Apart from beautifying the outdoor garden, the indoor part also needs to be given special attention so that the house feels cozy. When you feel bored with the appearance of the room’s decoration, the idea of small plants can give a fresh touch while making the room more attractive. Introducing plants can give a cool and natural impression that makes anyone feel relaxed when they are in the house. With the very hot weather and conditions outside, the presence of these indoor plants is like an oasis in itself, especially for those of you who live in urban areas.

Maybe not everyone is lucky enough to have outdoor space for gardening, especially since several factors such as the difficulty of caring for plants and busy daily lives make many people reluctant to garden. Apart from giving a room a fresh and non-monotonous impression, indoor plants have also been proven to be effective in having a positive impact on the mind and health. The reason is, plants are able to remove carbon dioxide and purify oxygen in the room.

Interested in trying indoor gardening? You can start with small types of plants, and here’s a fun way to create your own favorite indoor garden.

1. Air plants require absolutely no maintenance, making them perfect for beginners. Hang this type of plant in a unique pot shape, such as an underwater animal themed pot.


2. Want to bring a natural feel into the room? Choose pots made from pieces of wood for several types of small plants such as cacti and succulents.


3. Small vases in the shape of animal heads will be a great decoration on the table. Fill the vase with dried flowers or dry grass to make it look more aesthetic.


4. Apart from being a decorative display, a small plant in a wooden box vase can also be a beautiful dining table centerpiece.


5. This is a practical way to get a beautiful table display. Instead of hanging air plants, you can place them in simple pots.


6. The kitchen is the best area to get refreshing green nuances. Give it a feminine touch with pink pots arranged on a tray.


7. A colorful room looks even more unique with the addition of tiny plants. You can choose a pot with a face painting and some face wall hangings to complete the decoration.


8. Place several types of small plants on the edge of the window so that their growth can be maximized. If you like a minimalist look, then use a white or neutral colored plant pot.


9. Small plant pots will definitely be loved by children. A great animal themed pot to enhance the style of any room.


10. A beautiful combination of potted plants and artwork. The body-shaped pot design matches a contemporary style room.


11. Don’t just hang a few small pots. Cover the pot with pastel paint and your room will immediately look bright and cheerful.


12. There are also pots with refreshing fruit themes. You can choose certain types of plants so that they look integrated with the pot design.


13. Herbal plants may be commonplace for us to find indoors. However, to make it more attractive, you can hang it on the wall and add an aesthetic wooden frame.


14. Pegboard is not just a memo board or wall shelf, use pegboard as a place to place cool plants in any room style.


15. Besides pegboard, you can also use wall wire as a place to display a collection of various small plants.


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