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When it comes to kitchen design, going for a timeless look is the most important thing.  Kitchens are expensive and are usually updated once every 10-15 years.  Since you have to live with the colours and the look of your kitchen for a very long time, it makes sense not to follow trends that you’ll tire of.  One of the best combos you can choose for a kitchen is wood and marble.  They go together beautifully and create a look that’s modern yet timeless.

Wood and marble kitchens work really well because they the two materials balance each other out.  The warmth of wood is the perfect contrast to the cool marble.  Also, no matter whether you go for dark, pale or medium toned wood, it simply works with marble.  Combining these two materials will give you not only a timeless kitchen but a minimalist and super stylish look.  While minimalist, there is plenty of depth and interest in this look because both the materials have texture and a subtle pattern.

If you’re considering updating your kitchen, and are thinking about a minimalist kitchen in wood and marble, these kitchens will inspire you.

5 minimalist wood and wood kitchens

dark wood kitchen marble worktops minimalist dark wood kitchen idea dark wood and marble kitchen

First up is this simple yet stunning kitchen by Vipp.  Almost the entire kitchen is dark wood but the look is balanced with a slim marble worktop.  The kitchen doesn’t look heavy because of the pale marble and also the light wood floors and white walls.  Even though all the cabinets are dark wood, there is plenty of texture in this kitchen with the carved doors, the visible wood grain and of course the stone worktop.  If you love dark kitchen cabinets in wood, his is a colour scheme to consider for a minimal yet striking look.


wood and marble kitchens dramatic wood and marble kitchen marble kitchen island idea

Here’s another dark wood and marble kitchen by Nordiska Kok, but with a completely different look.  The type of marble you choose can make a huge difference to the overall look.  Here they’ve gone for marble with a bold pattern, giving this kitchen a very dramatic look.  And they’ve used a lot of marble with the all marble kitchen island being the striking centrepiece.  This look works because all other details have been kept very minimal.  The cabinets are handleless, the lights are simple and the finishes are all black as opposed to chrome or brass.  The colour scheme is almost identical to the first kitchen, yet you can achieve a completely different look just by the type and colour of marble you choose.

minimalist wooden kitchen ideas warm oak kitchen marble worktops warm oak kitchen cabinets

For this next kitchen, designed by Norm Architects, they’ve gone for a medium toned wood in a warm oak and paired that with beige marble.  This kitchen is oozing warmth despite being very minimalist in design. Here the marble has been kept to a minimum by using it on the countertops and as a splash back only.  This is all down to personal preference of course.  These warm oak cabinets can be paired with different coloured marble surfaces to change up the look as you’ll see from the next kitchen.  If you love warm minimalism and Japandi  interiors, this kind of kitchen is perfect for you.

minimalist white oak kitchen oak kitchen white marble counters white and oak kitchen

This oak kitchen by Nordiska Kok is paired with white marble.  It’s a marble that has a very subtle pattern.  Even though the cabinets here are similar toned as the kitchen before, changing up the colour of the marble gives this kitchen a completely different look.  All the white with the warm wood makes this kitchen feel bright, modern and minimal.  There is a considerable amount of marble with the worktops and the entire island top but since the marble is subtle, it keeps the look pared back and simple.

kitchen with marble and wood marble countertops wooden cabinets marble and wood kitchen

Last is this wooden kitchen by Reform CPH, with subtly coloured marble countertops.  The marble not only has a pale rust colour running through it but also has a very bold pattern.  Coloured marble is always an option but to keep the look minimalist, neutral tones work best like they’ve done here.  Even though the marble is dramatic, the overall look is still minimal.

So as you can see, there are so many choices when it comes to creating a wooden kitchen with marble finishes.  It really depends on what you personally like.  Even though I love the bold patterned marbles, I think I would always opt for subtler versions.  But the combinations are plenty with these two materials that go so well together.

Which of these kitchens is your favourite? Mine is the third one with the Japandi vibe.

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