Decorating walls with boho accents is all about expressing creativity and showing off a unique style. That’s the reason why many people use the boho aesthetic to add personality to their homes. If you like boho wall decor that looks good and is functional, it means you can easily apply it to any room. Before you plan to add some of these eclectic ideas, consider bold, neutral colors for your bohemian themed wall décor.

There is no rule that you have to use boho wall decorations, this style is perfect for enhancing any room, from a bedroom that emphasizes personality, a statement piece in the living room, or just giving an aesthetic impression in a particular room. Today we want to share with you creative ways to take advantage of the elegant and unique possibilities of boho-inspired decor. Please scroll down and find your favorite boho wall ideas!

1. Unique boho mirror


Boho mirrors can add personality to any room. They look unique and help reflect light, which is characteristic of boho-style rooms where they display natural brightness and feel more spacious.

2. Wall basket set


Boho walls often feature unusual decorations, such as hanging sets of baskets in different shapes and colors. Besides looking unique, this basket decoration works well in both modern and rustic themed rooms.

3. Bohemian printed poster


If you’re looking for something easier and more sophisticated, try opting for abstract or geometric prints. This usually works well in minimalist style rooms with neutral colored furniture. The more unique the printed poster you display, the more bohemian your room will appear.

4. Tapestry and frame


Bohemian wall decor is dominated by neutral colors, but there’s no harm in changing up the print with some contrasting white details. Many design elements like decorative displays and frames can also be added to the wall area.

5. Bohemian wall knitting


You can’t buy all boho decorations, you can even make your own DIY knitted baskets. Make knitted baskets or other motifs according to your wishes, then display them on the wall to add personality.

6. Hanging plants


Boho decoration is synonymous with a green color scheme obtained from plants. So, hanging a plant wall is a great idea to add a natural feel.

7. Macrame wall


Macrame crafts are one of the characteristics of boho decoration, so you should add this accessory to your home. Hang or display macrame on the walls to create a dreamy boho vibe.

8. Holiday hat collections


Have a large collection of beach hats while on holiday? Instead of letting it collect dust, you can also create boho decorations by displaying your holiday hat collection. Hang a collection of beach hats, especially those made from wicker, to emphasize the elegant boho style.

9. Matching accent wall


Mix matching patterns and textures to create an eclectic look for your boho wall decor. Consider choosing different shades from light to dark colors all together, all in the name of art.

10. Wooden wall shelf


Add a wooden wall shelf and combine it with an interesting motif into your overall color palette. Display various photo frames, posters, artwork and boho accessories to create a beautiful and neat impression.

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