For lovers of ornamental fish and aquariums, maybe you are familiar with the term aquascape. However, this time we will not discuss one of the aquarium ideas that is no less beautiful, namely a pond tank. At first glance, the design of a pond tank is almost similar to an aquascape because it uses natural elements such as rocks, wood, and plants.

The difference is, the pond tank idea focuses more on emersed plants (meaning the terrestrial forms of plants that are usually used submerged in most tanks this time are made to surface). This style is increasingly popular today, even the plants used often use the type of outdoor aquatic plants. From leafy plants to grassy species that appear to be the main attraction in the aquarium.


Pond tank design

In contrast to fish tank designs in general, this type of tank is usually shallower. The goal is none other than optimizing the growth of emersed plants. Another advantage is that once you achieve the desired style, this tank requires very little maintenance compared to other styles of aquascaping. Shallow tanks are perfect for this type of layout. Although you can also use a taller tank type for some of the vines. With shallow tanks, plants have better access to CO2, and animals have better access to oxygen.


Pool tank layout

There are basically no rules for how you should define the layout. However, it is recommended to create an open area that occupies the front quarter or third of the tank, leaving plenty of room for the fish and shrimp to swim in if the rest of the tank becomes clogged with vegetation. Use a good growing medium or choose an emersed plant that can grow on rock or wood so you can shape it to your liking when it starts to surface. As with other tank settings, you can also create slopes that optimize the view from the front. The degree of inclination of the slope, and the depth of water at the back of the tank will be determined by the emergent plants selected to complement the aquascape.


Types of plants for pond tank

It is very important to choose the type of aquatic plants you will use for the pond tank. Some types of aquatic plants can tolerate water up to a few inches above their crown, others even handle less than an inch. Unlike aquarium plants that are often used, there are types of plants that appear happiest with their bottom permanently in the water and their top permanently above the surface. However, you should change this type of plant frequently because it usually doesn’t last long enough. Here are some pool tank inspirations that will give your hobby a new and fresh look!



















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