A coffee table is not only a practical living room item, it forms the central core of a lounge furniture layout. Whether your tastes lie in the realms of minimalism or maximalism, a stylish coffee table forms an integral part of a well-balanced scheme. Today, we’re looking at the low coffee table trend. A low coffee table height produces a streamlined modern aesthetic. It opens up the living room to create a more spacious and airy appearance. In this collection, we’ve pulled together 51 ideas for low coffee tables, which include a multitude of colours, materials, shapes, sizes, and multilevel designs. We’ve also included a bunch of coffee tables with storage options–and even a cat bed.

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Modern Low Profile Coffee Table: Shining in high-gloss lacquer, this white coffee table has a modern rounded silhouette. Its light-reflective surface brightens a dull living room layout. A shelf underneath keeps magazine messes out of view. Measures 12” H x 48” L x 24” D.

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Low Wood Coffee Table: Durable walnut veneer gives this modern coffee table a rich and sophisticated look. Each table is a little different from the next thanks to a natural variation in wood grain. Hide remotes and clutter in two deep, spring-loaded drawers, which open with a single tap. Measures 0.25” H x 47.25” L x 27.5” D.

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High Low Coffee Table: Multi levels create a sculptural coffee table design, which is fun to accessorize. A matte white finish smooths calmly into any decor scheme. Measures 12” H x 35” W x 35” D.

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Modern Low Coffee Table: Gleaming and glamorous, this block coffee table design is handcrafted from mirrors and marbled sintered stone. Whilst the materials of this piece bring an opulent look, its low stature maintains a level of subtly. Measure 13.4” H x 39.37” L x 21.65” D.

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Ultra Low Coffee Table: Rich solid oak veneer coats this table with a striking tone. The dark finish adds definition to an ultramodern, rounded silhouette. A glass top forms a stain-proof surface. Measures 12.5” H x 47.25” L x 27.5” D.

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Tray Top Low Coffee Table: Offering a helpful contribution to any seating ensemble, this contemporary tray-top table concept offers a great solution for serving up snacks or appetizers at a relaxed get-together. Measures 11.8” H x 35.4” L x 35.4” D.

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Low Coffee Table Block: Block tables make a statement with clean-lined simplicity. This low block coffee table design is crafted in steel to achieve a flawless outline. It comes in three versatile solid colors to complement any decor scheme, including gray, brass, and black. Measures
12” H x 47” L x 24” D.

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Low Large Coffee Table: Dark oak veneer and a glass surface give this openwork rectangle coffee table a sharp look. A lower shelf accommodates a small book library or decorative knick-knacks. Measures 13” H x 47.25” L x 27.5” D.

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Low To The Ground Coffee Table With Storage: A rectangular volume with rounded edges conceals an incognito storage drawer. Polished chrome framework adds a bright, light-reflective note to the dark piece. Measures 11.8” H x 27.6” L x 47.2” D.

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Low Coffee Table With Castors: A modern matt black finish and vintage oak accents make up this versatile coffee table design. Its mid-century-inspired design includes two storage drawers, a cupboard, and locking castors that make relocating it a breeze. Measures 13.05” H x 46.7” L x 22” D.

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Low Coffee Table With Cat Bed: Cat furniture isn’t the prettiest item in the home, but this sleek coffee table keeps feline furniture front and center in the sneakiest of ways. The cat hideout is tucked away into the side of the piece, while a glass-topped compartment offers a protected display area for coffee table books. Measures 16” H x 47” L x 23.5” D.

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Low Coffee Table With Lights: Sleek and ultra modern, this glossy black coffee table emits a bright LED glow around its base. The piece can be reinvented to suit the mood of the evening by clicking through 16 different color options. Available in 4 sizes.

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White Low To Ground Coffee Table: Minimalistic and futuristic, this coffee table design is an impressive, architectural piece. Sharp edges and clean glass inlays create a unique modern elegance. Available in 2 sizes.

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Square Low Coffee Table: A contemporary square drum format creates a simple yet stylish vibe. The table conceals a side-pulling drawer with generous storage space for board games, coasters, and candles. Measures 39.4″D x 39.4″W x 15″H.

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Mirrored Low Glass Coffee Table: Mirrored glass furniture brings light, even to the darkest of living room designs. This light-reflective piece is also available in high gloss black, white, and red finishes. Measures 23.2″D x 47.2″W x 14.6″H.

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Low White Coffee Table: If you hate being hemmed in with straight lines and linear forms, go for a freeform piece with tactile curves. This one looks groovy alongside a relaxed, cushiony, tufted sofa design.

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Antique Farmhouse Low Coffee Table: Handcarved from Mango Wood, this oval farmhouse-style table offers a warm, natural finish. An attractive lattice design adorns its low sides. Measures 23″D x 42″W x 12″H.

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LED Low Coffee Table: Equipped with LEDs that offer 16 color changes, 4 flashing modes, and adjustable brightness, this minimalist gray coffee table is a real party piece. Measures 37.4″D x 21.7″W x 13″H.

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Gloss White Low To Ground Coffee Table: This high gloss linear coffee table works well as either a centerpiece in the room or as a slimline side unit. Its sleek and simple design complements a living room or a spacious home office. Available in 2 sizes.

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Gold Low Coffee Table Round: Oozing luxe and eye-catching glamor, this abstract gold mesh design makes an impressive and textural spectacle. Measures 32.5″D x 27.5″W x 12.5″H.

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Low Coffee Table With Storage: This set of two nesting coffee tables includes a marble-topped design and a low coffee table with storage. Dual drawers offer a tidy solution for stowing away an abundance of items, or separating snacks from reading material. Measures 27″D x 27″W x 9″H.

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Metallic Gray Low Coffee Table: With a fashionably low profile and a warm metallic gray veneer, this modern design sits easily within an a multitude of interiors. Use this piece to complete an industrial interior, a rustic living room, or a modern office space. Measures 52.25″D x 32.25″W x 16.25″H.

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Handcarved Low Round Wood Coffee Table: A smooth drum of kiln-dried mango wood forms this alluringly tactile table design. Handcrafted in India, the variable wood grain makes each piece unique. Available in natural and walnut finishes. Measures 35.75″D x 35.75″W x 12″H.

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Low Coffee Table For Sitting On The Floor: A low coffee table can also be utilized for cosy floor dining or enjoying tea with friends. Choose a minimalist Japanese design for the perfect height.

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Traditional Japanese Low Tea Table: A traditional Japanese low tea table incorporates rustic styling to create an authentic aesthetic. This ultra low coffee table design measures just 4.5″ high.

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Blue Oval Low Coffee Table: Bright blue and bold, this handcarved Mango Wood table has an oval silhouette that would complement an arched interior motif. Muxarabi-style siding makes a decorative moment. Measures 23″D x 42″W x 12″H.

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Low Marble Coffee Table: Elegant and luxurious, this square coffee table design is cut from Kailashpri white marble. Its clean, polished surfaces are laced with natural striations. Style with other textural elements to create a materials palette with great depth. Measures 40″W x 40″D x 12″H.

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Black Low Coffee Table: Black marble gives this round low coffee table design a sleek, elemental top. Use this piece to add depth to a pale decor scheme, or to bring pattern into a shadow palette. Measures 40″W x 40″D x 12″H.

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Low Square Coffee Table: This light and ethereal coffee table design is inspired by clouds. In contrast to its airy aesthetic of pale color and rounded form, the table features a solid construction of durable Fiberstone. Measures 48″W x 48″D x 13″H.

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Nested Low Coffee Table Set: Thick cuts of bleached, Guanacaste wood form the interlocking tabletops of this low coffee table set. Use this freestanding pair as individual pieces, or as one layered centerpiece.

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Low Rectangular Coffee Table: A large rectangular coffee table with en vogue slatted detailing, this sophisticated piece makes an impressive platform for coffee table books and candlesticks. Measures 60″W x 30″D x 12″H.

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Geometric low profile coffee table: A black and white-striped veneer gives this sleek cubic form a bold geometric design. Keep surrounding furniture subtle to let this piece really shine, or merge it into a rich, eclectic setting to stir up more interest. Measures 40″W x 40″D x 12″H.

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Low Round Coffee Table: This round, stainless steel coffee table makes a convex reflection of its surroundings. The polished base is topped with a smoked mirror top, which magically reflects candlelight. Measures 38.75″ in diameter, and 13″ high.

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Iridescent Acrylic Low Coffee Table: Rainbows of color shine from this iridescent acrylic coffee table. The color spills off the transparent surface and onto the floor to create dynamic light art. Measures 47.2″W x 25.6″D x 13.8″H.

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Low Modern Coffee Table Set With Acrylic End Table: Translucent orange lucite builds a bridging table over a white low coffee table in this 2 piece set. Separate the set to serve two areas of the room, or combine to create a fun ensemble.

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Low Square Coffee Table With Storage: A hollow base holds all manner of home essentials in this chic marble low coffee table design. Extend the sliding tabletop sections to serve snacks and drinks closer to the surrounding seating. Measures 39.4″W x 39.4″D x 9.8″H.

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Low Narrow Coffee Table Set: A low white trapezoid table and a high walnut counterpart create one narrow rectangle form. Two long drawers offer concealed storage space to keep the the living space clutter free. Measures 55.1″W x 23.6″D x 9.8″H.

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Black & White Low Profile Coffee Table: Sintered stone, Ash wood, and metal build this trendy black and white table design. Two spacious drawers tuck into the two-tone base. Measures 51.2″L x 31.5″W x 11.0″H.

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Low Black Coffee Table: Tasteful and refined, this low coffee table slices a stark black silhouette with a minimalist edge. Style its large top with an array of upmarket coffee table books, and tuck less decorative items away in the two drawers underneath. Measures 66.9″L x 27.6″W x 13.8″H.

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Gold And Black Round Low Coffee Table Set: A satin gold finish shimmers over a low round coffee table, which is paired with a black glass partner. The duo create layered luxe when utilized in tandem but can be split apart to serve separate purposes.

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Low Stone Coffee Table: Available in Calacatta, Carrara, Kendzo, or Nero Marquina marble, this cool, stone slab coffee table design is the height of modern luxury. The table is made hollow to reduce weight, making it easier to move. Measures 10.63″ H 23.62″ W 39.37″ D.

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Oval Large Low Coffee Table: In true Eames style, the Elliptical table delivers a style statement with an air of elegance. The table’s 89″ length makes it a great accompaniment for longer sofa designs.

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Low Outdoor Coffee Table: Available in different 11 color bases and 4 table top variations, this low outdoor coffee table makes a chic focal piece for any open-air living area. Measures 32.25″ W x 32.25″ D x 10.75″ H.

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Low Wooden Outdoor Coffee Table: Inspired by 1930s wooden furniture, this straight-grain teak table has a spaced-plank top and subtly tapered legs. Accessorize with potted plants and lanterns to complement its rustic essence. Measures 11.4″ H 64″ W 32.1″ D.

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Live Edge Low Coffee Table: Ramp up the rustic vibe with a live-edge wooden coffee table. A low profile amplifies the earthy aesthetic and lets the eyes fall upon the full natural silhouette. Available in a wide range of widths and depths.

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Natural Marble And Glass Low Coffee Table: Thick, raw, marble supports hold up a thin glass tabletop to create a tasteful juxtaposition. The unlikely union makes for a fascinating focal point with texture and light-reflective qualities.

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Reclaimed Low Wood Coffee Table: Reclaimed scaffold boards build a low coffee table design with an industrial theme. The refinished boards are stained with Danish oil, which gives it a rich natural feel.

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Small Low Coffee Table: Eight fun colorways make this small low coffee table stand out in a crowd. The rounded, organic form is inspired by beach pebbles. A durable polyethylene resin construction makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor situations.

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Sculptural Low Coffee Table: Turning function into sculptural form, this table is a real showstopper. Geometric legs support a reclaimed French oak table top. Base details are streamlined under oak veneer, while a steel frame builds strength.

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Low Foldable Coffee Table: Suitable for garden use, for festive picnics, on the balcony or for the patio. This inexpensive low coffee table is foldable for easy transport and storage.

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Herringbone Low Height Coffee Table: Beeswax brings out the natural characteristics of this wooden coffee table. Reclaimed pallet wood is set in a herringbone pattern to convey a trendy modern aesthetic. The contemporary design is fully customisable to suit individual size requirements.

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