Rattan is a furniture material that is timeless, never goes out of style, and always adds to the beauty of a room. Rattan also includes palm species that originate from tropical regions of Africa, Asia and Australia. Many designers add rattan to many decoration styles, ranging from bohemian, rustic, modern, to minimalist. Rattan furniture may be a little expensive, but you won’t regret it because it matches the beauty it displays. There’s nothing more inviting and relaxing than indoor rattan furniture.

The appearance is very beautiful, starting from chairs, tables, cupboards, hanging chairs, sofas, beds, even bookshelves that look very luxurious and truly aesthetic. Rattan furniture is indeed the easiest way to bring a chic and relaxed touch and is very environmentally friendly. However, rattan still has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on how you work around it. Before you choose the furniture idea that best suits your decorating style, here are some things you should know about getting rattan!


Pros of Rattan Furniture

As we know, rattan furniture displays a timeless design that never gets old. Although the shape, texture and design of rattan furniture have attractive characteristics, the right arrangement will make it stand out more. However, keep in mind that the appearance of rattan is largely determined by the way it is woven. That’s why you have to carefully observe every part of the furniture. Usually loose threads indicate that the weave was not done properly. You can customize rattan furniture to suit your decorating style and add more functionality.

Rattan furniture is a strong material and can stand the test of time. Rattan does not fade or whiten easily when exposed to sunlight. So anyone can keep it indoors or outdoors without affecting its natural color. Another advantage of rattan furniture is that it is easy to maintain. Its durable structure makes it quite sturdy, requiring less maintenance.


Cons of Rattan Furniture

Compared to other materials such as wood or bamboo, rattan furniture has a relatively high price. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to consider it one of the most expensive outdoor furniture pieces. In addition, loosely woven rattan furniture can have a negative impact on its appearance and durability. Since rattan furniture is a long-term investment and has a high price tag, you have to make sure that you buy the right furniture so that you don’t regret it and that it suits your interior style needs. Enjoy!


















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