If you love to entertain, then a large kitchen island will give you plenty of space to show off your culinary skills. Spread out your ingredients, get out every tool and small appliance in the kitchen and still have room to spare. In this collection of 40 large kitchen island designs, we’ve pulled together inspirational designs to satisfy every interior aesthetic and every chef’s personality. We’ll look at ways to incorporate a breakfast bar into a kitchen island and how to attach a regular-height dining table. There are also ideas for kitchen extractor hoods, hobs, countertops, lighting, kitchen sinks, built-in planters, and more.

Visualizer: Pix Visuals  

Complement a modern rustic kitchen with a chunky concrete island. This monolithic look has a simple yet impactful aesthetic that will make your kitchen appear truly bespoke.

Visualizer: D3 Design  

Unique kitchen island lighting elevates the space. These three sculptural pendants also add a dash of rich color to the white marble kitchen. Their organic composition complements the bold veining in the stone.

Visualizer: Alessandro Isola  

Create a gravity-defying design with a cantilevered kitchen island. Install a linear suspension light above to accentuate the extended line of the cantilevered volume.

Visualizer: Delta Tracing  

Play a game of contrast. This kitchen island concept layers black and white elements at different heights to fashion a visually fascinating piece.

Visualizer: Yurii Chaikovskyi  

This high contrast design places a sleek white marble kitchen island onto a backdrop of deep wood tone. Its bronze base blends with the wooden floor, causing a floating effect.

Visualizer: Izabela Gajewska  

Construct twin focal points in your kitchen island and cabinet run with bold stone accents. Here, a stunning gray granite island matches a contained stone backsplash area. A formal dining table is attached to the granite island, slotting neatly around its bulk.

Visualizer: ZORKA Studio  

Dual-height kitchens call for impressive extractor units. Just as you’d size up a chandelier to fill that extra ceiling height, extended island extractors really highlight the room proportions.

Designer: Feldman Architecture  

In an airy, sunlight-filled kitchen, use a large kitchen island to set down a dark visual anchor.

Visualizer: US-Visuals  

Fashion-forward fluted textures and a curve silhouette will put your large kitchen island bang on trend.

Designer: Sergey Makhno  
Visualizer: Julia Siriak  

Bedding a planter directly into your island countertop is a great way to keep freshly grown herbs at hand.

Designer: Natália Lemos + Paula Pupo  

This wide built-in planter expands upon the home’s botanical feel. A small tree springs up out of the kitchen island, giving the cooking and dining space a fresh outdoor feel.

Designer: Hindley & Co  

Construct a balanced look by placing storage units on each side of a long kitchen island. Leave enough space at the center to accommodate the required amount of kitchen bar stools.

Visualizer: Zak Studio  

A freestanding kitchen island creates an open, more lightweight aesthetic than solid counterparts. This one gains visual weight with a thick stone countertop around the kitchen sink.

Visualizer: Nainoa  

Here, wooden bar stools line up around the edge of an L-shaped kitchen island. The L-shaped configuration creates lots of countertop space without taking up the full length of the room.

Visualizer: Orangegraphics Creative Studio  

Find a compromise between dining space and storage needs. A 50/50 split between the breakfast bar and cabinets gives you the best of both worlds.

Designer: LMNL Office  

Liven up a plain white kitchen decor scheme with a colorful island design. Think relaxing blue, blush pink, emerald green, or a pop of yellow.

Designer: Justin Humphrey Architect  

Creative cutaways and contrasting materials add interest to a long kitchen island.

Visualizer: Alina Nykonets  

Make your island a conversation piece with a rugged stone construction. In this concept, an understated wooden dining table provides textural contrast.

Visualizer: Wolf Architects  

Great engineering creates impossibly good design.

Designer: Kolenik  

Wondering where you could fit a huge aquarium? Make it into a piece of useful kitchen furniture.

Designer: Deyl  

Accentuate the long line of a large kitchen island with decorative boarding, which can double as shelving or a footrest.

Visualizer: Ivan Honcharenko  

Change up the kitchen sink for a surface-mounted vessel basin.

Visualizer: Wolf Architects  

Incorporate recessed shelving inside a cantilevered countertop.

Visualizer: Kirill Lynkovsky & Yurii Chaikovskyi  

Don’t be afraid of asymmetrical outlines.

Visualizer: Vladimir Liashchenko  

Join the minimalist movement with clean lines and natural materials.

Visualizer: Conrad Architects  

Let luxurious marble overflow the edges of your kitchen island with a waterfall countertop.

Visualizer: Vladyslava Torhonska  

This waterfall countertop design is edged with gold to hammer home an upmarket aesthetic.

Visualizer: Alina Larionova  

Slice away the edges and corners of a stone island to shape a unique, freeform volume.

Visualizer: 33bY Architecture  

Add personality to a stone kitchen island with a row of colorful kitchen bar stools.

Visualizer: TABARQ  

Underline a large kitchen island with a ribbon of LED light. The glow creates the illusion of levitation.

Visualizer: Ostrovska  

Create a laconic island volume with cast concrete. Finish the look with chunky, minimalist wooden bar stools.

Visualizer: Elmar Isayev  

Construct a neoclassical kitchen island with decorative molding and a classic color.

Designer: Studio AC  
Visualizer: Leigh Charles  

If you’re a chaotic cook, add a raised lip around the edge of a large island to prevent items from sliding off.

Visualizer: Polyviz Studio  

Highlight key areas. In this black kitchen, the island eating area is picked out in pale wood tone. See more ideas for black kitchens.

Visualizer: SCIC  

If you enjoy catering for parties at home, consider how your guests will view and use your island at your events.

Visualizer: HiMacs  

Embrace the curved furniture trend with a curvaceous kitchen island.

Source: Culimaat  

Rethink the common kitchen hob. This futuristic kitchen island design is dotted with separate burners, individually bedded into the glossy countertop.

Visualizer: Karwan Muhammed  

This dining island emphasizes the eating area above the prep zone. The tabletop dramatically overlaps the lower island volume to achieve a smoothly layered construction.

Source: Poliform  

Toy with angles. No rule says a kitchen island has to be straight up and down. This angular kitchen island design is exaggerated by a stark black and white colorway. See more ideas for black and white kitchens.

Visualizer: Aleksey Demchenko  

Fully integrate your eating zone into your kitchen island. This wooden dining table looks like it has teleported into place and got stuck within the molecules of the black island.

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