Working from home is nothing new nowadays. This trend is increasingly popular thanks to the ever-growing sophistication of technology and the internet, making it easier for any field of work. Instead of building a home office indoors, you can also do many things in the backyard, for example a place to have fun, recreation, relax and even work. Now you can build a private workspace with modular garden office equipment from Hypedome. Introducing the garden office pod which is part of a select series of garden dome projects.

This is a good choice if you like working outdoors, of course without fear of unfavorable weather or disturbing things from outside. These garden office pods come pre-configured, or choose and mix dome exterior finishing styles to suit your desires. For example, interior insulation panels, colorful storage pockets, floor coverings and much more. Here are geodesic domes that make indoor and outdoor living accessible. Enjoy!


An office pod away from the noise

The Garden Office Pod is equipped with Hype.Wall panels offering fantastic sound insulation properties so as to keep out noise from outside. It’s truly an office retreat away from the distractions of home. It also provides the perfect conditions for entering a state of deep work, helping you achieve peak productivity.


Arrange it according to your style

Instead of feeling cluttered in the corner of an empty room or taking over the dining table, create a dedicated work space that suits your own style. A garden office pod can help you stay organized, thereby making you feel more in control. It also improves work-life balance by allowing you to physically leave the office at the end of the day.


Getting closer to nature

Office pods are as close to nature as possible. Embracing biophilic design is the practice of creating a closer connection with nature through the way buildings and landscapes are created and built. Countless scientific studies show that incorporating nature into your workspace can help reduce stress and increase productivity, creativity and attention span. Hypedome Garden Office gives you panoramic views as standard, bringing you closer to nature and optimizing your workspace for performance, health and wellbeing.


designer: hypedome

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