An acrylic coffee table stands at the height of minimalism, allowing its contents and its surroundings to take center stage. Want to highlight a beautiful area rug? Or preserve every ounce of natural light that your living room receives? An acrylic coffee table can do just that. In this post, we’ve collected a variety of our favorites to suit any style. This compilation includes everything from minimalist acrylic-only tables to pieces that pop with glamorous gold and silver details, to vibrant modern selections that glow with neon-like coloration. There’s a whole world of acrylic tables to explore.

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Safavieh Acrylic Coffee Table: This waterfall acrylic table by Safavieh is a tried-and-true favorite among contemporary design fans. The continuous edges allow this table to maintain its strength without sacrificing an ounce of visual simplicity. This piece measures at just over 35 inches in width.

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Small Acrylic Rectangular Coffee Table: Slightly tighter corners allow this waterfall coffee table to achieve an edgier look, well-suited for modern and industrial interior decor themes. Pair with your favorite decorative bowls, coasters, or runners to make this acrylic coffee table your own.

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Kartell Invisible Acrylic Coffee Table: A streamlined silhouette meets chic acrylic construction with the Invisible Side Table by Kartell. This intriguing design can offer a modern touch for classic decor themes, but it’s sure to shine in ultra-modern placements. Use indoors and outdoors alike.

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Classic Acrylic Coffee Table: Traditional details allow this acrylic coffee table to suit classic and contemporary interior decor themes alike. This piece features well-faceted acrylic legs topped with a thick glass tabletop, the entire composition measuring at just over 47 inches in length for larger living rooms.

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Wood Pattern Acrylic Coffee Table: Timber is a creative acrylic coffee table design that abounds with playful character, the transparent surfaces adorned with detailed wood grain patterns for an unexpected visual twist. This creative design from Gus* Modern can be used individually or paired up to provide greater surface area, as pictured.

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Karakter Square Acrylic Coffee Table : Cross Plexi is a spacious square coffee table design from Karakter, combining a smooth glass tabletop with resilient acrylic legs in a sturdy cross configuration for stability. The glass tabletop allows for easy cleanup and excellent resistant against damage from heat and scratching.

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Floral Acrylic Coffee Tables: Designed by the illustrious Patricia Urquiola, the T Table from Kartell showcases the latest in acrylic production technology to achieve an exquisite level of detail. The round tabletop features a floral pattern perforated into the surface with beautiful fluidity.

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Greek Key Acrylic Coffee Table: Bring a classical touch to your living room decor theme with this transparent acrylic table inspired by a Greek key pattern, the base adorned with a distinct geometric silhouette sure to capture the eye from every angle. This table measures at 42 inches in length.

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Sculptural Acrylic Coffee Table Base: Wave showcases the artful side of acrylic coffee table design. This impressive coffee table features a thick tempered glass tabletop shaped like a triangle with rounded edges, perched atop a crystal-clear acrylic base that weaves and wanders like a ribbon floating on the wind.

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Starburst Acrylic Glass Coffee Table: Blast is a coffee table design that updates the classic starburst base concept, the acrylic legs formed from transparent acrylic with a decorative metallic accent collaring the center. The tabletop is available in four tinted colorways to suit a wide range of interior decor themes.

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Small Round Acrylic Coffee Table: Tokujin Yoshioka created the Sparkle Side Table with a creatively pleated composition that captures the light, refracting each ray with a dazzling effect. Mix and match sizes to suit your space – use individually as accent tables or group the pieces together to create a modular coffee table arrangement.

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Oval Iridescent Acrylic Coffee Table: Shimmering and ethereal, this gorgeous acrylic coffee table is finished with an iridescent sheen that shifts and changes depending on the angle at which it’s viewed. This uncommon interior accent is sure to start conversations wherever you decide to place it. Low-profile construction allows for an especially contemporary look.


Small Acrylic Iridescent Coffee Table: Add a dash of iridescent color to any corner of your living room with this compact table design – use as a side table or group multiples together to create a unique coffee table arrangement. This piece measures at just over 15 inches in diameter for easy placement anywhere.

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Pink Acrylic Coffee Table Collection: This fun acrylic table is available in three sizes that can be mixed and matched to create a coffee table arrangement that perfectly flatters your space. Choose from three colorways including pink, blue, and a bright neon yellow.

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Aries Blue Acrylic Coffee Table: Make a brilliant pop art impression with this bold coffee table design, the glass tabletop perched atop two ram heads cast from solid acrylic in vibrant turquoise. This statement piece is sure to become an instant focal point wherever you place it.

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Amethyst Colored Acrylic Coffee Table: An amethyst acrylic tabletop meets fine gold framing to give this accent table a charming touch of playful glamour. This piece measures at just over 21 inches in width, suitable for use as a coffee table or as a large side table.

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Small Neon Acrylic Coffee Table: Punctuate your living room decor theme with a pop of bright neon color, impossible to ignore in any setting. This playful coffee table design features a tinted tabletop perched atop a transparent cross base – each piece is made from resilient yet lightweight acrylic.

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Bright Color Acrylic Coffee Tables: This bright coffee table series is eye-catching from top to bottom, each piece formed from acrylic with such luminescent color that each piece practically appears to glow. Mix and match for an especially exciting appearance.

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Geometric Blue Acrylic Coffee Table: Capture the geometric decor trend with this creative coffee table design crafted from four panels of translucent acrylic. Choose from two sizes and six colors. Crisp angles make it possible to tesselate these tables to create your own custom shape.

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Kartell Colorful Acrylic Coffee Table: Made from simple panels intended to emphasize pure geometry, the Max-Beam Monolithic accent table is sure to capture the attention of minimalists and maximalists alike. Use as a stool or table anywhere in the home.

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Kartell Green Modern Acrylic Coffee Table: Designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, the Panier Coffee Table is one of the most popular acrylic furniture designs released in recent years. This piece features a removable tabletop that lifts to allow ample storage space within. Use indoors and outdoors alike.

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Modern Black Acrylic Coffee Table: Drama abounds with this creative coffee table design. The tabletop features a smooth circular shape that stands in chic contrast to the angular composition of the base. This piece is modern, edgy, and sure to elevate any living room decor theme.

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Small Black Acrylic Coffee Table: Black tint brings a dramatic element to this otherwise straightforward waterfall coffee table design. This piece offers a sophisticated take on a contemporary favorite, easy to coordinate with interior themes ranging from minimalist to industrial and more.

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Burl and Acrylic Round Coffee Table: A thick burled tabletop takes center stage, elevated by slabs of transparent acrylic. The contrast between the wood’s intricacy and the acrylic’s simplicity makes this piece especially enchanting. Uncommon coloration allows this piece to coordinate in places where ordinary wood finishes would not fit.

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Wood Table with Acrylic Coffee Table Legs: Rustic meets contemporary with this two-piece coffee table set. Use these pieces together or apart to give your living room a touch of warmth while maintaining a wonderfully bright aesthetic.

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Adler Wood and Acrylic Coffee Table: Jonathan Adler offers an especially luxurious take on the wood and acrylic coffee table concept with this gorgeous addition to the Bond collection. The acrylic legs are set into the thick burled wood top so that the transparent material is clearly visible.

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Rattan Glass and Acrylic Coffee Table: Sleek modern acrylic is paired with the warm natural texture of rattan with the creative Corset coffee table by Arteriors. This intriguing accent could flatter a diverse range of interior decor themes ranging from contemporary to casual bohemian chic.

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Nesting Waterfall Acrylic Coffee Tables: Subtle gold trim lends understated glamour to this nesting accent table set. Use these tables together or apart, easily sliding one beneath the other when you need to save space between uses.

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Small Acrylic Trunk Coffee Table: This charming accent table doubles as a creative way to store or display your favorite decorative accessories. Delicate gold accents give the corners an extra pop of playful elegance. Use as a side table or as a compact coffee table – it’s great for smaller seating arrangements in dorm rooms, bedrooms, and more.

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Gold and Acrylic Waterfall Coffee Table: The classic waterfall table silhouette is given an upscale upgrade with elegant gold-hued caps along each foot. This table measures at just over 41 inches in length to provide a spacious surface area. A nickel accent option is also available.

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Gold Coffee Table with Acrylic Legs: Looking for an acrylic coffee table that feels a little more traditional? This gorgeous design keeps things simple with a smooth glass tabletop and elegant gold framing, the legs sparkling with the addition of beautifully clear acrylic. It’s a timeless pick for any decor theme.

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Minimalist Gold and Acrylic Coffee Table: Architectural details help this otherwise minimalistic coffee table stand out. The sturdy base is made from two thick slabs of transparent acrylic, joined by a beam of stainless steel finished in brushed gold. A rectangular glass top finishes the design.

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Round Acrylic and Brass Coffee Table: Tubular acrylic framing allows this transparent Jonathan Adler table to make a larger-than-life impression. Each section is joined by brushed brass bracing, providing strong stability and a pop of irresistible gleam.

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Gold Starburst Acrylic Coffee Table Round: Punctuate your stylish living room arrangement with the brilliant starburst base of this round coffee table design. The base is made from rods of transparent acrylic joined by a gold-finished collar, the balanced composition effortlessly supporting the round tempered glass tabletop above.

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Wood-Look Acrylic Top Coffee Table: Earthy tree ring patterns are etched into the thick acrylic tabletop of this creative coffee table design, combining rustic and glamorous elements in one playful package. This high-end table is meticulously crafted for excellent clarity throughout.

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Rectangular Acrylic and Gold Coffee Table: Thick acrylic legs provide weightless-looking support to the elegant gold framing of this alluring coffee table design. This rectangular table measures at just over 47 inches in length, well-suited to larger sofas. The tabletop is made from thick glass for dependable durability.

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Rectangle Acrylic Coffee Table with Shelf: This substantial coffee table features a spacious glass tabletop and a mirrored bottom shelf for twice the glitz and gleam. The legs are made from thick acrylic dowels that provide stylish strength and stability. This table measures at 48 inches in length.

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Brass Oval Acrylic Coffee Table: Brilliant brass bracing brings a strong architectural element to this trestle-base oval coffee table design. The base is made from thick acrylic beams accented with metal for strength, the tabletop made from transparent glass.

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Gold and Clear Acrylic Coffee Table: Curved bracing lends an artistic element to this round coffee table design, all while providing extra strength and stability for the transparent acrylic rods that support the weighty glass tabletop. The matching side table is sold separately.

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Square Acrylic Gold Coffee Table: Measuring at 36 inches each way, this large square coffee table is a fantastic selection for spacious L-shaped sofa designs. This piece is crafted from panels of clear acrylic accented with gold, while the tabletop is made from resilient easy-to-clean glass.

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Acrylic Brass Coffee Table with Shelf: Jacques is a highly popular line of acrylic furniture by Jonathan Adler, loved for its balance between minimalism and over-the-top luxury. This large coffee table maintains a low profile to suit contemporary furniture themes, the lower shelf providing plenty of extra space for storage or display.

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Modern Gold Acrylic Coffee Table: Acrylic construction allows the base of this round coffee table to feel substantial and weightless all at once. The thick acrylic slats are joined by a steel block finished in gold, the tabletop made from thick glass. This is a large coffee table design measuring at just over 47 inches in diameter.

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Silver and Acrylic Oval Coffee Table: Chrome details lend a polished contemporary look to this oval coffee table design. The base is made from acrylic and the tabletop is made from glass. This table measures at 52 inches in length, a fantastic companion to larger sofas and spacious living rooms.

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Large Acrylic Coffee Table: Shapely acrylic legs bring a jewel-like appearance to this large square coffee table design from Safavieh. This piece features a large lower shelf and a transparent glass tabletop, allowing plenty of space to display your favorite coffee table books or small sculptures.

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Acrylic Coffee Table with Storage: Acrylic, chrome, and glass allow this round coffee table to effortlessly flatter contemporary and industrial interior decor themes. This table occupies a somewhat conservative footprint with a 35 inch diameter, while the lower shelf still provides ample space for storage. A matching side table is also available.

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Modern Acrylic Square Coffee Table: Crisp angles make this glam coffee table an especially edgy addition to contemporary living room themes. This square coffee table measures at 39 inches each way, the acrylic frame and glass top accented with subtle chrome details for an eye-catching gleam.

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Glass Coffee Table with Acrylic Legs: Keep things simple and chic with this round coffee table design, its squared acrylic legs accented with a chrome ring that gleams in the light. The tempered glass tabletop measures at just over 35 inches in diameter to suit a wide variety of living space sizes.

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Chrome and Acrylic Rectangle Coffee Table: Acrylic plays a subtle role in this coffee table design. The steel legs are finished in mirror-like chrome, joined by thick squared rods of acrylic that shine like glass. This piece features an architectural silhouette sure to turn heads.

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Mirrored Acrylic Coffee Table with Shelf: Standing at just 16 inches in height, this square coffee table is a fantastic fit for trendy low-profile furniture arrangements. This piece features a large mirrored glass shelf for decorative display. This sturdy coffee table boasts a 110lb weight limit.

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Silver, Acrylic, and Glass Coffee Table: Complement glam, industrial, and minimalist interior decor themes with this adaptable acrylic coffee table design. The tabletop is made from resilient glass for strength and easy cleaning.

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Rectangular Acrylic and Glass Coffee Table: Black framing lends a pop of modern contrast to this breezy acrylic table design. This budget-friendly pick measures at 39 inches in length, its lower shelf offering double the usable surface area. The framing is also available in chrome.

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