Boho decor is a fun way to add relaxed character and cosiness to a bedroom design. The boho style is adaptable to many different kinds of base decor too, so you can always add a twist to a pre-existing Scandi-style space or a cool urban scheme. Despite its plethora of accessory options, the bohemian interior style is even suitable for minimalists. It only takes a few small additions to add a hint of bohemian flavour. Think natural materials, such as wicker baskets, rattan pendant lights, jute rugs, and wooden furniture. Add softness through an assortment of accent cushions and throws. Here are 51 boho bedrooms with ideas, tips and accessories to help you design yours.

Visualizer: Yara Medhat  

Boho relief art. Whether raised from a canvas or created directly onto the wall, 3D relief art goes hand-in-hand with the textural bohemian aesthetic.

Visualizer: Muhammed Atef  

Spread boho style accessories evenly. If you don’t wish to go too deep with layering then space key pieces at regular intervals around the room. Handmade art over the headboard, a wicker pendant light, a boho bedroom chair, and a rustic planter are enough to instil a subtle essence without going overboard.

Visualizer: Nada Saad   

Create one focal piece. An archway acts as the perfect jumping-off point for boho wall decor. Paint the architectural feature in a warm beige colourway to contrast with a pale grey or white decor scheme, and hang a handwoven element at its centre.

Visualizer: Rania Emam  

If a new architectural feature isn’t in the budget, then consider a surface-mounted arch.

Visualizer: Yara Medhat  

A hand-painted archway is a cheap and efficient way to hit the trend. You can accessorise with an arch-shaped mirror too.

Visualizer: Eman Samer  

Buy into the botanical theme. Indoor plants make perfect companions for the earthy boho look. Alternatively, you can opt for leafy art prints and wallcoverings.

Visualizer: Mariem El Sabbagh  

As light as a feather. Boho decor schemes work well under all sorts of colour schemes, from dark and dramatic to colourful and joyous. However, there is something so very calming about a white, pale grey, or greige boho bedroom. This one employs feather decals to give the scheme an ever lighter, airier look.

Visualizer: Kholoud Ahmed Güzel  

Use a wide macrame wall hanging as a headboard. See more of this boho bedroom design here.

Visualizer: Rowan Omran  

The joy of jute. When it comes to boho rugs, it’s all about texture. A round jute rug makes a fitting natural base for the aesthetic whilst also complementing a curvaceous arched motif.

Visualizer: dAb design studio  

The power of the pendant. When choosing a light fitting, go large with a Bell wicker pendant to achieve visual impact.

Visualizer: Arjun P Surendran  

If your budget won’t stretch to a large light fitting, a group of small wicker pendants can be easier on the pocket.

Visualizer: Aleksandra Nuzhnaya  

Hang a rug. Whether on the floor or the wall, a handwoven rug can instantly transform a boho bedroom colour scheme.

Designer: Bereza Architecture  
Visualizer: Valery Zhavruk  

Thnk outside the wicker basket. Just because wicker pendants are leaders in boho bedroom decor, that doesn’t mean you can’t opt for a more chic bedroom chandelier. This tasselled light fixture works elegantly with understated wooden furniture and pretty botanical prints.

Visualizer: Nguyễn Thủy  

Anything goes. Industrial accessories, rustic feature walls, or farmhouse ceilings. Anything goes in the world of boho.

Visualizer: City Studio  

Uber chic with boho sprinkles. This elegant bedroom design merely hints at the bohemian trend. Indoor plants soften the focal wall between contemporary pendant lights, whilst wooden tables add character around a modern floor lamp.

Visualizer: Rehab Swaidan  

Nearly neoclassical. This boho bedroom scheme is layered against panel moulding to give it a classical elegance. A dark green paint finish beautifully ties the two aesthetics together.

Designer: JC Design  

Make sunshine with yellow ochre accents. This warm hue makes cheerful contrast with natural greenery and black anchors.

Designer: Yana Prydalna  
Visualizer: Maria Soroka  

Slats and stripes. The wood-slatted interior trend melds easily with the boho natural material palette. Add a striped bedroom rug to exaggerate the linear effect.

Visualizer: Reham Ashraf  

Take it to the floor. A low-level platform bed or floor bed design conveys a relaxed look.

Visualizer: Yana Prydalna  

Raw and rustic. You may think that raw concrete decor is synonymous with the industrial decor trend but it’s a friend of boho too, Team with rustic light-fittings and furniture to warm the visual.

Visualizer: Viktoriya Romanova  

Of course, you’re not limited to only raw wooden furniture with this trend. An upholstered bed has a softening effect on the scheme – and won’t hurt so much if you walk into it at night!

Visualizer: Yana Prydalna  

Feel free to exaggerate. It’s not always nice to exaggerate but when it comes to statement light fittings then we’re all about it.

Visualizer: Natalia Klochko & Kseniya Serebrianskaya  

Reshape a Scandi-style space. Clean-cut Scandinavian decor schemes make great vessels for layering in the boho look.

Source: Ivy Muse  

In this minimalist boho Scandi setting, it’s all about the plants

Visualizer: Marcin Kasperski  

A stage for awesome finds. This split-level bedroom design forms a plinth on which to display a bright bed set and boldly underline a set of incredible bedroom pendant lights.

Visualizer: Yana Prydalna  

Black boho bedrooms. Out of the comfort zone for some, the black bedroom aesthetic is dramatically dreamy. You don’t have to go all-out though. Just pick one or two accent walls to turn up the intensity.

Visualizer: Maksim Mironov  

Pieces with personality. Source handmade or shapely items to give your space a unique personality, like this extraordinary end of bed bench.

Via: Shelter Furniture  

Layer stripped wood floors with a multitude of rugs in different sizes, comfy floor cushions, and woven poufs.

Visualizer: Erin Roberts  

Don’t miss an opportunity to add texture and detail. Even a simple bed throw becomes elevated with a tasselled edge.

Via: Coaster  

Renter-friendly boho decor. If you’re renting your home, you might be limited from putting up wall decor and changing light fittings. Instead, source lightweight pieces that can be mounted with Command strips, or bring in a boho screen for a freestanding solution.

Visualizer: Michał Szulik  

Fairy lights can make almost any space into a cozy bedroom. Wrap them around the headboard, a mirror frame, or string across the ceiling for instant magic.

Visualizer: Poliana Santolli  

Blue boho. Break out of the land of neutrals with a royal blue focal wall. This deep hue makes a rich companion for natural wood, cane, and wicker furniture.

Visualizer: Batuhan Akıncı  

Sky blue accessories make a soothing combination alongside cream stucco walls.

Visualizer: Maksim Mironov  

A masterful master bedroom. Create a commanding presence with colossal light fittings. These pendants are paired with corresponding coloured bedside tables, creating a white pairing on one side of the room, and brown-black counterparts on the other.

Visualizer: Yana Prydalna  

Another extraordinary pendant light design, this time descending from a ceiling of exquisitely aged wooden beams.

Architect: Salah Fattah  
Visualizer: Alena Valyavko  

A journey of discovery. The boho aesthetic encourages loose layering and meandering layouts. This bedroom design incorporates a lounge area and open plan ensuite, broken apart by low-hanging lights and decorative screening. The effect is bemusing, intriguing, and sublime.

Designer: Anova Interior Design  
Visualizer: Stanislav Ananev & Tanya Vorobyeva  

High-end hotel vibes. Deep emerald green accents with rich wood wall panels and a symmetrical layout creates a luxury getaway.

Visualizer: Natalia Nashkova  

Polished concrete floors and a built-in bed forms a fluid layout.

Source: Anthropologie  

Moroccan moments. A detailed Moroccan bed design makes a decorative addition for a boho backdrop.

Visualizer: EN AIM  

Calm and controlled. In this relaxing modern bedroom scheme, boho influences enter two by two.

Visualizer: Butterfly Studio  

Restrained and restful. A pared back colour palette and limited accessories fashion a restful decor scheme. Add just a dash of visual interest with a patterned rug or floral display.

Visualizer: Hadeer Hassan  

A bedroom you’ll never want to leave. Take cosy throws and oodles of cushions, add a library wall, and you may create a bedroom that you’ll never want to leave.

Visualizer: Salma Khaled  

Boho bedroom sets. Not all furniture has to be mismatched or upcycled to fit this laid-back theme. Wood and cane bedroom sets fit the profile too. You can always add a little relaxed asymmetry with a strip of wall panelling, wood-slatting, or a large macrame wall hanging.

Visualizer: Shamil Kalimulaev  

Another sophisticated boho theme with symmetry. This time with dainty pedestal side tables, mini bedroom pendant lights and wall art.

Visualizer: Lulu Lee  

Curate a colourful gallery wall with abstract pieces…

Visualizer: Masquespacio Design  

Or, fashion an elaborate art statement with 3D elements.

Photographer: Marzena Marideko  

Hammocks and swing chairs hit the easygoing look just right.

Visualizer: Ana Cogoljevic  

Tell a creative story with standout moments, such as this unique bedroom pendant light, extra-chunky tasselled throw, and extraordinary plants.

Visualizer: Alesya Kasianenko  

Create boho glamour with reflective wall treatments and mood lighting.

Designer: Black & Blooms  

Small and succinct. Plants, wicker baskets, macramé, a cosy throw, and a plethora of cushions are all you need to succeed in a compact space.

Via: Deavita  

If you are not a naturally tidy person, then a boho bedroom could be your friend. No one is going to notice that you didn’t tuck in your bed clothes under layers of throws. And, belongings don’t need to be organised onto shelves when there are a bunch of baskets to throw them into.

Via: 3dvizzuart  

Create boho vignettes. A wicker chair with a canopy over top or a vintage chest stacked with books, magic lies in small moments.

1. Macrame style wall mirror
2. Boho style rug
3. String lights
4. Mandala wall art
5. Hanging chair
6. Wooden wall art
7. Woven bamboo lights
8. Macrame wall hanging
9. Boho style sunrise headboard

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