If you are looking for quite an appealing color for your hair, you may go for blue without keeping a doubt in mind. In fact, blue is among the most preferred hair color ideas among men nowadays. As you try to get blue color on your hair, you have a variety of options to consider as well. Continue to read and we will be sharing some of the best blue hairstyle ideas out of them.

1. Slicked Back Sky Blue Low Fade

If you are a person who prefers to comb your hair back, you may try this slicked-back sky-blue hair color. You can go for a low fade cut to make your hairstyle look even better.

2. French Blue Punk Crop

French blue is not a color that we often see. To further enhance your uniqueness, you may think about getting a punk crop with the French blue color.

3. Fresh Blue Highlights

If you have a receding hairline and if you want to minimize its appearance of it, you may think about getting fresh blue highlights like this one. This is a hairstyle where you can blend blue color perfectly well with natural black hair.

4. Faded Blue Hair

The faded blue hairstyle will help you to create a two-toned effect on your head. The best thing about this blue color is that it doesn’t add a fancy effect to your hair.

5. Short Curtain Blue Hair

You would love to do something different with the hair color when you have short hair. That’s where you can proceed with this short curtain blue hairstyle.

6. Light Blue Hair

This light blue hairstyle offers a colorful contrast to your hair. Any guy with a medium light skin tone and a dark beard can proceed with it.

7. Short Blue Combover

Blue is a hair color that can complement a combover. If this is your favorite hairstyle, you can go for the glossy blue shade without having a second thought in your mind.

8. Little Blue on Black Hair

While keeping the natural black color on your hair, you can try a little blue shade as you can see above. This is something that you can try to experiment with with blue hair.

9. Blue Undercut Hair

Another great option available for you to combine black hair with blue hair would be to try this blue undercut hairstyle. This would be a great option to consider if you are obsessed with punk fashion.

10. Blue Hair on Faded Line Up

Getting a light blue shade on your hair would be a bold decision to consider. Along with that, you may also think about having a faded line up as you can see in here.

11. Thick Spiky Hair

Instead of just getting blue hair, you may also combine it with a little silver. It can be considered a fun-filled method available for you to make your hair look better.

12. Dark Highlights on Ash Green Hair

Anyone with natural blonde hair may also consider going for a blue shade. If you are looking for styling ideas, you may take a look at this one.

13. French Crop Powder Blue Haircut

If an ordinary French crop top looks boring, you may consider taking it to the next level with a color shade. That’s where you can try this powder blue hairstyle.

14. Textured Powdered Blue Hairstyle

This textured powdered blue hairstyle is ideal for anyone who is looking for a fun hair color choice with blue. It looks quite great on all sorts of short haircuts with a fade.

15. Cobalt Blue on Black Hair

This cobalt blue hairstyle on black hair offers a perfectly textured style to you. you will be able to get the attention of everyone around you with the help of this haircut.

16. Teal Blue Haircut

Teal blue is a unique shade of blue available for you to consider. If you are looking for the best way to get teal blue on your hair, you may consider going for this elegant cut.

17. Green and Blue Hairstyle

Instead of just getting blue color on your hair, you may also think about getting a green shade. That’s where you may proceed with this green and blue hair combination.

18. Powder Blue on Tight V-Fade

Powder blue is quite an interesting and a visually appealing shade of blue available for you to try. You may think about getting this hair color along with a tight V-fade.

19. Light Denim Blue on Low Fade

Are you looking for the best shade of blue that will complement a low fade? This is where you may think about proceeding with this light blue denim color.

20. Powder Blue on Cyberpunk Hair

Are you obsessed with cyberpunk hairstyles? Then a great option available for you to style your hair would be to go ahead with a powder blue shade. It can enhance the visual effect that you create with cyberpunk hair.

21. Triple Toned Blue Mohawk

Blue is a color that goes perfectly well with many other shades of color. If you want ideas, you can proceed with this triple-toned hairstyle. You can easily get all three colors to complement each other with the mohawk hairstyle.

22. Classic Blue Combover

This classic blue com-bover is a perfect example of a classical hairstyle and a modern hair color. If you want to experiment with these two, you can try the hairstyle as shown above.

23. Spiky Light Hairstyle

Light blue is a color that can surely complement spiky hair. If you are looking for some inspiration, you may proceed with this hairstyle as you can see above.

24. Highlights on Curtain Hair

Curtain hair can surely complement any guy. If you are looking forward to going ahead with curtain hair, you may easily take things to the next level with blue highlights as you can see here.

25. Aqua Blue Mid Fade

Aqua blue is a charming shade of blue that you can get on your hair. While looking for the best hair color ideas, you may think about going for this hair color as well.

26. Dark Denim Blue on Brush Cut

When you have thick and short hair, you should look for an appropriate shade of blue to enhance your visual appeal. This is where you can try this dark denim blue color. It can surely enhance the looks of a brush cut.

27. Dusty Blue Undercut

Any guy with black or brown hair can liven up the hairstyle by going for this dusty blue undercut. You just need to consult an expert hairstylist to get the most out of this hairstyle.

28. Cobalt Blue on Blonde Hair

If blonde hair is too boring for you, the best thing you can do is to enhance its visual appeal of it with cobalt blue highlights. This is a hair color that can boost your confidence.

29. Spiky Royal Blue

When you want to keep the spikes with blonde hair, you should wear a hairstyle like this one. It can help you to secure getting a bold appearance makeover with ease.

30. Tealed Blue Ombre Hair

Teal blue is a unique shade of blue that matches most hairstyles. If you want to see how it goes with ombre hair, you may take a look at the sample as shown above.

31. Blue Twist Dreadlock Hair for Men

Even if you have Afro hair, you may go ahead with shades of blue. Anyone looking for ideas for it may look at the blue twist dreadlock hairstyle, as you can see above.

32. Messy Stone Colored Hair for Men

The messy stone blue shade doesn’t look blue at all. However, it can help you get an elegant look and feel at ease. This hairstyle would match most outfits that you have in your wardrobe.

33. Silver Platinum with Blue Pastel Hair

Pastel blue can surely complement blonde hair. If you are looking for ideas on enhancing your style with it, you may try this silver platinum and blue pastel hair combination.

34. White Blonde with a Hint of Blue

Anyone who wishes to slightly enhance the good looks of blue hair can try this white-blonde hairstyle with blue highlights. It can help you with getting a confident look and a rocking appearance.

35. Thick Dark Blue Ombre Hair

If you find it a difficult task to find the right shade of blue, you may try this blue ombre hairstyle. It will not be too harsh against your style due to the versatile look and feel.

36. Pastel Blue and Purple Hair on Midfade

If getting a pastel blue shade on your hair is not enough, you may also think about getting purple hair. Both these colors would look quite amazing with the mid-fade.

37. Blue and Silver Hair on Angular Cut

Blue is a color that can spice up the silver color. If you want to make your natural silver hair stand out, you may try this hairstyle with the angular cut.

38. Punk Hair for Men

When it comes to punk hairstyles, blue is one of the most preferred color options. Take a look at the above hairstyle, and you will surely be able to get some inspiration for your hair.

39. Sapphire Blue on Angular Midfade

Do you want to rock your hairstyle with an angular mid-fade? Then one of the best options available to make your hair look even better would be to get a sapphire blue shade.

40. Dark Subtle Fade

Dark blue is a color that is great for men who have dark hair and dark eyes. Just get this hairstyle with a subtle fade, and you can easily get the color to complement your looks.

41. Spruce Blue Mullet

Spruce blue is a color that can complement your mullet hairstyle. If you wonder how to enhance your visual appeal, you may think about trying this hairstyle without thinking twice.

42. Spiky Blue with Undercut Design

Instead of keeping the spikes with natural hair color, you can try a powder blue shade as you can see above. It can surely help you to make the spikes look even better.

43. Teal and Pastel Blue on Spiky Hair

If you don’t mind getting an all-over hair color, you should be brave enough to try this teal and pastel blue combination. It looks really good on messy straight hair.

44. Mermaid Blue on Undercut

To enhance your undercut, you can think about trying this mermaid blue undercut hairstyle. It can further enhance the bold appearance makeover you secure with your hair.

45. Powder Blue Buzz Cut

You will have very little hair on your head when you go for a buzz cut. However, you can still make it look much better with the powder blue effect.

46. Blue Flat Top Hair

Most guys with Afro hair prefer to have a flat-top hairstyle. Instead of just keeping the flat top look boring, you may think about going for a blue-colored flat top as you can see above.

47. Fohawk Powder Blue Hair for Men

Fohawk powder blue is another outstanding shade of blue that you can try. This shade of blue is highly recommended for guys who have blonde hair.

48. Spiky Blue with Line Up

Spiky blue is a shade of blue that can make your blue hair stand out from the rest. The lineup will help you to get a more defined look and feel, which makes you look quite amazing.

49. Side Shaved Black Rooted Hair

While keeping the roots black, you may get powder blue highlights, as you can see here. It is another great example of a perfect appearance makeover.

50. Angular Sidecut on Spiky Hair

When you go ahead with this spiky hairstyle, you can try the angular side and the combination of two shades of blue. It can provide stunning results.


Is it a trend to get blue hair?

Yes, it has become quite a popular trend among men to go for natural blue hair. If you are looking for inspiration, you may look at the different hairstyles we shared above.

What is the best shade of blue I can get on my hair?

Blue is quite a versatile color, and you will have numerous shade options available to consider. You can take a look at a few options we recommended and go for the most appropriate shade out of them.

Can I get a blue shade on Afro hair?

Yes, blue is a color that you can get on any type of hair. We shared a few examples of how you can adorn your Afro hair with shades of blue.

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