As the days grow shorter and the air becomes chillier, it’s clear that winter is on its way. While winter brings with it cozy moments and holiday cheer, it also calls for a well-organized home that exudes warmth and comfort. Before the cold settles in, take some time to declutter and create a tranquil environment. Here are the ten essential things to declutter before winter hits:

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10 Things to Declutter Before Winter Hits

1. Fall and Summer Clothing

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Say goodbye to summer dresses, shorts, and tank tops. Clear out any fall clothing that you no longer wear. Consider donating gently used items and storing the rest for the next season.


2. Expired Pantry Items

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Winter is all about comfort foods and holiday meals. Ensure your pantry is ready by removing any expired or stale foods. Restock with hearty soups, pastas, and ingredients for your favorite winter recipes.

3. Old Magazines and Books


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While you’re snuggled up inside, reading is a wonderful way to pass the time. But before you start on new adventures, get rid of any old magazines or books you no longer want. Consider donating them to local libraries or schools.

4. Unused – Unnecessary Items


While setting up winter and holiday decor, sift through your collection and remove any items that haven’t been used in years. This will not only free up space but also allow you to focus on meaningful and cherished decor items.

5. Outdoor Equipment

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Summer toys, gardening tools, and other seasonal equipment should be stored away or discarded if damaged. Ensure your winter equipment like snow shovels and salt are easily accessible.

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6. Medicine Cabinet


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Before flu season starts, declutter your medicine cabinet. Dispose of expired medicines properly, and make a list of any essentials you need to stock up on, like cold remedies or vitamins.

7. Outdated Electronics


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With longer nights come longer movie marathons and gaming sessions. But first, sort through your electronics. Recycle or donate devices you no longer use and organize cables and chargers.

8. Mismatched Mittens and Socks


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Over time, we all accumulate single mittens and socks where their pairs have mysteriously vanished. If you can’t find the match, repurpose or discard these lone items to make space for new, cozy pairs.

9. Cosmetics and Beauty Products

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Skincare routines often change with the weather. Toss out expired cosmetics and any products you haven’t used in months. This will make room for winter skincare essentials like heavier moisturizers and lip balms. Declutter Before Winter Hits.

10. Holiday Clutter


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If you celebrate holidays during the winter, sift through your holiday items before decorating. Discard any broken ornaments, untangle light strands, and donate any items you no longer love.


In conclusion, winter’s arrival is an opportunity for a fresh start. By decluttering these ten essential areas before winter, you pave the way for a serene, organized home that’s ready to welcome the colder months with open arms. As you sip on your hot cocoa and watch the snowfall, you’ll be glad you took the time to prepare your space for the season.

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