minimalist Scandinavian wall hook

minimalist Scandinavian wall hook
Scandinavian design is all about being functional and beautiful. This idea extends to small everyday objects just as much as big decor. Today is all about just one such everyday object that practically every home has — wall hooks and coat racks.

I have wall hooks in every room of my home because they make tidying up a breeze, they are so easy to reach and they add a decor feature. I spent ages finding the right hooks for my home because I truly believe that practical things can and should be aesthetically pleasing like all these Scandinavian wall hooks and coat racks.

Whether you need wall hooks to organise your entryway or in the kitchen for dishcloths or in the kids room for all their stuff, these wall hooks and coat racks will work in pretty much any room of your home.

I have picked out some that are designed especially for kids rooms and nurseries and I’ve picked a mix of bigger/longer coat racks as well as individual wall hooks. As always, there are very budget-friendly ones (starting at £2.99!) as well as more expensive ones.

wooden decorative coat rack

17 Scandinavian wall hooks and coat racks for the minimalist home

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minimalist coat racks wall hooks

1. pair of drop shaped hooks £21.50 (on sale) — comes in oak as well as black and white
2. circular wooden wall hook £15.97 (on sale) — comes in a pale oak as well
3. animal hooks for a kids room £18.75 — in addition to the animals picture, there’s also rabbit, panda and penguin hooks
4. hanger with hidden hooks £138 (on sale) — also comes in a dark stained oak
5. coat hanger with vertical hooks £163.86 — also available in dark wood and a combination of dark and light wood
6. coat hanger with moveable pegs £204 — you can buy pegs separately, depending on how many you need
7. pair of stick inspired wall hooks £10.91 (on sale) — all comes in black
8. small coat hanger with circle design £54.60 (on sale) — also comes in a black and brass combo
9. coat rack with tilting hooks £195.30 — only comes oak as pictured
10. asymmetrical wall hook £44.61 (on sale) — also comes in black
11. medium round oak hook £20.32 (on sale) – comes in various sizes and a range of muted colours
12. black mango wood hook £2.99 — also available in dark wood and green
13. set of 4 cute hooks for kids room £43 — made of beech wood the set includes a minimalist cloud, cat, circle and bird shape
14. minimalist classic coat rack £25 — made of birch wood and comes in different sizes
15. column inspired hanger £85.50 (on sale) — also available in black lacquered oak
16. squiggly metal coat rack for kids room £27.99 — also comes in chrome and black
17. coat rack with curve detail for kids room £39.20 (on sale) — also comes in pink, blue, green and caramel (beige one pictured is nearly sold out)

*all prices correct at time of publish including sale prices

individual wall hooks animal wall hooks for nursery wooden coat rack wall

Which of these wall hooks or coat racks are your favourite?

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