Having a clean and comfortable kitchen is certainly the dream of many people, but what if your kitchen is small? The solution may be that you need to make it minimalist. As the name suggests, this style has a simple design and only uses a few colors. A minimalist style kitchen is very suitable for those of you who live in an apartment or small residence, but don’t be mistaken because even though it sounds simple, the result can still look modern and functional. The most important thing is how we utilize the existing space and not sacrifice the function of the purpose of the space itself.

Interestingly, creating a minimalist kitchen does not depend on the size or area of the kitchen. You can still realize the minimalist kitchen trend without having to spend a lot of money. The key is choosing the right kitchen layout, choosing multifunctional furniture, and adding storage that doesn’t take up much space. If you have a problem with limited kitchen space, there is no harm in considering a minimalist kitchen design. Not only does it provide comfort and functionality, this kitchen will also be the center of attention in the house.


Minimalist kitchen inspiration

Minimalist kitchens are known to have beautiful designs and sophisticated features, but this kitchen style also gives a brighter and more spacious impression. Choosing bright colors and using the right lighting will provide a visual effect so that the kitchen will look wider. If you are interested in adapting this style to your next kitchen, there are some minimalist kitchen tips and recommendations that will help you find the best minimalist kitchen ideas. Let’s see!


Monochrome design

Minimalist kitchens are usually synonymous with monochrome accents. To do this, you can choose certain colors such as neutral colors and then equip the kitchen with equipment that matches that color. The color of the stove can be matched with the tiles, while other furniture can be chosen to match or contrast with the walls.


Scandinavian inspired

A minimalist kitchen with a Scandinavian style is very suitable for today’s urban style. Where the interior is generally more dynamic using sleek furniture models. Even though it looks minimalist, Scandinavian style furniture has high artistic value that will complement your kitchen. A number of furniture used to equip this kitchen are made multifunctional and simple so as not to take up space. So, you can combine the kitchen with a comfortable dining room, then complete it with decorations such as hanging lamps, planters, or other kitchen accessories.


White and brown color scheme

It looks beautiful with a combination of white and brown kitchen, you can apply this idea to a minimalist kitchen. So that the kitchen looks spacious, also use an open space concept with natural lighting. So cooking time will be brighter and more comfortable, as well as when you are eating a meal at the dining table. The white and brown color scheme can be applied to almost the entire kitchen room, for example kitchen cabinets, kitchen tables, or even the kitchen floor.


Bright kitchen appearance

Who says minimalist kitchens can only use neutral colors such as white, gray or black? You can also play with bolder colors such as dark blue, sage green, beige, or even bright pastel colors. The color application can be applied to kitchen sets, combined with wood textured surfaces. The combination of bright kitchen colors with brown wood turns out to make the kitchen more attractive. Enjoy!















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