Stairs cannot be separated from a house of two or more floors. This area serves as a liaison between one floor and another and the presence of stairs has a function to facilitate the mobility of residents of the house. In addition, the safety factor is also very important when you build stairs. Many people prioritize the function of the stairs rather than looking beautiful. However, a staircase design that pays attention to aesthetic values will also make residents feel comfortable because of the visuals of the beauty that is presented.

Among the many staircase designs today, the floating staircase is one that is popular because of its unique concept. The impression of floating in the air is the main attraction and gives you more extra room under the stairs. Today I have collected some floating staircase designs that you will surely like. Although the design of the floating stairs looks amazing, it also requires careful precision so that it can last a long time and not fall over easily. Here’s the inspiration!

1. You can apply this glass floating stairs to a small room. The clear and transparent impression makes your room feel more spacious. Choose a glass material that is thick and can accommodate the required load.


2. Wooden floating stairs is the most popular idea. You can secure them by adding wire as a barrier.


3. This dining room looks one with floating stairs above it. Give a matching color for the impression of an elegant room.


4. A warm and comfortable impression can be seen from the combination of floating wooden stairs and exposed brick walls.


5. Create a minimalist-style indoor garden under the stairs to give the interior a fresh feel.


6. Do you like the look of luxury and glamour? You can choose a floating staircase made of marble.


7. Add modern style to the floating staircase with LED lights mounted on each rung.


8. Use the empty area under the stairs for various purposes such as a reading corner or a comfortable sitting area.


9. The boho-style room also looks good with the floating staircase design.


10. The area to the loft can also be accessed using a floating stairs. In order not to seem monotonous, give an industrial touch with an iron or metal staircase.


11. If you are a person who likes to read and have a mini-sized home library. You can take advantage of this area by building a floating stairs. Besides being a bridge between floors, this staircase will make it easier for you to reach and find your favorite book.


12. Vintage and rustic make this floating staircase a part of any interior style. Feels integrated with the workspace below and does not look like a staircase but part of the room.


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