Today many people prefer to work from home. The development of technology and the internet really supports any work that can be done without having to leave the house. Of course, this allows you to be free to set your working hours, save expenses because there is no need for fees, and can be closer to your family at home. To maintain the creativity and productivity of your work, a comfortable workspace or home office is the key to success that you should consider.

Home office design is a reflection of your personality, from changing it according to your interests and hobbies to placing furniture that makes you feel at home doing work for a long time. In addition to a practical and ergonomic work chair, an office desk is one of the important elements that must be owned for a home office.

Some tables have a design that allows the surface to be disassembled. In general, this table surface allows the owner to replace it with any type of material and glass is the most popular table surface material. Its minimalistic and transparent design creates a glamorous feel to any style of workspace. Here are some glass table ideas that you can apply to your home office.


Choose a home office desk design

Choosing a desk design is the first step that must be taken to realize the dream workspace. So, make sure the design of the desk can match your type of work and support any activity you do. An office desk with the right height will help you stay focused without getting tired quickly, while the smooth surface of the desk increases comfort when you’re at the desk for hours on end. If you like a simple work desk but can work optimally, try choosing a work desk with a minimalist style such as a glass table or a type of table with a surface made of glass.


Adjust area to the your room

Building a home office definitely requires extra space to place office furniture and decorations. That’s why you need to determine where to put the office desk so it doesn’t take up too much space. If your room is narrow, choose an office desk that is small but equipped with an organized storage area. On the other hand, if you really want to create a special room for a home office, you can place a table with a wider size so that it makes you more flexible.


Glass office desk design

With a glass desk, your home office will look professional and luxurious. In addition, the modern impression is also really visible from the glass office desk. The smooth surface makes it easy when you want to clean so it doesn’t take up a lot of time which will reduce your work productivity. Generally, a glass table is more prone to breakage than you use a plastic or wooden table. So, you have to choose a glass table with a sufficient level of thickness so that it does not break easily. Even some glass tables are a mixture of other materials such as acrylic or resin which is stronger than ordinary glass.

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