall neutral tone of the space. Oversized throw pillows in a variety of colors and styles add to the laid-back look and feel. The bohemian-inspired color palette of this space is perfect if you love a calming, relaxing living room.

Note how well the soft sage green sofa upholstery pairs with the other neutral furniture in the room rather than trying to overtake it. Subtle stripes on the upholstered chair add whimsy, and sleek silver legs peek out from the bottom of the green sofa to bring it a slightly modern touch.

A warm green couch in a living room with a warm and cozy palette

via Stadshem

Mix and Match for an Eclectic Vibe

The light color of this green sofa plays nicely with a variety of other tones and patterns. An assortment of patterned pillows pile on top of the couch, while the gallery wall behind it brings the living room an artistic vibe.

Notice that the furniture in this living room features a wide array of textures and materials. A solid stone side table topped with a woven planter looks perfectly aligned next to the wood coffee table and accent chair. The sofa serves as the anchor point in the room, while everything else gives the space a fun, dynamic look and feel.

A mint green sofa in a white living room with vintage pieces

via Historiska Hem

Make a Green Sofa the Main Attraction

In this living room, the dark green sofa is the most imposing item in the space. The dark green color anchors the room, and a few plants complement its deep earthy tone. Black accents on the light fixtures and small furniture work together in synergy, allowing the sofa to remain the main attraction in the space.

Even though this green couch is placed against the wall, it’s still the area where visitors will want to gravitate toward. A soft throw blanket and a large accent pillow in lighter colors add a warm, inviting element that begs people to sit down and relax.

a dark green corner sofa stands out in a white living space

via Historiska Hem

Use Deep Green for Modern Interiors

Note how the rich, deep green shade of upholstery on this living room sofa enhances the modern look of the space. A white tiled coffee table, white upholstered accent chair, and white winding staircase match perfectly while the wall color adds another layer of interest. Although this living room has a more minimalist style, it still lets the dark green sofa do most of the talking.

The large area rug features a simple pattern and a classic gray color so it serves its purpose without overtaking the room. While many living rooms seem to be a place to watch TV, this particular room invites you to curl up on the sofa and take a nice nap or read a good book.

A green velvet sofa against a green living room wall

Styling by Kråkvik & D´Orazio, photographed by Line Klein for Jotun Lady

Choose Green Couches with Comfort in Mind

Not all greens have to be bold or dramatic, like the color chosen for this living room sofa. Its earthy undertones add a feeling of comfort, and the corner window lets natural light filter into the space. This sofa is large and cushy, which makes it a comfortable spot to sit back and relax.

This house also features layered lighting with a window, table lamp, and pendant light for balance and versatility. An oversized shag rug adds a soft layer to the floor, and the light color palette allows the sofa and decor to remain the stars of the show.

A white living space with a comfortable green sofa and a natural color palette

Styled by Linnéa H. Manaberi, photographed by Anders Bergstedt for Alvhem

Pair the Couch with Patterns to Make it Pop

This sofa is an extremely light blue-green color that looks beautiful in the white living room. The Chevron area rug adds a fun accent, and a few throw pillows with one in a similar pattern bring everything together. Note how there are several different patterns on the accent pillows, which draws the eye toward the sofa.

Simple decorative elements are added to this space including wall art, potted plants, and a pair of matching candlesticks. Touches of black are found throughout the room, helping to make the sofa visually “pop.”

A mint green sofa in a living room with white walls and a white floor

via Alvhem

A Couch with Lots of Cushions Softens a Space

The green color of this couch is extremely stunning, and it features a plethora of thick cushions on the back and seat. The couch is flush to the floor rather than resting on legs to give it a more laid-back look.

In this living room, the green couch is placed against the large windows that run against the wall. A large woven coffee table covered in books sits in front of the couch, while a small desk and chair are nestled into the corner to give the room more functionality.

A green fabric sofa in a spacious living room with different wood tones

Styled by  Linnéa Salmén for Bemz

Use a Sectional for Large Spaces

Sectionals are perfect for creating lots of comfortable seating in large living rooms. The bold emerald green couch in this room is the star. Smooth fabric upholstery adds softness to the furniture to make it look and feel as comfy as possible.

A trio of modern pendant lights hang overhead, while one modern accent chair in a soft boucle fabric rests nearby. The large tree arches gently near one end of the couch to give this living room a nature-inspired touch.

a green sectional in a spacious living room

via &Tradition

Bring the Drama with a Mixture of Colors

Featured in a bright, lively green color, this living room sofa is just one component that gives the room a fun, funky feel. Two oversized velvet chairs in brown upholstery are also included, and a light blue ottoman adds even more whimsy.

Yet another color is featured on the green walls and cabinets to give this living room a dramatic air. The collection of artwork and decor on top of the cabinetry adds a personal touch to the space. Note how the unique chandelier hanging from the ceiling also contributes to the theatrical vibe.

A lively green sofa and brown velvet chairs in a living room with green walls

via Historiska Hem

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