Using marble in the design of your home instantly provides a feeling of ultimate luxury. With so many different colors, unique patterns, and tile shapes to play with, you can easily create visual interest as well as a luxurious atmosphere in any room of the home. That being said, marble is naturally water resistant, making it the perfect choice for bathrooms.

If you are thinking of using marble in your bathroom renovation, have a look at the list below. You can find the most inspiring marble bathroom ideas to help you create the bathroom design of your dreams.

All Over Gray Marble Bathroom With Cream Accents

One of the most eye-catching marble bathroom ideas is combining marble countertops with matching marble walls and floors. In this specific take on the trend, the color palette is very monochrome with the medium gray marble which allows for a cohesive look.

To complete the style, an off-white curtain is paired with smaller accessories in neutral tones for added warmth.

A beautiful marble bathroom with a curtain underneath the sink

Styling by team Lotta Agaton for Behrer and Partners 

Bright White All-Marble Bathroom

For those looking for white marble bathroom ideas, try pairing white marble with light gray veining and white walls, accents, and fixtures. This modern marble bathroom idea creates a clean, polished look that’s perfect for smaller spaces.

In addition, the marble shower walls that continue into wainscoting provide a sleek feel that plays with the existing wall space.

White marble tiles in a bathroom with chrome fixtures

via Entrance Makleri

Uniquely Patterned White Marble Bathroom

As mentioned previously, marble comes in a wide variety of patterns. This makes the design possibilities endless, especially when it comes to marble bathroom walls. This is a very simple, yet modern bathroom design that uses large marble tile pieces across both the walls and floor to maximize the impact of the pattern.

You can also add a bit of contrast to the space by including touches of black or other dark tones within your marble tile bathroom.

Marble tiles in a modern bathroom with an LED mirror

via Entrance Makleri

Dark Gray Modern Marble Bathroom With Industrial Touches

If you’re looking for marble bathroom ideas that have a dramatic impact, this interior design style is for you. The gray walls created from unique marble tiles are complemented by the black metal vanity which adds a slight industrial feel.

The freestanding tub is placed at center stage, the bright white creating a focal point without much effort. The dramatic nature of this design is balanced perfectly by the minimalist accessories, preventing the room from becoming overwhelming when combined with the texture.

The ceiling height in this space makes it one of the most impressive marble tile bathroom ideas on the list.

An impressive grey marble bathroom with a white porcelain soaking tub and a black metal vanity

via Nobis Hotel Copenhagen

Black Marble Shower Paired With White Subway Tile

To make a more subtle statement with your marble tile bathroom ideas, try pairing a black marble shower with large white subway tile. This design takes some of the other marble bathroom ideas and approaches the use of marble differently by treating it as an accent instead of the main event.

The naturally high contrast between the black and white tiles is pleasing to the eye while combining modern luxury and classic decor ideals.

A bathroom with black marble in the walk-in-shower and white subway tiles on the walls

You don’t have to rely on creating a marble wall, marble vanity, or marble shower to have a touch of luxury in your home. The simple use of tile marble on the floor is a common and more subtle way to achieve a “marble bathroom” feel. You can use the same design principles of contrast by pairing black marble with a white tile, such as subway tile, to create a timeless look. The addition of a modern tub and fixtures also helps to bring everything together.

A bathroom with black marble floors and white subway tiles on the walls

Styled by Bon Interior, photographed by Maria Sahlander, for sale via Bjurfors

Small Marble Tiles in Mixed Shades and Patterns

For those who want the floor-to-ceiling marble design but with a bit of extra personality, pairing marble tile in different shapes and colors may be the answer. In this bathroom, the marble floor in the shower area ties into the whiter shade of the marble vanity top while adding further contrast through the use of a chevron pattern.

This combined with the brassy gold fixtures throughout the space creates a cohesive color scheme that’s very sleek and stylish.

A spacious bathroom with marble tiles on the walls and floors

via Alicia Edelman

Marble Tile With Sandy Tones and Brown Shades

So far, we’ve focused mainly on marble bathroom ideas that rest heavily on marble in shades of gray, white, and black. However, that are other, less common shades of marble available that aren’t often used in bathrooms. For example, choosing a marble that has more of a sandy tone allows you to play with wood and brown accents in a way that you wouldn’t have been able to before.

A bathroom with white marble tiling, chrome fixtures and wood details

via Historiska Hem

Large Marble Tiles Through the Entire Bathroom

One other unique way to maximize a marble bathroom is by continuing the same type of large tiles from the marble floors, up the wall to the ceiling, and across plumbing fixtures.

This design style creates a stunning marble sink that’s guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind. This works well in both a compact space or a more spacious bathroom, especially when used in conjunction with a glass shower door as this maximizes the visual space.

A white marble bathroom with a unique marble sink and chrome fixtures

via Sjoman Frisk

Bright White Floor to Ceiling Marble With White and Neutral Decor

If you enjoy bright spaces and your bathroom has a lot of natural light, you can elevate the effect by using a white marble floor in conjunction with white marble walls, a white vanity, and white or neutral accent pieces. In addition, mirrored medicine cabinets also reflect the natural light, brightening the space even more.

A white marble tiled bathroom with neutral accessories

via Simon Crest

White Marble Bathroom With Dark Wood Cabinetry

Anyone looking for a fresh take on the common marble bathroom ideas of pairing white marble with black or dark brown accents will love this bathroom. This design takes the all-marble bathroom trend and breaks up the white with a black wood vanity face and matching faucet. The subtle appearance of the wood grain also adds depth to the space by mixing textures.

A white marble bathroom with a contrasting black vanity and faucet

Styled by Laura Seppanen, photographed by Mikael Pettersson for Hevi Kivitalo

Uniquely Patterned Marble Tiles With Medium Brown Accents

If you’ve found a bold marble pattern that you love, but are unsure how to harness it in your bathroom, this is the design idea for you. Continue the unique pattern across the space by using it to create a marble floor and wall as well as a marble vanity.

This can easily produce an intensity in the bathroom, so to balance it out, you’ll want to use more neutral accents such as items in a medium brown, wicker texture.

A grey patterned marble on the floor, walls and sink in a bathroom decorated with warm accessories

Styling by Sundling Kickén, photographed by Rich Stapleton, Art Direction Therese Sennerholt for H&M Home

Mixed Marble With Other Patterns, Materials, and Colors

As mentioned previously, we can sometimes produce an eye-catching design by using marble accents or mixing marble with other materials and colors. In this bathroom idea, you can a combination of two popular materials used in modern bathrooms: marble and stone. This idea pairs a marble vanity with dark gray stone walls which allows both materials to stand out in their way.

A white marble bathroom sink and vanity paired with grey stone tiles on the wall

via Audo Cph

Light Gray Marble Bathroom With Black Accents

In this large marble tile bathroom, the popular gray marble pattern used along both the shower wall and floor continues outside of the shower space as we’ve seen in other designs. Unlike other designs, however, this bathroom utilizes solid black fixtures, accents, and trim for a bold touch. The small strip of bare white wall above the marble balances out with the solid white of the toilet to maximize the effect.

White marble bathroom tiles paired with black fixtures

via Historiska Hem

White Marble Tile Wainscoting With Gray Accents

In the last of our marble bathroom ideas, white marble tile with gray veining is being used as a material for wainscoting while the rest of the wall is a gentle, solid white. The sleek straight lines of the tile are echoed throughout the other elements in the room with the circular mirror contrasting beautifully. The dark smooth grey of the vanity topped by the white sink works well to pull each element together in a complete look.

A white bathroom with white marble wainscoting

styled by Josefin Håag for Fantastic Frank

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