While many people avoid hot weather, some others think summer is the best time to sunbathe, swim, enjoy fresh air and sunshine whenever you want. If your backyard has a swimming pool and deck, this is the best place to relax after a long day or just spend the weekend with the family. Just imagine stepping out in the warmer months and seeing sparkling blue water staring back at you, as if inviting anyone to go for a swim. If you happen to have an area in the backyard, try making a small pools without spending a lot of money and time in maintenance.

You might think gardens and small backyards are not the ideal place for swimming, but it actually gives you more pleasure than you expected. Add a swimming pool to the design and not just a portable pool, no matter how small your outdoor space is. From vacation-worthy wading pools to budget-friendly storage tank ponds, here are small pool ideas for the perfect backyard. Scroll down and get inspired!


What is a small swimming pool?

Anyone can guess just from looking at the size of the swimming pool. Although swimming pool sizes and dimensions vary, any pool that is around 1o by 10 feet or smaller is usually considered a small swimming pool. Apart from the size of the pool, the definition of a small swimming pool also appears in terms of depth. While the standard swimming pool is three feet deep for swimming and floating, four to five feet and above is the best depth for a lap pool. So, a small swimming pool can be shallower or up to you.


Small pool design

There are a variety of small swimming pool ideas that may suit your backyard. Elongated rectangles can give a swimming pool a modern feel or Mediterranean feel, while circular pools offer a more boho or even rustic feel. Design elements such as tiles and even stamped concrete can add to the aesthetic you desire, many of which may suit your taste. Once you’ve decided on your pool design, be sure to add other elements like potted plants, pool floats, and patio furniture that add to the atmosphere. For small outdoor spaces, small circular swimming pools are the best option. This can be a fairly easy storage tank pond to make yourself, and although it is small, it will be enough to cool off, kids and pets will love it too.


Another small pool idea

If your backyard is not too long and narrow, choose a plunge pool with a more square or even irregular shape such as adding a waterfall for a natural touch. Decorate your pool using built-in benches, platforms and seating, then build a deck around it. Cover the swimming pool section with wood, tiles, stone, or other suitable materials.

Sun loungers can be placed right at the edge of your pool, or if you want an elevated pool, create some chairs inside for relaxing. If you don’t have much space, choose a deck laid out like a staircase, which will make it larger and you won’t need additional lounge chairs here. Discover more of your favorite small pool ideas!

















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