Having a beautiful green corner makes any home more welcoming and inviting. Whether it’s the warmer temperatures or the need to freshen up a bit after a day of activities, it seems that everyone loves being outside. If you think that building an outdoor space requires a large investment, then you are wrong because there are several practical and affordable ways to create an oasis.

Now is the perfect time to give your garden and backyard a little makeover. Apart from giving you a place to relax, it will also impress your guests or anyone who wants to enjoy it during holidays or weekends. Today we want to share some easy tips and ideas to help you turn your outdoor space into an oasis. Get inspired!

1. Choose plants that require little maintenance


Sometimes we don’t have much time to always take care of the outdoors, especially when it comes to plants. So, you can choose types of plants that are easy to care for. Among them are philodendrons, ferns, cypresses, cacti, succulents, aglonema, and many more. Besides being easy to care for, these various types of plants will make the environment more colorful.

2. Add lights


It may be a common addition to the outdoors, but adding a different light will complete your outdoor style. Add string lights on your patio or use solar garden lights to help create more ambiance.

3. Choose special outdoor furniture


Outdoor furniture plays an important role in increasing your comfort. Try to choose furniture that is designed for outdoor use, so it is resistant to various weather changes. For example, garden benches or chairs, outdoor rugs, or other decorations that support the beauty of your garden.

4. Create a calm atmosphere


The morning sun is nice all summer long, but shade is also very important. Add a cute umbrella or a pergola covered in vines. The most popular method is to invest in a pergola made of wood.

5. Use recycled materials


Apart from being more budget-friendly, try betting on sustainable decoration. Add a variety of recyclable materials that can be used in the garden. You can make DIY garden decorations, make use of tires, pallets, cans and more.

6. Refreshing water element


Water is an important element and a natural way to make your room cooler. You can create a garden pond or fountain. However, avoid waste and invest in something sustainable.

7. Hammock or pergola


Adding a hammock or garden swing is perfect for relaxing, having fun and contemplating nature. Installation of these items does not require a large investment and you will definitely spend more time in the garden with one of them.

8. Decorate walls and fences


Take advantage of wall surfaces and fences to expand your green space. You can choose a hedge, a decorated wall, or a hanging vertical garden. In addition to being practical, this solution allows you to hide imperfections and make the room more cozy.

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