The term “steampunk” was first coined in 1987 by fiction author K. W. Jeter, who penned the time-travel adventure novel Morlock Night. The idea of steam as the driver of technological advancement has captured the imagination of fantasy fans everywhere. Inspired by Victorian-era industrialism, steampunk has forged a cult design movement. This faux steam-driven style consists of retro wooden elements, aged copper, rivets, and gearwheels. An aesthetic that’s applied to many things, including steampunk home decor, clothing, jewellery, and even body modification, its reach is endless. Here, we’ll explore how this retrofuturistic look melds perfectly with clockwork, with 51 steampunk clocks that will make you dream of steam.

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Steampunk Wall Clock With Moving Gears: Bronze gears turn inside this steampunk wall clock to make a mesmerising showpiece. Large Roman numerals and brightly polished hands make this piece easy to read from across the room. Diameter: 14.5 inches.

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Glass Wall Clock With Cogs: Encased in clear glass from front to back, this elegant wall clock with working gears is a large piece that won’t overwhelm your living space. Diameter: 21 inches.


Metallic Teal Industrial Wall Clock: Crafted in lightweight plastic, this round clock features a convincing teal patina that makes it appear like vintage metal. The open-face design is set with decorative gears that give it the steampunk look. Diameter: 15 inches.

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Rustic Black Steampunk Clock: This premium design is made with a natural oak body and metal Roman numerals.
This rustic timepiece comes fitted with black hands that contrast with silver gears. It also has a spare set of gold hands that can be swapped in. Diameter: 24 x 24 inches.


Industrial Steampunk Wood And Metal Clock: Eight metal gears rotate upon a wooden body, occasionally emitting soft whistling sounds as they turn. The gears and quartz clock movement are independently powered from separate battery compartments, meaning they can run independently or simultaneously. Diameter: 23 inches.


Aged Wood Steampunk Clock: This round wall clock features an open-face design, held within a thick wooden frame. The aged wood gives the clock a rich vintage appearance. Diameter: 19 inches.


Burnt Wood & Vintage Brass Non-Ticking Wall Clock: Set within a burnt wood frame, a matte black face makes bold contrast. Exposed mechanical gears, hands, and Roman numerals add a flash of bright bronze to this non-ticking design. Diameter: 19 inches.

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Urban Gears Wall Clock: Packed with industrial character, this weighty-looking clock has an aged copper body with the minutes displayed on its outer rim. Brass gears and elegant black hands move behind the glass. Diameter: 17 inches. See more unique wall clocks.


Steampunk Time Machine Clock And Trinket Box: This intriguing timepiece features a hidden compartment where you can store small precious items. Place it with care, a time traveller from the Victorian era could pop out at any moment. Dimensions: 6.7 x 6.8 x 8 inches.


Steampunk Heart Clock: Made with cold cast resin, this unique industrial-style heart statue is one unique old ticker. An antique bronze finish gives the piece its authentic steampunk essence. Comes gift boxed. Dimensions: 6.7 x 6.8 x 8 inches.

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Steampunk Submarine Fish Clock: This resin wall decor depicts a fish-shaped mechanical submarine in antique bronze and metallic red accents. A clock face with motorised cogs brings the submarine fish sculpture to life. Dimensions: 12 x 12.5 x 2 inches.


Steampunk Octopus Diving Bell Clock: Wild tentacles swirl around a diving bell in this cold cast resin timepiece sculpture. Hand-painted bronze accents highlight the octopus and bell detailing. Dimensions approx: 5 ⅛ x 5 ⅞ 5 ½ inches.


Steampunk Octopus Wall Clock Sculpture: Featuring a dapper cephalopod with a top hat and pipe, studying a text by Nostradamus, this is one quirky timepiece. Antiqued metallic highlights push intricate detail to the forefront. Dimensions approx: 7.75 x 5.75 inches x 2.5 inches.

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Octopus Porthole Wall Clock: Another maritime steampunk wall clock to add industrial sci-fi style to any room. This piece features tentacle-shaped cutouts that let background gears show through. Diameter: 11.75 inches. See more Another maritime steampunk wall clock to add industrial sci-fi style to any room. This piece features tentacle-shaped cutouts that let background gears show through. Diameter: 11.75 inches. See more octopus home decor.

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Steampunk Dragon Table Clock: This incredible dragon sculpture wraps itself around moving clockwork to deliver form and function. An antique bronze finish makes the incredible detail shine. Dimensions approx: 9 x 4 ¾ x 3 inches.

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Steampunk Time Machine Bank Vault Clock: Another enchanting piece of dragon home decor, this steampunk sculpture depicts a dragon-guarded time machine bank vault that serves as a useful trinket box. Dimensions: 7 ⅛ x 4 ⅛ x 5 ½ inches.

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Steampunk Owl Mantel Clock: A splendid wise old owl to watch over a home library, this majestic mantel clock makes an ideal gift for any steampunk enthusiast or ornithologist. Dimensions: 10 ½ x 5 x 5 inches.


Steampunk Owl Pendulum Wall Clock: With clock gear eyes and riveted feathers, this beautiful bird is pure steampunk. Hand-painted brass and copper accents accentuate a cold cast resin body. Dimensions: 10 ½ x 5 x 5 inches. See more owl home decor.


Steampunk Bee Clock: Hatched from fantasy fiction and Victorian-era industrialism, this steam-inspired honeybee contraption looks like it flew right from the pages of a steampunk novel. Dimensions: 9.75 x 1.38 x 7.25 inches.


Steampunk Mad Hatter Skull Wall Clock: Riding the line between Victorian technology and fashion, this top hat-wearing skull clock is hand-painted by artisans to bring Steampunk style to the home. Dimensions: 2.5 x 7 x 8.5 inches.


Steampunk Flat Skull Wall Clock : This flat skull is turned to show a clock in its cranium. The clock design is packed with metal gauges to complete the steampunk aesthetic. Dimensions: 8 ⅛ x 6 ⅛ x 2 ⅛ inches.


Black Skull Wall Clock: This ornate skull clock is heavily decorated with scrolling over its entire surface. The fine detailing subtly catches the light to make an intriguing decor piece. Dimensions: 9.5 x 7 Inches x 1.75 inches.


Steampunk Art Clock: This round abstract art clock offers a budget-friendly take on steampunk design. The clock is made from lightweight PVC board and features a printed graphic face. Diameter: 9.8 inches.


Steampunk Heart Clock: A work of science-fictional romance, this eye-catching steampunk heart clock comes complete with a mechanical Cupid’s arrow pierced through it. Dimensions: 9 x 11 inches.

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Steampunk Hot Air Balloon Clock: Up, up, and away! Use this unique steampunk table clock to take your room decor to the next level and show your sense of adventure. Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 14 inches.


Steampunk Viking Clock: This Norse-inspired clock design features viking numerals. The magical Icelandic vegvisir stave on the clock face is intended to help navigate rough weather. Measures 11.5 inches tall.


Time Displacement Capsule Clock and Pen Pot: Detailed with resin pipework and rivets, this steampunk clock may not really displace time. But, it is a great showpiece for the mantel. Take off the lid, and it makes a nice pen pot too. Measures 7 inches tall.

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Mechanical Steampunk Star Tracker Wall Clock: The astrolabe is an ancient instrument, historically used by astronomers. It’s able to measure the altitude of a celestial body but here it makes a decorative clock. Measures 17 inches.

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Oversized Moving Gears Wall Clock: A great decor piece for over the fireplace, on a blank dining room wall, or in the home office. This oversized steampunk clock adds plenty of visual interest. Diameter: 26 inches.


DIY 3D Model Table Clock Kit: Get in on the steampunk action by building your own amazing timepiece. This wooden craft set encourages the true spirit of the Industrial Revolution, combining mechanics, art, and science.


DIY 3D Puzzle Wall Clock Set: This 3D puzzle set contains everything you need to make your own real working clock with fabulous detail. Enjoy completing the puzzle and utilising the finished clock. Dimensions: 13.19 x 11.61 x 2.17 inches.

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Steampunk Engine Clock: This unique wall clock design is Inspired by elements of a steampunk ship’s engine. Made from stained birch wood, the clock is shaped to display mechanical gears and bright metallic rivets.


Vinyl Record Wall Clock: Made from a vinyl record, this quirky wall clock design will appeal to steampunk fans and music lovers alike. Hang on a contrasting colourful wall for ultimate impact. Diameter: 12 inches.


Large Steampunk Wall Clock: This large wall clock resembles a bicycle wheel. A versatile piece, this clock would suit steampunk, industrial, retro, modern, or rustic farmhouse interiors. Diameter: 24 inches.

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Steampunk Industrial Lamp Clock: A tower of industrial piping supports a beacon of light in a mesh shade. Beneath the lamp, a small clock is set into the mechanical construction, like a power gauge. Dimensions: 17.75 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches.

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3D Puzzle Clock With Pendulum: A whimsical piece of wall decor. This amazing puzzle model kit results in an intricate wooden timepiece with hot air balloon carvings and pendulum. Dimensions: 74 x 47 x 16.5cm.

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Steampunk Military Watch Inspired Wall Clock: Based on the old military watch, this unique handmade steampunk clock takes three weeks to deliver, but is well worth the wait. Dimensions: 75 x50cm


Retro Train Clock: Chug into steampunk style with a bronze locomotive table clock. Available in bronze, grey, and silver variations. Dimensions: 7.28 x 2.17 x 4.33 inches.


Steampunk Locomotive Wall Clock: Hop aboard the industrial steampunk trend with a front-facing locomotive design that looks as though its hurtling right out of your wall. Dimensions: 5.5 x 3 x 9.5 inches.


Steampunk Robot Clock Lamp: A steam-driven robot, puffing straight out of an industrial Victorian fantasy. This little guy lights up your desk with his lamp head, and keeps you on time with a retro clock. Measures 10 inches tall.

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The Templeton Regulator Wall Clock: Full of old world charm, this classic timepiece was introduced in the 16th century. The pendulum dramatically improved accuracy in measuring time. Measures 26 inches.


Steampunk Roman Numeral Wall Clock: Large metal Roman numerals hold together this open-faced clock design, giving it a grand appearance. A centre dial of stationery gears makes a steampunk statement. Diameter 24 inches.

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Steampunk Wooden Wall Clock: Much more colourful than its bronze and black counterparts, this red accented steampunk wall clock complements bright interiors. Diameter 13 inches.


Steampunk Pipe Lamp With Retro Clock: A rustic wrought iron pipe design creates a cool and vintage vibe. Powered by an E26 base, this industrial table lamp adds warm mood lighting to the room. It also shows the time with a retro clock. Dimensions: ‎11.69 x 7.76 x 5.43 inches.


Industrial Pipe Wall Clock: An authentic looking piece to complete an industrial loft space or a man cave. This rusty pipe wall clock adds a cool and effortless steampunk essence. Dimensions: 40 x 30 x 15cm.

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Nixie Tube Clock: Steampunk fans will also appreciate dieselpunk design aesthetics. This retro-futuristic style delves into the electrical element, like glowing Nixie tubes that were first introduced in 1951. These ones are attached to a clock and a motion sensor, which turns them off when no one is around.

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Wooden Nixie Tube Clock: Made from a single block of Merbau wood, this piece can be personalised with engraving. The personalisation makes it a thoughtful gift or a showy piece of company-branded decor. Dimensions: 5.1 x 2.36 x 1.97 inches.

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Colour-changing DIY Electronic Table Clock: Build this colour-changing Nixie clock from a creative kit. Use a button at the base of the clock to set the time, mode, and colour. Or make your adjustments from the computer app. Dimensions: 9cm x 33cm.


Steampunk Leather Messenger Bag With Clock: Made from PU leather with an aged aesthetic, this cross-body bag is large enough to accommodate an electronic tablet and power bank, along with your wallet and keys. A rust-proof brass clock adds steampunk gear elements.


Steampunk Crossbody Purse: This round shoulder purse is made from PU leather and metal hardware. A brass clock design makes this a powerful piece to add steampunk style to any outfit.

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Industrial Porthole Clock End Table: Certain to be a conversation piece in your living room, this small side table features a working clock inset under tempered glass. An aged metal frame gives the design a steampunk porthole effect.

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