Cornrow hairstyles for men and women have been popular in African cultures since the beginning of time. They are a technique that braids the hair very close to the scalp in a tight braid. Most of the time you can leave them alone for two to eight weeks, it all depends on how tight the braid is and how fast your hair grows. Men love wearing cornrows with different shapes and patterns to keep their style fresh.

In this list of the 50 best cornrow hairstyles for men, you will find all the different shapes, textures, thicknesses, and lengths of braids. But, almost all of them will have three pieces of hair that are twisted together to make the famous cornrow look. Sitting down for a braiding section can take hours so you better pick a style that you are going to like. Let’s take a closer look at all these dope hairstyles for men.

1. Men Cornrows Braid Hairstyles for Men

This first style is a classic. When you think of cornrows for men this has to be the first look that pops into your head. They have sectioned the hair off into 10-12 different rows and braided them evenly down.

2. Fishbone Cornrow Hairstyles Men

This is a high-class hairstyle for black men. To get this look start by parting the hair down the center and then divide the two sections into vertical rows evenly down the scalp. Then to give it even more style add two long braids down the side of the head.

3. Short Braid Cornrow for Men

Here is a great example of thicker braids for men. They parted the hair into about 10 big sections and braided them evenly down the entire length of his hair. This is a classic and handsome style that would work for men of all ages.

4. Cornrow Braids Hairstyle for Men

Wow, if you can find yourself a hairdresser that can braid this good you better never let them go. His hair is sectioned off into so many different patterns and braid sizes that it is simply stunning.

5. Short Hair Braids for Men

Here is a different texture of hair than most of the styles on this list. Here he has added a fade around the sides and back of his hair and up top added in cornrows of different sized that are all pulled back into a small bun. This type of hair can only last in braids for a few days.

6. Large Braid Cornrow Style

Large braids are very popular in hip-hop culture today. In this look, they took it one step further and adding in funky zig-zag parts around the braids and it looks so dope.

7. Fade Braids Cornrow Style

Little braids have their place on this list also. Here he has small twist braids all around his head with a nice fade around the ears and the back. To get this look you will need to the first section of parts of your hair and sit while someone helps you twist all the pieces to perfection.

8. Small Cornrow Fade Hairstyle

This little guy is wearing his braids in small sections all over his head. He most likely has about 20 different small braids in this style that will last him quite a while.

9. Pop Smoke Stitched Braids

Pop smoke-stitched braids are what this handsome style is called. To get this look you will need to part your hair horizontally instead of the typical vertically part and use some product to smooth down those baby pieces. You can do this even if you have side parted your hair.

10. Medium Cornrow Hairstyles for Men

Medium braids are also a big hit among men of all ages. In the photo above he has a high fade up to where the braids start. Then the magic happens on top with many different types of braids going in every direction, this is such a fresh way to wear your braids.

11. Fade Cornrow Hairstyles for Men

If you are looking to just add in a few cornrows, this could be a great hairstyle for you to try out. First, ask for a short fade to the bottom sections of your hair. Next, ask them to braid the remaining sections into long braids that you can tie up in a bun.

12. Men Cornrow Twists Style

These twists braided hairstyles for men look so fresh that you might not ever want to change them up. It looks like they have sectioned the hair off into 3 or 4 big sections and created new patterns for each part.

13. Zig Zag Cornrow Style

Here we have a fresh style that will have your cornrows in zig-zag patterns around your head. Keep the front section facing forward while the others face out to the sides of your head. This is a handsome design that any man would be proud to wear.

14. Neat Braids Cornrow Hairstyles for Men

Neat and simple braids have their place on this list too. Here the lines are perfectly straight down the head for such a dope finish.

15. Plaits Cornrows for Men

Once you take your braids out your natural hair may look like this before you get the chance to get them done again. Or maybe you will decide to keep your natural hair long like this, either way, it is a great look.

16. Fish Tail Cornrows Style

Here is a technique of two different braids coming together flawlessly with a nice fade around the sides. The smaller braids that you see in this style are our featured technique, but then the two big sections of braids are called fishtails.

17. Triangle Plaits Cornrow Hairstyle

Triangle plaits are another way of saying triangle parts, and this style has a few different sections of triangle plaits. Try this hairstyle out if you are looking for a fresh new style that has quite a few small braids.

18. Sleek Braids Manbun Style

Sleek styles will always be popular and this style is just that. He has a sleek fade with just three braids here and it is simple but looks so good.

19. Medium Fade Cornrowstyle

This mid fade with thick twisted cornrows would be a dope look for men of all ages. In the photo above they have also added a light brown color to some of the twists and it brings out the extra texture and looks amazing.

20. Zigzag Part Cornrow Hairstyles for Men

One good way to make your braids stand out is to try adding a zig-zag to the begging of your part. This not only looks cool but also will section your braids perfectly.

21. Classic Large Braids Style

Sometimes you just need to take it back to the classic looks. These two large braids down the sides of your head are a traditional way to wear your cornrows and will never go out of style.

22. Clean Cornrow Hairstyles for Men

Clean and tight is the best way to describe this hairstyle for men. If you have long locs and need a new long hairstyle, this should be your next look. The hair is divided into four different sections here that are all braided together to form four big braids.

23. Afrohair Cornrow Braidstyle

Afro hair is the best kind of hair for cornrows. This traditional type of braid started centuries ago in Africa and is still worn today by men all over the world. In this look, they have maybe 10-12 different braids of the same thickness perfectly aligned down the scalp with a short fade around the ears.

24. Boxbraids Cornrow Hairstyles for Men

You do not always have to keep your natural hair color when getting box braids. In this hairstyle above they have added in a bright purple section of hair, and nobody will even know that you are using a weave.

25. Free-form Locs hairstyle

Free-form locs are a style that means they have formed over time naturally. In this particular photo, he has four big sections of braids that have small free-form locs throughout.

26. Plaited Cornrow Hairstyle for Men

Plaited cornrows are one of the most known types of braids. To get this look section the hair horizontally into 5-6 sections and braid the hair down instead of back.

27. Two Strand Twists Hairstyle

Three sections of hair are normally the standard when it comes to braiding the hair, but if you only use two pieces you will get a style similar to the look above. Neither one of these looks are better than the other, it all just depends on what you like better.

28. Knotless Cornrow Braids Hairstyle

Knotless braids are another super popular way to wear your hair in 2022. This handsome fellow has his knotless braids in 4-5 sections with wavy parts down the head and it looks so fresh.

29. Cornrow Locs Braid Hairstyles for Men

Here is a style that is called cornrow locs. This handsome look is easy to create just section your hair off into zig-zag parts and twist your locs around the big sections of hair.

30. Big Cornrow Braids Hairstyle

If you want to try big cornrows here is a good look that has four big braids with smaller ones that are tied underneath the big braids. One way to finish off this style would be to add in a nice fade under the braids.

31. Clean Retwists Cornrow Hairstyles for Men

When it is time to get your retwist on try out this clean retwist cornrow hairstyle. This intricate style divides your hair into four big braids and has a short fade to the rest of the hair. Then ask for your retwist to be wrapped around the big sections of hair and you are all set.

32. 4 Stitch Braid Hairstyle

Wow, this style would look great on so many different types of hair. If you would like to try out this style ask your hairdresser if they know what a 4 stitch braid style is. If not, no worries you can always save this photo for later to show them.

33. Wig Pose Cornrow Hairstyle

Here is a fresh and unique style that would make any man proud. These braids intertwine with each other down the side of your head and give off such a dope vibe.

34. Braid Style Cornrow for Men

Another cool braid style for men is shown in the photo above. He has a few different sizes of braids here and they all blend together flawlessly for a dope finish.

35. Twist Out Cornrow Hairstyle for Men

Twistouts are another type of braid that is a popular choice with men of all ages. In this style, you will need to section off the hair into small pieces all around the scalp and braid them tightly.

36. Clean Lines Cornrow Hairstyle

Clean lines are a must when you ask for braids. To get this look alternate zig-zag lined with perfectly straight ones for a symmetrically pleasing style you will be happy to show off.

37. Two Strand Twist Starter Locs

Two-strand twists are such a popular way to wear your braids. In the photo above they have separated the hair into even sections and twisted them all together for a fresh-looking finish.

38. Braided Cornrow for Men

Smaller braids sometimes make the biggest statement. In this look the braided cornrow style of men they have at least 3 different types of braids that blend together to create one epic statement.

39. Custom Weaves Cornrow Hairstyle

Custom weaves will take more time in the chair but the results are worth it. Here he has twisted his weave and braided it into a big circular pattern with blonde and light brown hues added in.

40. Male Braids Cornrow Hairstyle

Male braids with twisty cornrows are a popular choice for men of all ages. You can make up your own pattern as you go if you wanted to make this look more your own.

41. Starter Locs Cornrow Hairstyle

Dreadlocks are a long journey and if you are ready to start your trip then this starter loc hairstyle could be the best place for you to start. In the look above they have added braids of different thicknesses and patterns and it is a really dope-looking hairstyle.

42. Barral Twists Locs Hairstyle

Barral twists are a very fashionable way to wear your braids. Here he has an extra shine to his hair that makes them stand out even more, try asking your hairdresser what type of product you can use to make sure your hair stays shiny too.

43. Box Braid Medium Cornrow

Box braids are one of the most popular ways for men to wear their hair. In this look, they have one braid down the center of the scalp and two more around the sides of the head with multiple smaller braids along the top.

44. Long Hair Freestyle Braids

Wow, whoever did this hairstyle is very talented. This is what is called a long-hair freestyle braid. If you want to get this type of style done it is best to save this photo to show at your next appointment.

45. Stitch with Knotless Braids

They had to take a break here because braiding hair takes a long time. They are using wavy braids here with zig-zag parts down the entire length of the scalp and it looks so dope.

46. Twist Braids Cornrow for Men

This unique type of twist braid uses two different sections of hair and twists them together instead of the typical way of just using one section. This would be a great hairstyle for both younger and older men to try out.

47. Side Cornrows Hairstyle for Men

Side cornrow styles are one of the most classic ways for men to wear their hair in 2022. Here they have many different styles of braids that all meet back in a top knot style.

48. 6 Cornrow Hairstyle for Men

If you just want to braid the top section of your hair this 6-section look would be the best choice for you. Add in an undercut in any length you would like and you are all set.

49. Long Cornrows Hairstyle for Men

Long hair can also be made into cornrows, just take a look at the photo above. He has 8 braids that go all the way down the scalp meeting in a low bun in the back.

50. Mohawk Cornrow Hairstyle for Men

Here is a combo of two popular hairstyles for men in 2022 the mohawk and cornrow look. He also has incorporated a nice clean fade around the sides and back of his hair to keep his edges looking tight.


After looking through the 50 best cornrow hairstyles for men in 2022 did any of these looks stand out to you? Are you looking for yourself or are you a hairdresser looking for a new idea? We would love to know, please leave a comment down below with any of your thoughts or questions!

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