DIY recycling projects are always more satisfying, especially when we can recycle unused items into something useful. Reuse used bottles in the most creative way in your yard and garden with this DIY bottle garden project! In addition to being easy and cheap, at the same time to reduce the amount of waste that can damage the surrounding environment.

Most beverage bottles are made of plastic and glass, and most are a problem because this waste is difficult to destroy. Instead of having to throw it away or just pile it up in the warehouse, what if we use it into an aesthetic garden project? Don’t let your used bottles be scattered or wasted. Here are some really cool DIY bottle garden inspirations that you can apply to reuse bottles you’ve always neglected to do.

1. A garden screen doesn’t just make your décor look more attractive, and if you use a bottle it becomes a work of art that will attract attention. A screen bottle garden can serve as a fence or simply to enhance the décor.


2. Create a unique accent in the garden with a glass bottle tree. Arrange several bottles of different colors on a wooden pole that resembles a tree shape.


3. Change your garden path to be more beautiful with bottle garden edges placed along the garden path.


4. This simple playground is made entirely of scrap materials. A series of colorful bottles and old tires as the centerpiece.


5. This bottle arch consists of a metal frame with a uniform arrangement of used bottles. Set to the right dimensions covering both large and small bottles for a unique look.


6. Add a water feature to your garden by arranging used bottles that come with a shower. It takes precision to arrange it so that it looks neat like this.


7. This is the most classic idea to make use of used bottles. As a place for gardening and growing all kinds of vegetables and herbs.


8. This garden path consists of an array of eye-catching bottles. If you arrange it like this then don’t worry about it breaking or being damaged when passed.


9. A large blank wall can be a great area for growing different types of plants with plastic bottles.


10. Wine bottles look beautiful hanging with vines. Apart from being a planting medium, this idea also makes your garden look more aesthetic.


11. Do you have plastic bottles piled up at home? Maybe using it as a mini greenhouse could be a solution. This idea does require a lot of empty plastic bottles but the results are very attractive to decorate the backyard.


12. Hang used glass bottles with string as part of your party decoration. Very beautiful as an outdoor wedding decoration or during the festive season.


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