We always loved being in the backyard, or just watching the kids play enthusiastically. That’s why the backyard should be a safe place to play and gather. For those of you who are lucky to have children at home, the backyard is the main destination for them to spend time outdoors, and it is possible that it can also be enjoyed by adults. As we know, today many kids are spending more time indoors and using smart devices, so a kid-friendly backyard provides a welcome escape for kids.

Playing outside and interacting with the surrounding environment is an important part of childhood. This is a very valuable experience, even you have experienced it compared to those born today. Small homes, smartphones, and technology that interfere with kids growth mean they have to stay indoors. However, a fun, kid-friendly backyard can change all that in an instant.

Here are some easy tips and ways to reorganize your backyard so that it is kid-friendly and can be enjoyed by all ages. Let’s see!


Give them what they like

As a parent, you definitely understand what your children want and like most at home. Think about what they enjoy doing whenever they go to a nearby park or while spending time at home. Take your little ones on a picnic outside, and this will give you a hint about what features you should add to your backyard. A small backyard or outdoor space is not an obstacle here, in fact you can adjust everything to the size of the yard you have.


The sandbox is the most loved feature

Every child has their own hobbies, but I’m sure almost every child likes playing in the sandbox. In fact, I often see children who can play for hours with just a box of sand and a few of their favorite toys. A small backyard sandbox is easy to install and you can combine it with other play ideas such as chalkboards or let it blend into the garden landscape which will add interest.


Swings, slides and water features

Is your backyard or outdoor space large? Try adding some fun children’s play features such as pools, swings and slides to it. Not only will your little one love it, even you can join in the fun. A swing hanging from a tree is much cheaper than having to build one permanently. Water features are natural elements that children can enjoy while playing on the slides with their peers.


Integrated with nature

Add green elements such as placing plants or planting some lush trees. Try not to detract from the natural feel you already have, even if you want to make room for new play equipment or a sandbox. Let nature take over and create a landscape that your little one will love to explore, protecting them from the hot sun to make outdoor play fresher and more enjoyable.


Treehouse and playhouse

Another easy option for making your backyard kid-friendly is adding a treehouse and playhouse. This is an attractive feature on a deck or yard and you can easily build it with your little ones. Tree houses are often used as hiding places and children’s play bases. Although it requires more effort to make, it will be worth the extra time and effort you spend on it.

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