20 Fun Treehouse Playground Ideas In The Backyard

Treehouses are a simple way to bring lots of fun to the backyard. It is also a childhood dream that almost every child wants. However, what would happen if the tree house was equipped with a playground? The result is a tree fort, a play area, as well as an entertainment room where you and your children will often spend time there. This tree house playground idea will inspire you.

Do you want a tree house not only as a place to relax outdoors, but also as a playground that can be enjoyed not only by children but also adults? You’ll find plenty of inspiration among these DIY options, and we absolutely love this very functional treehouse design.

In the following we’ve rounded up some pictures of treehouse playgrounds, and a few tips for embodying one in the backyard. Please scroll down and get inspired!


What should be prepared?

It’s actually very easy to combine a playground with a tree house. Both of them are part of the children’s world, so you need to involve children so that it fits their dreams. Do you want to build the only playhouse in the sky with the kids, or have you always wanted a treehouse on a platform high in the trees? What to add depends on you and kids. In fact, if your little ones want to build their own adventure, a treehouse makes an ideal playground to make that happen. From pirate hideouts with individual trapdoors, to bunk beds for treehouse adventures, you can even build slide boards and climb walls.


Treehouse playground ideas

You don’t need a large backyard to build your dream tree house. In fact, you can make a treehouse on a budget by reusing wood for railings and banisters. Another idea, use prefabricated panels which will shorten your tree building time. Then pay attention to the safety factor by choosing a strong tree species, such as oak, maple, fir, apple, hemlock, or cedar.

After your tree house is finished, don’t forget to add a play area that children like. A few favorite games will make a tree house a fun playground. For example, you can equip it with cargo net climbing ropes, fireman poles, slides, hammocks, swings, rock climbing walls, pulley lifting systems and much more.

Find more treehouse playground ideas below!


















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