Layered haircuts for men are an ever-growing popular hairstyle for several reasons. They work perfectly for both thin and thick hair. If you have thin hair, it can create the illusion of more volume and depth. On the contrary, if you have thick hair, then layers can be the solution to you managing those overflowing locks. The layers are also very modern and cool-looking.

1. Classic Layered Haircut for Men

Let’s begin with a very classic version of the layered haircut. It has a subtle side part, medium sideburns, and a beautiful, clean finish around the nape. It’s meant for gentlemen and fellows who have strict dress codes at work.

2. Blonde Layered Haircut

In men, the blonde has always been associated with a surfer-like persona, but watch how classy and dignified it looks when you pair it with a layered slick back. Run your fingers through your hair to smooth it out.

3. Messy BedHead Hairstyle

Rejoice because a layered haircut is a perfect canvas for that messy bedhead you’ve always dreamed of. Take a bit of hair wax between your fingers and rub it in. Then allow the wind to do the rest.

4. Ginger Layered Haircut for Men

If there’s something we here at MenHairstylist believe in, that’s flaunting what nature gave you. Ginger hair is definitely one of those that belong to layered haircuts for men. There’s nothing more glorious than this fiery hair and beard combo.

5. Peekaboo Highlights Layered Hairstyles for Men

Who said peekaboo highlights are just for the ladies? This is a layered, platinum short crop with a smudge of icy cobalt blue on top. The colors complement and bring each other out in a fantastic way.

6. Pastel Blue Layered Haircut for Men

If you want even more blue in your life, then you can color your entire top half. This is a pastel watered-down blue mixed with a bit of inky purple and just a smidge of gray here and there for the volume. It looks like an iceberg!

7. Frosted Tips Layered Hairstyle

Do you remember back in the 90s and 2000s when we all used to get frosted tips? Well, get ready to meet the contemporary version of that. This is what they look like now, in the digital age, and we are going absolutely bananas for them again.

8. Lime Green Layered Haircut for Men

We’re not trying to give Marvel any hints, but if the Green Goblin had a son, this is what his haircut would look like in this day and age. A superb layered slick back with an undercut, in different shades of lime and toxic green.

9. Yellow Blonde Shade for Men

This milky white and banana-yellow combination is mesmerizing to look at. It is part of the comic book color trend which we are definitely hoping is here to stay. The shades are vibrant and artificial, making it look like they jumped right off the page or out of the printer.

10. Gray Layered Haircut for Men

If you want something a little bit more subdued but still in the non-conventional hair color category, you can try this matte gray. It’s very manly and stern, almost like camouflage or war paint.

11. Medium Haircut for Men

Here’s a throwback pic to the 2000s. This is what our favorite heartthrobs on TV used to look like back then. A medium layered cut, long side bangs, and lots of gel. This was the recipe for smoldering good looks for your thick hair.

12. The Corporate Look

You can even wear the corporate look at the office if you work in a business environment and you have to stick to the dress code. It’s a cool way to comply with the rules and still look modern and stylish in your well-cut suit.

13. White Underlights Hairstyle

If you want to lighten the color of your hair a bit but don’t wish to dye your hair completely, let alone bleach it, there are other solutions. One of them is platinum under lights. They are very small strands of hair that light up your hair from underneath.

14. Layered Undercut

Combining layered haircuts for men with an undercut or a bald fade is one of the most modern and fashionable styles out there. You can try it if you have thinning hair or a receding hairline because it masks these shortcomings.

15. Orange Highlights Style

The past few seasons have definitely been all about highlights, lowlights, baby lights, peekaboo lights, under lights, and more. Why don’t you give them a try? These are orange highlights on natural chestnut hair.

16. The Keanu Reeves Layered Hairstyle for Men

Actor Keanu Reeves has now iconic layered haircuts to which he has been faithful for many years. He pairs it off with a beard and, of course, his natural hair color, brunette. Further proof that the Internet is right, and Keanu Reeves does not age is the fact that he has not even started to gray.

17. The Johnny Depp Cut

Actor Johnny Depp is a chameleon both in front of the camera and off it. He has had many looks over the years. Here is an old picture of a very young Johnny with medium-layered hair and a few blonde highlights.

18. The Chris Hemsworth Layered Hairstyle for Men

Whether it’s for his recurring role as Thor the god of thunder in the eponymous movie or The Avengers, actor Chris Hemsworth loves short layered haircuts. He has sandy blonde hair which highlights his blue eyes.

19. Cool Haircut for Men

This is the same haircut you’ve just seen on Chris Hemsworth, only a bit longer and with a lot more product in it. That’s why it’s called the wet look. It will put the focus on your cheekbones and make you look like a supermodel.

20. Asymmetrical Hairstyle for Men

If they’re layered that also means that they don’t have to be symmetrical. That’s the beauty of asymmetrical layered haircuts. They look very cool and casual, flaunting all your good angles in different ways and showing your creativity and your sense of whimsy.

21. Mature Hairstyle for Men

Layered haircuts are perfect for mature men. They are distinguished while still preserving some of that charm and allure that makes young men so attractive. If your hair is graying, don’t dye it. Flaunt it in marvelous layers of salt and pepper.

22. The Jeff Bridges Haircut

Here’s an iconic look that absolutely everyone knows. The Dude himself, The Big Lebowski, sports a medium, blonde, wavy, and slicked-back hairstyle in real life as well. How about that? Jeff Bridges is just as famous as his character is.

23. The Ben Barnes Layered Hairstyle for Men

Here’s another actor who is famous for wearing the same haircut all the time. Ben Barnes became known after portraying Dorian Gray in The Picture of Dorian Gray. In real life, he wears a medium, thinned-out, layered cut with the ends slightly out-turned.

24. 90s Layered Hairstyle

This is the boy all the girls wanted to date back in the 90s. He was the king of hair gel, he had a messy side part, very long side bangs, and managed to produce a cigarette out of nowhere all the time.

25. Hair Designs for Men

Hair designs come in all shapes and sizes, but you can go for the minimalist approach if you want. This is a layered quiff with an undercut and a straight line going through it. Be creative and get anything you want.

26. Wavy Haircut for Men

Wavy hair lends itself perfectly to a layered hairstyle. Its almost curly ends will perch irresistibly one on top of the other, and the ladies will find it hard to resist not running their fingers through your gorgeous mane.

27. The Brad Pitt Layered Hairstyles for Men

This famous blonde actor has always been a fan of layered hairstyles. But one thing he has never ditched has been his hair color. Here’s a whole article on blonde hairstyles for men that can inspire you to get a whole new color this year.

28. The Surfer Layered Haircut

The surfer haircut was all the rage at the beginning of the 90s when it escaped beaches and made its way to the street. You can definitely revive it now as we are slowly moving toward the 2020s.

29. The Nick Carter Style

Not only is this the famous Nick Carter haircut, but it’s also the blonde, gelled cut of the 90s, the boy band haircut, and the boyfriend haircut long before the existence of Justin Bieber and his entire plethora of boyfriend-worthy hairstyles.

30. The Keith Urban

Here is one of the layered haircuts for men perfect for a cowboy hat. It even comes equipped with the allotted beige-blonde highlights. There are three layers of color to this. The blonde highlights on top, the chestnut brown in the middle, and the dark brown underneath. That’s some serious dedication!

31. The Jared Padalecki Layered Hairstyle for Men

Remember when Jared Padalecki was this young and he was carrying Rory’s books for her all around Stars Hollow? Oh, the good, old times. It’s probably time to watch Gilmore Girls again, isn’t it? Just for the haircuts, of course.

32. The Zac Efron Cut

Yes, before he was the Hollywood hunk he is now, Zac Efron was a Disney Channel kid, and his hair looked like this. It was a carefully manicured 2000s almost bowl haircut with side-swept bangs and lots of layers to it.

33. Emo Hairstyle for Men

No, it is definitely not a phase! It is actually called the emo shag or the emo swoop, although the rest of the world, who does not belong to this subculture knows it simply as the emo haircut. Here’s a whole article on emo hairstyles if you want to know more.

34. The Tom Welling Haircut

Speaking of the 90s, let’s take a look at yet another heartthrob from that decade and the one after it. Tom Welling broke hearts across the globe with his role as young Superman in Smallville. He had the layered haircut and the chiseled good looks for it.

35. The Christian Bale Long Layered Hairstyle for Men

If you need some Hollywood inspiration as far as layered haircuts for men are concerned, Christian Bale is your man. His hair is fantastic. It’s thick and glossy, and it curls slightly toward the end. Plus, he paired it with an awesome ginger beard.

Christian Bale Men Shoulder Length Hairstyle - Christian on his elegant look

36. The Joe Jonas

Former Jonas Brothers member Joe Jonas may be a manly man now, especially at the arm of his wonderful wife Sophie Turner, but he too was once a child of the 2000s. Here he is with a swooping helmet of a haircut in his signature raven brunette.

37. Teenager Hairstyle

Teens and pre-teens tend to prefer layers in their hair because they are a lot more casual, cool-looking, and easier to maintain than any other haircut. Plus, they get to do the hand-through-the-hair motion every now and then which gets all the girls.

38. The Patrick Dempsey

Grey’s Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey has been a long-time favorite of the ladies. He is classically handsome with dark, wavy hair which he wears slicked back in a layered haircut. He really is the kind of doctor one wishes would get and not just when visiting the hospital.

39. The Antonio Banderas Layered Hairstyle for Men

Even though younger generations are not so familiar with him anymore, Antonio Banderas was the real heartthrob of the 90s as far as the big screen is concerned. He starred in Desperado and The Legend of Zorro and wowed everyone with his Latino good looks.

40. Copper Haircut for Men

Copper is the new coloring sensation of the season. As we slowly move away from rose gold and the matte trend, we make way for metallics as well as copper and brass. Get ready because this trend looks like it’s going to be huge all over the world!

41. Layered Hairstyle and Side Bangs

A layered haircut can be completed or nicely rounded up by a set of long, side bangs. If done correctly, by a skilled stylist, they will blend in with the layers of the haircut. In this way, all the attention will go to your jawline.

42. The Owen Wilson Layered Hairstyles for Men

Wow! We have to give actor Owen Wilson some bonus points for sticking to this layered haircut as well as to his sandy blonde hair color all these years. He even looks the same in the movies he makes.

43. The Eddie Redmayne

British actor Eddie Redmayne models a short type of layered haircut. The sides and back of the cut are fairly classic while all the action happens on top. That’s where you can really see all the layers. If you want to copy the look, use some hair wax to style it and make it messy just like Eddie’s.

44. The Dan Stevens Layered Hairstyles for Men

After quitting Downton Abbey, actor Dan Stevens went through a major makeover. He lost a lot of weight, completely changed the way he dressed and styled himself, and starred in different movies, but he also changed his hairstyle. He stopped dyeing his hair blonde and wearing those Victorian hairstyles parted down the middle he used to sport. Instead, he opted for a much more natural chestnut brown color and a short, layered haircut plus a beard that made him look severely younger.

45. The Mullet

Finally, we have a funny option as far as layered haircuts for men go, which you can try or not. It’s entirely up to you. Meet the layered mullet! Evidently, it’s based on the very classic mullet which is so well-known only that it is a lot more ‘stylish’ and has a layered finish to it. You know, in case you have a wedding to attend and you’re afraid your everyday mullet just won’t do it. If that is the case, look no further because this is the answer to all your black-tie requirements!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, after seeing these 45 layered haircuts for men, it’s safe to say that this hairstyle is one of the most attractive ones you can wear. Not only that, but it’s also timeless. Check out some tips for maintaining your hair to make it stay healthy!

We cannot honestly envision a time when a man running his hand through his medium, ruffled, casual, layered hair won’t be sexy. So what are you waiting for? Pick your favorite one and show it to your stylist right now!

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