If you wait long enough, most vintage things come back and are right on trend again, and these 50 Best 1920s Haircuts for Men have done just that. 100 years later, these handsome styles are being worn by men of all ages and worldwide. Most of these styles are for short haircuts because back in the day, men did not grow their hair out as long as they do now.

But if you want to pair any of these styles with longer hair, that is a great way to make these styles your own. We have found some of the best classic styles here, including tapered looks, comb overs, polished looks, and even some styles that have fringes added in. Let’s look at the 50 Best 1920s Haircuts for Men in 2022.

1. Classic Tapered 1920s Haircuts for Men

This first look is a classic tapered style. This haircut will keep you looking your best no matter what time it is.

2. Thick Side Comb Over 1920s Haircuts for Men

If you are looking for a new style and have thick hair, this would be a great choice to try out. To get this look start with a nice taper haircut on the sides, and leave the hair on the top long enough that you can brush and style it up.

3. Blonde Slick Top 1920s Haircuts for Men

Slicked-back haircuts always look sexy, and men from the 1920s knew that. So in the photo above, they dyed his hair a nice bright blonde hue with the sides cut short.

4. Long Tapered Hairstyle

Here is a great haircut for men. If you like keeping your hair a little longer, it is called a long tapered hairstyle. This style keeps your hair in the sides and back short and shaved, but the top is long enough to be brushed to the back.

5. Long Centered Part Style

Here is a take on the new trend of curtain bangs. This long hair with a central part will be a great choice if you grow your hair out.

6. Classic Side with Line

Some classic hairstyles will always be cool; here is has parted his hair down the side and used some hair gel to make sure the hair stays in place and gives it an almost wet look.

7. Hollywood Brush Back Style

This style is giving off serious Johnny Bravo vibes. To get this look, you will need to keep the front section of your hair long enough to style in an almost pomp-looking way.

8. Medium Hard Side 1920s Haircuts for Men

Have you ever heard of a medium-hard side haircut? Here is the perfect example for you to see what it looks like. The sides are trimmed neatly around the natural hairline, and the rest is grown out and pushed back and has a very classy vibe.

9. Wavy Brush Back 1920s Haircuts for Men

Wavy hair can be hard to care for if you do not find the right haircut. Here is a classic wavy brushed-back hairstyle from the 1920s. Try adding in a few highlights they did in the photo above; it will bring out some texture to your curls.

10. 1920s Comb Over Haircuts for Men

This comb-over style has never really gone out of style and has been strong since the 20s. To get this look, you will need to shave both sides of your head and then comb the hair to one side; you will love your new haircut.

11. Undercut Spikey 1920s Haircuts for Men

If you are looking for a dope spiky hairstyle, this is a great choice for you to try out. Here he is wearing an undercut hairstyle, and the top needs to be a few inches long so that you can use some hair product to make sure your spikes do not fall flat.

12. Slicked Back Fade Hairstyle

Slicked back hair gives off a professional but fun vibe. In the photo above, he has a short fade on the sides, and the rest of the hair is brushed back to perfection.

13. Weaves Hairstyle with Beard

Weaves will always be a popular hair choice for men of all ages. Here, he has a nice square edge up around the front of his hair, and they left the rest all one length; he has also taken his style to the next level and added a trimmed goatee.

14. Finger Comb Over with Side Fade Cuts

A finger comb over style is one of the best looks of the 1920s. However, they have taken it further and added a shaved-in side part here.

15. Polished 1920s Haircuts for Men

You could always go with a classic polished haircut for a nice and stylish look. To get this look, all you need to do is shave the sides of your hair and leave the top long enough so you can wear it pushed back.

16. Receding Hairline 1920s Haircuts for Men

No worries, we have you covered if you have a receding hairline. This handsome hairstyle for men with receding hairlines keeps your hair pushed back and trimmed around the natural hairline in the back.

17. Brush Side Part 1920s Haircuts for Men

Brushed hairstyles are perfect for men who love to get dressed up and look their best. If you do not already use hair products, you will have to find one that works for you when you try out this style.

18. Medium Slick Back 1920s Haircuts for Men

Here is one of the longer hairstyles we have on this list; it is called a medium slicked-back style, and it would look fantastic on me of all ages. All you need to do for this look is trim the sides neatly and leave the rest long and styled back; you may need to invest in a hairdryer to get the full volume look.

19. 1920s Undercut Fade Haircuts for Men

Try this undercut fade that was so popular with men during the 1920s; you will love your new style. In the photo above, they have also grown out their beard for a little extra style.

20. Medium Hair Curl 1920s Haircuts for Men

If you have curly hair, you need to try out this medium-length haircut. This would be so simple to recreate; all you need to do is cut the sides short and leave the top long enough so that the curls come to life.

21. Razor Cut Forehead Curly 1920s Haircuts for Men

This style would look so good on men of all ages. In the photo above, the young man is wearing his hair with a straight fringe across his forehead and left the rest of his hair long enough to curl perfectly.

22. 1920s Fringe Haircuts for Men

Fringe hair ideas were all the rage in the 1920s, and they have come back around, and everyone is wearing them again. Save this photo to show your barber on your next trip into the shop.

23. Medium Side Fade 1920s Haircuts for Men

Side fades are a great hairstyle for men to wear during the summer because it keeps the fade on the side very short.

24. Normal Hairstyle Shaved

If you are looking for a simple but stylish haircut that would be easy to take care of, this normal hairstyle with shaved sides would be best.

25. Black Man Hairstyle

Here is a stunning example of a black man hairstyle with the perfect waves on top. He has decided to keep the hair all the same length, and it looks so good.

26. 1920s High Comb Over Haircuts for Men

This is almost a mohawk style haircut, but in the 1920s, they called it a high comb-over style. Make sure your hairdresser remembers to shave in part under the thick section of hair; it brings in so much texture.

27. 1920s Low Comb Over Haircuts for Men

Another way to wear your hair from the 1920s is in this low comb-over. In the photo above, they have also added a straight edge up, and it looks so good.

28. Clean Side Part

A clean side part is one of the best ways to bring some definition into your hair. This haircut for men has kept the sides buzzed short and the top long enough to style pushed back.

29. Short Hair Brush Up

Most men from the 1920s kept their hair short and used grease to keep their hair in place all day. Today, you can find many better options for your 1920s-inspired haircut.

30. Taper Side Brush

You can not go wrong with taper sides and neatly brushed hair because this type of haircut looks so good on everyone who tries it out.

31. High Taper Receding Hairline

There are haircuts you can try if you are battling a receding hairline that will help hide your problem, like this high taper look. If you shave the sides of your hair but leave enough up top, nobody will ever know that you are losing your hair.

32. Mid Taper Fade with Beard

Beards have always been a way to express your style, and in the 1920s, men wore them just as often as they do today, if not more. Try out this mid-taper fade look with a beard, and you will be rocking the same style that men from 100 years ago wore.

33. Taper Fade with Beard Line

Here is another example of how a taper fade and a beard hairstyle are the perfect combinations. In this look, he has kept his beard long but made sure to keep the sides trimmed up in a nice straight beard line.

34. Light Taper Feathered Back

If you need to add some color to your life, why not try this bright white color. He is wearing his hair with a light taper fade, and a featured back. And it looks so good.

35. Full Brushed Back

Men that like to keep their hair at one long length would love this haircut. He is rocking a full brushed back hairstyle, and it looks wonderful with his naturally white hair.

36. High Volume Hairstyle

Talking about hair volume is always a good word to hear. So here we have the high-volume hairstyle with a shaved-in side part. Try using your hairdryer or tease the hair up in the morning to get this look. Once you figure out how to do this look, you will never want to wear anything else.

37. FauxHawk High Volume

Wow, the waves on this man’s hair are incredible. If you decide to try out this faux hawk high-volume look, make sure you keep your hair in the front a bit loner than the rest so you have an exact length to curl it.

38. Medium Hair Undercut

Here we have a medium-length hairstyle with a high undercut added to the bottom half of the hair. He looks so handsome with his beard and a new haircut. If you try this look, you are going to get many compliments.

39. Undercut Low Fade

Low fades and undercuts are the perfect combos for your next fresh style. When you think of fades and undercuts, you probably imagine short styles, but here is a wonderful example of how you can still use these techniques but keep your hair a bit longer.

40. Medium Hair Bun Style

Some men back in the 1920s would also wear the trendy man bun. However, they have added in some light blonde highlights in this particular style, and it looks amazing.

41. High Fade Undercut

Once you try out an undercut with fade, you might not ever want to change your style. So instead, try growing your beard like out as he did in the photo above for a good contrasting look.

42. Textured French Crop

Textured french crops are right on trend for 2022. This handsome look would be easy to take care of and does not require much more than a good combing in the morning.

43. Pompadour Afro Style

Did you know that you could also wear your hair in an afro pompadour style? Try growing it out for a while before you decide to try this look; it will be easier to recreate if your natural hair is already long.

44. Elvis Side Fade Style

You knew we were going to have an Elvis hairstyle on this list. He was the king of rock n roll and style back in the 20s. To get this look, you will need to invest in some really good hairspray to wear this style all day and night.

45. Pompadour Brush Back

Here is a classic greaser style haircut from the 1920s. Keep your hair nicely trimmed, then slick the rest back to get this handsome style.

46. Greased Side Fade

Wow, this hairstyle screams the 1920s. Only men with a serious style could pull this style off back in the day. So why not give this vintage hairstyle a try today.

47. Crop Mid Fade

Cropped mid fades are an excellent haircut if you do not know what to do with your hair next. It will keep your hair long on the top, short on the sides and back, and easy to care for.

48. Crop Top Fade Hairstyle

Men have been wearing crop tops for over 100 years, and they still have not gone out of style. Here is has also added a few different designs to the center of his head, and it looks so good.

49. Textured Crop Top Fade

Here is another example of a cool crop top but with more texture. He also has a medium-length beard, and it looks great with his fresh haircut.

50. High Fade French Crop

French crops are a popular hair choice for men all around the world. He has also added a high fade all around the sides and back, and the combination looks amazing.


The men in the 1920s had some serious style regarding their hair choices. Even after these years, if you decided to get one of these haircuts, you would still be right on trend today. Did you find a hairstyle that you will get on your next trip to the barber? Let us know down below which one was your favorite.

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