Having a green area as part of the home landscaping is the dream of many people, especially those who live in cities. In addition to making your home look beautiful, the presence of this minimalist garden can provide various benefits such as cleaning air quality and making life more vibrant. However, sometimes creating a garden is not as easy as you think, especially if you only have limited land, making it difficult to determine the garden design you want.

Since the first, limited land has always been a problem that is most often encountered for those who have a narrow area. Maybe those of you who live in urban areas will understand that every inch of land that you own is really valuable. If you can’t build a large landscape, maybe it’s time to use the fence area as part of the home garden. This method is very easy and does not take up much space so it is possible to add an outdoor relaxing or retreat area next to the fence.

Choose the most appropriate garden fence design

In making a minimalist fence garden, you need to determine how large the fence you have now. If there is still land left, you can create a garden under the fence. Several types of flowers and hedges are quite popular for this style of garden. While a fence with a narrow area can use the idea of a vertical garden or a hanging garden. From natural picket fence designs to incredible varieties, fence styles come in all shapes and sizes. To answer your curiosity, here are some inspirations for the best garden fences for your solution.


Combine it with garden furniture

So that your minimalist garden feels more comfortable, you need to combine a garden fence with unique furniture that can beautify your outdoor space. For example, create an outdoor oasis with a garden chair, bench, and side table as a place to put things. Here, you can do any activity with more fun. Garden furniture will also be your favorite area to relax and enjoy quality time with family and friends.


Easy DIY garden fences

The best thing about garden fences is that this design does not require a large area of land. Besides that, you can also make your own DIY garden design as you wish. Do you want to place vines, create a hanging garden, to a vertical garden? Use recycled items to turn into awesome garden DIY projects.


Garden to beautify the fence

The fence is not only used as a barrier between houses or as a home security, the fence can also be used as a minimalist garden with limited land. You can use potted plants in between the fence or use flowering vines. However, you still need to prune and arrange the hedges because they will usually grow thick quickly. If you are interested in implementing it in a small area, here are more garden fence ideas that will beautify the outdoors!






















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