Besides football, there is one more area in which Cristiano Ronaldo has few contenders – his looks. And a big part of that is thanks to his hair. So here are many of the best Cristiano Ronaldo haircut ideas that will inspire you to look just as good as CR7 does!

1. The Stylized Mohawk Cristiano Ronaldo Haircut

Cristiano Ronaldo is very fond of a good, old Mohawk. Therefore, we will be seeing a lot of those on this list, in various forms, shapes, and lengths. The first one is this stylized Mohawk, complete with two deep-set razor lines.

2. The Elegant Cristiano Ronaldo Haircut

Even though he typically sports spikes and mohawks, Cristiano can also turn it up a notch when the occasion calls for it. Here he is with a haircut that has shaved sides and long bangs, swept very sleek over his head.

3. Goldie Locks – Golden Tips Hairstyle

Taking a cue from fellow soccer player David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo once dyed his hair blonde too. Well, not necessarily blonde as much as golden, before the Ballon d’Or Awards ceremony where he hoped he would win yet again.

4. The Flat Top Cristiano Ronaldo Haircut

Here is one truly adorable look for the soccer player. The sides are cleanly cut, showing no signs of being shaved or faded, while the top is flat and swept to one side, reminding us a bit of the Caesar.

5. Short Spikes and Lots of Gel

If there is one thing Cristiano Ronaldo loves, that is his hair gel. We can only imagine he goes through cases of the stuff every month and it’s a good thing that he does because he looks gorgeous.

6. Golden Hair and Spikes

Here is a variation on his golden hair which we’ve mentioned above. He shaped all his golden tresses into very long and chunky spikes on top of his head. His primary tool? Hair gel, of course, which you should stock up on as well.

7. The Mini Quiff CR7 Hairstyle

As far as Cristiano Ronaldo haircuts go, this quiff is one of our favorites. It’s so simple, and yet so charming, giving him boyish good looks. He is also sporting here what we believe to be a color close to his natural shade, which is dark brown.

8. The Waxy High Top

Here is an absolutely gorgeous look. His bangs are curled up in an oversized high top. The stylist has made very good use of his naturally curly hair and brought it to heel using a lot of hair wax.

High tops are super cool, we’ve got some high tops fades here.

9. The Uber Flat Top Cristiano Ronaldo Haircut

As much as he loves his spikes, Ronaldo also loves his flat top. Here he is at an event, where he donned fake glasses and an uber flat top. To copy this look, make sure to use as much hair gel as needed, especially if you have curly hair, just like CR7s.

10. The Curly Cristiano Ronaldo Haircut

Back in the day, when he wasn’t as famous and as into fashion and styling as he is today, Cristiano used to sport much more natural-looking hairstyles. Here you can see that he has naturally curly hair, which he used to wear in medium length.

11. Short Hairstyle with Hair Design

Ronaldo is also very fond of hair design line patterns on his scalp. In other words, he loves to cut his hair very short and then have his hairstylist create different patterns in his hair. Here he has one big line going all across his head and four smaller ones on the side.

12. The College Boy Haircut of Cristiano Ronaldo

If there were any photos of this beloved soccer player going to classes, this is what they would have looked like. The clean shaved sides and slick side-swept top make him look like he’s heading for the library.

13. The Practice Game Hair

One of the reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo is such a huge inspiration for all of us is that his hair looks absolutely amazing at all times. Yes, even when he is training with his team. This is a flat-top Mohawk with a short, deep-shaved line on one side.

14. Men’s Hairstyles with High Bangs

Even though it seems like he has sported 1,000 different haircuts over the years, what Cris actually does is hold on to the same one and style it differently. His sides are always shaved or properly trimmed, while his bangs are always long and perfect.

15. The Faux Mohawk Hairstyle

Here he is putting his naturally curly hair to good use by sporting a very hip fauxhawk. If you want to recreate this look, you will need some hair gel. As you can see from this shot, Ronaldo’s hair is positively shining with the hair care product.

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16. The Short and Dapper Style

On the occasion for which he received one of his Ballons d’Or, Cristiano Ronaldo went for a super simple, yet elegant and dapper haircut. He made the right choice, as nothing should have really stolen the thunder away from his amazing suit and, of course, award.

17. Wavy Locks Hairstyle

When he runs out of hair gel, we presume, the famous Cristiano Ronaldo goes for a more natural look. Here it is, in superbly simple finger waves, which he obtained and kept in place with a touch of hair wax.

18. The Young Hairstyle

This is a variation of the look he used to wear when he was young. That look had two main components – curls and blonde hair dye. Gradually, he began to let go of both of them and turn to his much-beloved hair gel. Here he is in the process.

19. Ronaldo’s Hairstyle for Photoshoot Idea

If he weren’t a popular soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo could have easily been a model. He has the figure and good looks for it. Moreover, thanks to his amazing stylists, he also has the hair for it.

20. The Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

He received more awards for his outstanding talent than we care to mention. However, we are here to take a look at his gorgeous haircut. This is a rather special one, with a side parting. Three-quarters of the hair in the front is puffed up, while the rest is gelled down into perfection.

21. Variations on a Note – the Fade Haircut

This still from one of his photoshoots shows him, in fact, wearing the same haircut as above. The only difference is that he decided to add a shaved line to where the parting of the hair should normally be, which gives it quite an edge and also added faded short sides.

22. The Teenager Spikes

What teenage boy hasn’t dreamed of the perfect long spikes in his hair? If you were or still are one of those boys, dream no longer for Cristiano Ronaldo is your inspiration yet again.

23. Neat and Slicked Up Hairstyle of CR7

If you have an oval or round face, then you definitely need to try this haircut. It’s very short, neat, and, therefore, comfortable, with a slightly flat top that has been combed over to one side using, what else, hair gel.

24. The Messy Hair with Blonde Highlights Hairstyle

A man who doesn’t take himself too seriously can easily sport messy hair. And this is exactly what Cristiano Ronaldo is doing in this pic. Not taking himself or his hair, for that matter, too seriously, even with so many cameras on him.

25. The Flat Top into a Faux Roll Hairstyle

Whether willingly or not, Cristiano Ronaldo managed to create a whole new hairstyle here. His very long bangs have been swept back into what was supposed to be slick perfection. However, they have willed themselves into a fake Victory roll, proving Ronny is a perfect inspiration even when he isn’t trying.

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26. Copper and Black CR7’s Hairstyle

Here he is donning two different hair colors. The undergrowth is his own natural black, while the top and slick bangs are copper.

27. Long and Very Spiky Hair

By keeping his bangs very long, Ronaldo is able to create any shape he wants on top of his head. For example, here he has gone for a mountain peak type of spikes, where all the peaks converge to create a long one in the front.

28. The Slick Back Classic Look

This is the look you want to be wearing for very formal occasions. Moreover, despite the fact that it looks quite complicated and uncomfortable, it is incredibly easy to wear. Apply as much hair product as needed and then slick all the hair back with a big comb.

29. Two Parallel Lines Hairstyle

As far as a Cristiano Ronaldo haircut goes, this is one of the staples. It’s an incredibly simple and straightforward boyish cut that has been embellished with two parallel shaved lines.

30. Three Parallel Lines Haircut

Here is the version in which Ronaldo sports not one, not two, but three shaved parallel lines. His side-parted hair is wavy and back to its regular dark chocolate brown.

31. The Surgery Scar Style

Here is one of the most famous Cristiano Ronaldo haircut ideas ever. After a mother reached out to him, Cristiano donated some $80,000 for her little boy’s brain surgery. Afterward, when the boy had it, Cristiano shaved his head to match the boy’s scar, to show his continuous support.

32. The Copper Spikes Hairstyle

He was very fond of his copper tresses and, therefore, styled them in as many ways as he could. Here he is sporting some very long copper spikes, which bring out the color of his eyes as well as his olive skin.

33. The Retro Small Mullet

We can probably attribute this hybrid spiky retro gelled mini mullet to Cristiano Ronaldo. If you want to copy this hairstyle, you will need to visit your barbershop and stock up on that hair gel.

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34. The Long Spikes Hairstyle

Here is Cristiano sporting a very funky top part of the head, while the sides are neatly trimmed, as usual. The great thing about this cut is that it adds a few inches of height if you lack them.

35. The Short Feathery Top Haircut

Apart from slicking it all back as he has accustomed us, Cristiano can also comb his hair to one side into a very beautiful feathery weave. It elongates the profile of his face and makes him look even slimmer than he already is.

36. Wavy Mohawk Hairstyle

Cristiano Ronaldo is the picture of perfection in this shot. His tailored suit and aviator glasses alongside his wavy Mohawk make him look like a serious candidate for the next James Bond. Or the villain.

37. The Ivy League Hairstyle

With his grey sweater, tucked-in white shirt, and striped tie, Ronny looks like the perfect Ivy League boy. However, nothing makes him look more like a Harvard student than his gorgeous slicked-back hair.

38. Spiky Top and Short Shaved Sides

This black and white photo of this Cristiano Ronaldo haircut shows us just how younger a great haircut can make you look. Here he is looking like a teenager thanks to his short, gelled spikes and shaved sides.

39. Hairstyle In the Making

Here is a rare pic of Cristiano getting one of his famous haircuts. It appears to be a classic slick back with a side parting. You can also see his stylist shaving the back of his head, for a clean cut.

40. Selfie Time Haircut

When you have hair this gorgeous, every minute of every day should be selfie time. Cristiano Ronaldo took that seriously and graced us with one heck of a selfie. Notice the dark honey color he is sporting, as well as the gelled spikes.

41. What Are You Selling?

Because we want to buy it. Whatever advertorial campaign this might be, Cristiano is knocking it out of the ballpark. His retro-style hair, which reminds us a bit of a young Elvis is absolute perfection, as is his smile.

42. Wavy Gelled Spikes Looks

You might ask yourself how can that be? Well, he has done it again. As far as a Cristiano Ronaldo haircut goes, this is an innovative one. Not only does he have spikes, but he has managed to curl them into waves.

43. Simplicity at Its Finest Haircut

When he’s not going all out for golden hair and spikes the size of his arm, Cristiano Ronaldo has also been known to sport very straightforward cuts, such as this one. It’s an incredibly classic, manly cut, which emphasizes his bone structure.

44. Beautiful Locks

One cannot help but notice how his hair in this picture looks like half a soccer ball. Perfectly round, plumped up and glossy. Coincidence? Maybe not.

45. The Slit Haircut with Manicured Sides

When he goes deep for the shaver, he also adds some very well-trimmed sides to his hairline. Here is Cristiano Ronaldo with a double-edged shave that would make anyone jealous and that could be the inspiration for your next cut.

46. The Superman Haircut

When he was a bit younger, Cristiano donned this one-of-a-kind gelled Superman hairstyle. Notice the superhero curls falling on his forehead, as well as the tiny braid in the back of his head, remnants of a vestigial mullet, we believe.

47. Natural Curls Hairstyle

Back in his days at Manchester United, Cristiano might have been a sulky teen with skin problems, but his hair was still a thing of marvel. He used to slick back his beautiful natural curls with a lot of gel, which became his signature hair care product.

48. Going Out in Style

Matching your hairstyle to your outfit is always a good idea, and this is just what Cristiano did right here. He looks incredibly elegant in his camel jacket, blue turtle neck, and gray scarf and so does his hair.

49. Short Slicked Back Hair

He has worn it on many occasions, from soccer games to important red carpet events. Therefore, it is only befitting to say that this is one of Cristiano Ronaldo’s favorite hairstyles, which you can now copy.

50. The Spiky Buzz Cut

Inspired by his army camouflage jacket, here is Cristiano Ronaldo donning a straightforward buzz cut. However, seeing that he likes to imbibe his personal style into everything that he does, he also added some spikes.

51. The Golden Comb Over Haircut

The golden peekaboos that have been combed over his naturally darker hair give Ronaldo’s do a sensation of depth and volume. In other words, they will make it seem as though you have a lot more hair than you actually do.

52. The Curly Top

Here is another picture from Cristiano Ronaldo’s youth, when he used to proudly wear his curly hair. The sides have been shaved down while the top sports some very small, yet prominent curls.

53. Ready for the Big Day

Even though superstar soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo is not married, we imagine that he would look something like him on his big day. All the elements that he loves so much are there – the super shortcut, the spikes, and, of course, the massive amount of gel.

54. Perfect Design and Chestnut Highlights Haircut

Even though he looks stunning without changing his natural hair color, we still love it when he does it. These beautiful chestnut highlights go perfectly well with his deep brown eyes as well as with his tanned skin.

55. The Classic Vibe

We cannot help but think that Cristiano looks a bit like a teen heartthrob from an early 2000s romantic comedy with this haircut. The gorgeous spikes, as well as his strong jawline, make him positively swoon-worthy.

56. The Double Razor Haircut

How to look more like a football – the Cristiano Ronaldo edition. The first step – cut your hair in such a way that it resembles it as much as possible. Go for tapered sides with two lines going around to the back.

57. The Mohawk with High Fade and Shaved Sides Haircut

Even though he loves it, Cristiano Ronaldo has never actually sported a real Mohawk. However, this is the closest that he’s ever gotten, with shaved sides and a tug of hair going from his forehead to his neck.

58. Breezy and Relaxed

One thing we cannot deny – Ronnie loves to feel comfortable in his haircuts, no matter how crazy stylish they are. This is a very straightforward ‘run your fingers through your hair’ type of cut, which will benefit you as well.

59. Textured and Wavy Hairstyle

This photoshoot glam picture has everything that we love about Cristiano Ronaldo in it, starting with the hair. The sides have been cut down to short brush while the top has a very feathered and textured look to it.

60. The Throwback Hairstyle

For the last entry on our Cristiano Ronaldo haircut ideas list, we have chosen this throwback pic of him back in his teen days. He used to sport a large mass of slightly blonde curls over his shorter, darker, undergrowth.


So now that you’ve seen what hairstyles Cristiano Ronaldo’s had of late and also back in the day, maybe it will prove easier to find your next big style change right here. There are so many Cristiano Ronaldo haircut and hairstyle ideas, that you’ve only got to pick one and then tell us what you went for!

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