There is nothing more enjoyable than enjoying an outdoor bath. Especially if you need a place to escape to simply pamper yourself or want to relax while enjoying nature. Instead of building an open bathroom, you can simply design an outdoor shower to bring a holiday atmosphere to your next residence. To create a calming yet holiday-inspired atmosphere, an outdoor bamboo shower will bring a tropical vibe while making it durable.

You can create an outdoor shower with various arrangement ideas and the style you want. Add various decorative elements such as stone, gravel, and concrete in any combination that suits your outdoor style. Bamboo is a type of grass that is used to produce covering materials that can be used for various purposes. This post we will bring this natural material as part of the decoration of your outdoor bathroom and shower. Let’s see!

1. The perfect combination of bamboo walls and wooden floors will create a perfect outdoor bathing atmosphere.


2. Bring the holiday vibes to your outdoor shower with a bamboo wall and shower. To make it more aesthetic, complete it with a shower head made of woven material.


3. There is nothing more enjoyable than bathing while surrounded by a refreshing natural atmosphere. This bamboo wall will give you privacy as well as give you a calming feeling.


4. Has a simple design but still looks modern. This bamboo shower is suitable for placement near the swimming pool because it is very functional.


5. Bathing under this bamboo fountain will take you to a refreshing tropical forest.


6. Turn your small backyard into the perfect outdoor bathroom.


7. This outdoor shower will be a refreshing oasis when you need the perfect summer escape.


8. A treehouse cum outdoor shower that will bring more adventure to your weekend.


9. Even though it is hidden, this bamboo shower will make you closer to the natural surroundings. In fact, it reminds us a bit of childhood memories.


10. There’s nothing more refreshing than bathing in a bamboo shower connected to the garden or backyard. A small backyard is a haven for those of you who long for more time outdoors.


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