For men, the bedroom is one of the most comfortable places where they can rest and do whatever they like before the bedroom lights are turned off. The atmosphere of the room is warm and in accordance with the personality of a man, able to keep the mood after a day of activities. Therefore, you need to create a masculine style bedroom by choosing the right furniture and decorations. However, there is one decoration element that you cannot ignore, namely the bedroom lights.

To make the atmosphere of the room more lively, you can add decorations in the form of cool room lights consisting of various models, sizes and colors. Real men know how to create their personal space in a different way, in fact, you don’t even need to add a lot of decor elements just to get a dream man’s room. Only by choosing one of these bedroom lamp designs, the feel of the room will really feel different. Get inspired!

1. String lights give a warm glow to the men’s room. Consisting of several light bulbs, your room will feel more aesthetic with this lamp design.


2. Industrial style is very popular for masculine rooms. We can make our own DIY room lights made of iron pipes and wooden planks as a nice decoration ornament.


3. Ceiling lights are a great option for futuristic style rooms. Choose an LED ceiling light that makes the atmosphere around it dim and calming.


4. Combine wall lamps and pendant lights if you need more lighting. This idea is perfect for those of you who like to work in a room.


5. This DIY pendant lamp uses a rope that gives a masculine impression to the room. Set it at the right height so that the light is spread evenly.


6. Some men like to bring nature in the room. Apart from placing a number of houseplants, a lamp on the bedroom wall looks chic with a minimalist room decoration.


7. LED wall lights are a great way to go when you want to bring out an industrial bedroom style. Place it between the plaster walls to emphasize this style.


8. Not just one wall lamp, combine two wall lamps that provide lighting throughout the room as well as illuminate the nightstand.


9. Neon bedroom lights are a cool statement to showcase your style and personality.


10. Bedside table lamps can be an alternative to get additional lighting. Place it on a masculine-style table and choose a black table lamp.


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