The use of stairs may be very common in homes with more than one floor. The presence of this ladder is an important means of accessing the lower floor with the area on the upper floor. However, many homeowners often ignore the design of the stairs so that it does not match the interior style. For those of you who want to build stairs at home, there are several things you should pay attention to so that the staircase design feels integrated with the interior. In addition to paying attention to the area of ??the room, adding some elements such as ornamental plants can also change the appearance of the stairs in the house to be more attractive.

Today many people like to apply a minimalist style with a modern touch. This also applies to household stairs with a small size but having more than one floor. So that the stairs at home don’t feel cramped, you can create a refreshing indoor garden. This staircase idea will not only make you breathe easy but also add an aesthetic impression to the interior. Here are some staircase inspirations with the prettiest green vibe!

1. Stairs with the concept of a wooden wall look perfect with vines.


2. A large plant pot will make anyone feel happy the first time they step foot on the stairs.


3. Classic stairs feel fresher by placing lots of houseplants in the staircase area.


4. For narrow stairs, you can use the wall area as a place to store plants. Use the grid wall that we commonly see as a practical wall shelf.


5. There is nothing more beautiful than combining a wooden staircase design with indoor plants.


6. Stairs on the mezzanine floor can also look attractive with the right arrangement of plant pots.


7. The walls around the stairs often feel empty. You can make wall shelves as a place to put plants along the stairway.


8. If the area under the stairs feels large enough, you can create a garden with landscape settings according to taste.


9. In addition to using pots, hanging plants are also an easy and practical decoration option.


10. For narrow stairs, you can place a wooden shelf at the end of the stairs as a place to store plants.


11. Placing large plants in the staircase area may be possible if your stairs are wide enough. Make sure not to block the access road.


12. To make the stairs look more aesthetic. You can also place a large plant right under the stairs.


13. Although simple, the right plant placement makes the terrace stairs more beautiful. This line of plants also serves as a barrier as well as a safety.


14. Combining plants and artwork on the stairs will give a charming look.


15. Create a beautiful vertical garden in the staircase area for the stairs in a minimalist style.


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