easy DIY gift ideas

easy DIY gift ideas

Giving DIY gifts is always a good idea.  But, if you’re anything like me, you have the best intentions of making them until life gets in the way.  Before you know it, Christmas is nearly here and you haven’t made a single gift.  I get it.  Thats why I’ve picked out a bunch of easy DIY gift ideas that take 15 minutes or less to make — some even take under five minutes!  The best part? They all look great so nobody will guess how quick and easy they were to make.

Giving DIY gifts feels more personal and thoughtful than shop bought gifts.  And plus, they’re a lot more budget friendly.  When I recently polled my followers on Instagram, over 50% said they like to give DIY gifts but as expected,  the biggest hurdle is usually finding the time to make them.  If thats stopped you in the past, these are the DIY gift ideas for you.  In fact some are so quick to make, that you could make a whole bunch in an afternoon.

15 easy DIY gift ideas that take 15 minutes or less to make

make your own brass bookmarks

1. DIY minimalist brass bookmarks

I often gift books and I always pair them with a DIY bookmark.  DIY bookmarks are my go to handmade gifts because they are so quick to make like this brass one which takes under a minute… seriously!  These DIY brass bookmarks look so stylish when inserted in to a book and they’re so useful too.  If you’re looking for some book gift ideas, here are some of my favourite coffee table books on interior design.


DIY bath salts with grapefruit rosemary
2. DIY grapefruit and rosemary bath salts

When we’re talking easy, inexpensive, thoughtful and beautiful handmade gift ideas, bath salts tick all the boxes.  Taking less than five minutes to make,  you can put the salts in some pretty containers, add a simple label and finish off with some twine or ribbon.  So if you have a friend or family member who loves a relaxing bath, here’s how to make these grapefruit and rosemary bath salts.  It will smell amazing too!

easy DIY homemade gift ideas
3. DIY clay coasters with a squiggly shape

DIY coasters are always useful gifts.  They’re good for hostess gifts as well as Christmas gifts for anyone who loves a bit of minimal home decor.  I’ve picked out these squiggly DIY clay coasters because they’re more fun than regular round coasters.  They’re simple yet stylish and take about five minutes to make (+ baking time of course).  These are one of my creations which I painted after baking but if you’re really short on time, take a shortcut and make them with coloured clay.

IKEA hack salt and pepper shakers
4. DIY salt & pepper shakers

Everyone needs some pretty salt & pepper shakers and these DIY ones couldn’t be easier.  Not only will they take minutes to make but they look so much more expensive than they are.  And they don’t look like a DIY either.  They’re actually an IKEA hack which makes me love them even more.  While they’ve gone for a copper finish on their salt and pepper shakers, you could switch it up if you wished — I’m thinking a dull bronze or a simple marble finish.

easy DIY lip balm
5. DIY flavoured lip balm

If the thought of making your own beauty products makes you break out in to a sweat, you haven’t tried making lip balm… yet.  Lip balm is the easiest beauty product to make and it’s a lovely gift to give, especially in these winter months  If you want to switch up the flavours, you can make up a big batch of the base because the flavours are added at the end.  These DIY lip balms come in tempting flavours like grapefruit, orange lime and peppermint. But you can choose whatever you like.

DIY room freshener with essential oils
6. DIY natural room fragrance

These room fragrances are made out of wood shavings and are such a simple idea but one that looks so pretty and will make anyones home smell amazing.  And this is another gift that’s not just a Christmas gift but would be a fab hostess gift too.  You can choose whatever scents you like – I love a bit of vanilla or eucalyptus for winter.  Or you could even go for a combo like orange and cinnamon.  Once you’ve got your chips, put them in a pretty jar and add a label or simply tie some jute with a tag around your jar. Check out how to make this DIY room fragrance.

easy DIY gift ideas for friends
7. DIY paint splatter notebooks + pencils

Who doesn’t know a stationery lover?  I certainly do and I’m one too!  These minimal paint splatter DIY notebooks are so easy to make and are a lovely gift paired with the matching pencils.  The actual making doesn’t take long at all but there is some additional drying time involved.  You can get any basic notebooks or use ones you already have.  And if you like a bit of colour, you could use different coloured paints for the splatter pattern.

polymer clay DIY gift ideas

8. DIY knot sculptures

These DIY knot sculptures are so pretty.  They will look gorgeous perched on top of a pile of books or displayed as a stylish object on your desk or coffee table.  The only problem is deciding which one to make — there are three to choose from.  Maybe make them all!  As for the colours, switch them up as you wish — I love my neutrals so I would go for tones like soft sandy beige and perhaps a pale grey-green.  Each one will take about 10 minutes to make (+ baking time) so checkout the tutorial for these clay knot sculptures and decide who you’ll be making it for.

DIY napkin rings to make as Xmas gifts
9. DIY wood and brass napkin rings

These DIY napkin rings don’t even take a minute to make!  So if you’re really short on time, this would be my DIY gift of choice.  And if you like, you could get some inexpensive but gorgeous linen napkins (aff link) to give along with the napkin rings.  I especially like the contrast of the brass with the white linen napkins but I think black linen or a pale beige would look great too. And with time, once the brass ages, these napkin rings will look even more stunning.  They’re keepers for sure!

DIY upcycled vases with baking soda
10. DIY up-cycled ceramic vases

Quick, easy, inexpensive, beautiful… what more can you want in a gift?  These up-cycled  vases look so gorgeous especially in these muted colours.  Given it’s literally a paint job, you could make a set of three for every gift you give.  And to make it extra special, consider adding in some dried flowers that will last for ages.  You can get the vases from dollar/pound stores making this a very budget friendly DIY – after all as long as the shape is nice, it doesn’t matter what they look like before they’ve been painted.  Here’s how to upcycle these vases to give them a ceramic look and feel.

DIY metal candle holders
11. DIY metal candle holders

Come the colder months, candles become a staple in my home every evening.  I know I’m not alone.  So for the next DIY gift, I’ve got these, super quick to make, metal candle holders.  It’s literally a gluing job and then waiting for them to dry.  And they look so minimally stylish.  If you wanted, you could also gift a pair of pretty tapered candles (aff link) which makes the gift complete (these are the cheapest and prettiest candles I’ve seen).  Here’s where you’ll find how to make these candle holders.

easy DIY desk organizer12. DIY minimal desk organiser

This is so simple yet so stunning.  It requires a bit of patience but is totally doable in 10 minutes.  While it’s a handy desk organiser, it can also be used as an ipad stand or as a letter stand. I especially love the tall rod bit which can be used to clip on photos, cards, favourite quotes or anything you want on display.  You could pair this organiser with the DIY notebooks above – a lovely gift for any stationery lover.  Find out more about this DIY desk organiser – it really is so easy to make!

diy trivets
13. DIY trivets with a (faux) stone look

I like my trivets to be functional and beautiful — y’know ones that are pretty enough to use on the dining table.  These minimal DIY trivets are exactly that.  They’re the perfect gift for anyone who likes to have gatherings in their home.  And of course they’re quick to make but you do have baking time as they’re made of clay.  The (faux) granite look really elevates these trivets and makes them special.

edible gift idea for tea lovers
14. DIY chai latte spice mix

Edible gifts are just the best!  There are so many ideas out there from brownie mixes to homemade granola.  I’ve picked this chai latte spice mix because we all know a tea lover.  And this chai mix sounds like the perfect mixture of warmth and spice, ideal for a winter brew.  To make it, all you do is grab all the ingredients, mix and put in a pretty jar.  Add a label and bit of greenery to the jar to make it look all festive.  Head on over to find out the ingredients for this chai latte spice mix and you’ll also find a bunch of other edible gift ideas.

how to make copper earrings
15. DIY copper earrings

Last but not least I’ve got these DIY earrings.  Simple & stylish, these earrings couldn’t be easier to make.  And if copper isn’t your thing, switch it up — I’m thinking brass would look great.  Alternatively you could get any metal circles and paint in whatever colour you like.  Although the metal look is what makes this piece for me.  But it just depends on who you’re making it for and what they like.  Here’s where you can find out all about making these DIY copper earrings.

So thats 15 easy DIY gift ideas that you can make in 15 minutes or less.  And they’re all so simple to make too.  Which ones will you pick?

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