Zodiac Icons Blanket: Aries

Aries is a special season for both our resident astrologer Ramona and myself. It was at Ramona’s birthday party on April 2nd, 2010 (the night before her actual bday) that I met my longtime partner Nick! So we both have a lot to celebrate in the coming weeks. Aries marks the actual beginning of the zodiac calendar and is all about taking risks. I definitely feel that for myself this time of year. Spring is around the corner and personally I always feel like shaking off the winter and doing something a little daring and different to welcome in the new season. It’s a time when I feel invigorated and motivated especially after Pisces season where it’s all about dreaming and envisioning what you want next. Now it’s time to start taking action, but at the same time it’s not quite spring yet, so there can be a sense of wanting to move forward but still having to wait out the rest of the winter, which also speaks to the start-and-stop nature of Aries as well. If you’re behind on the KAL, now is a great time to jump back in!

If you’re ready to dive into the square, scroll down for the free pattern and color chart.

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Not sure which colors to choose? I got you! This year-long mystery KAL features one main color and three contrast colors. Whether you choose to base your combo on your home decor (like I did) or on your astrological chart, the mix-and-matchable Hue + Me line of 30 gorgeous colors is the perfect palette to use. Check out my Zodiac Color Guide for help choosing your combo here.

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Zodiac Icons Blanket: Aries

Aries is all about diving in – just try it! Is there something you’ve been wanting to attempt, tackle, or try? All it takes is a little courage to do it your way like the pioneering Aries – I dare you! Aries are powerful in their ability to gather the squad and take action. They are not scared of anything. There is courage and fear in the same breath, and independence is their thing. Let them live but tell them they are great. It’s a fast sign so keep up or get out of their way!

Zodiac Icons Blanket: Aries
Zodiac Icons Blanket: Aries

The vibe for the month no matter what your sign is, from our resident astrologer, Ramona:

Hi Humans, it’s Ramona here with your monthly mini horoscope. Each month I will provide your much-needed vibe check and help you stay inspired for our cosmic journey together. 

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Welcome to Aries season and a time for a little independence from the knitting circle and your pattern. Observe where you are confident in your life – put your energy there!

Take a moment to remind yourself of all the hard, courageous, and magical things you have done just in the past week. 

Sometimes Aries is a little start & stop energy, so if that is happening with your pattern who cares? When you start again, you will start again. We are so close to the end so just keep going. Stay cosmic cutie!

See you next month, 

Xo Ramona

Zodiac Icons Blanket: Aries


March 21 – April 19
Symbol: The Ram
Ruling Planet: Mars
Archetypes: The Warrior, The Pioneer, The Daredevil, The Survivor

Mode: Cardinal – Beginning, The Power of Initiation, Do something
Element: Fire – Creative, Engaging

Zodiac Icons Blanket: Aries


9 skeins Lion Brand Hue + Me in main color      
2 skeins each Lion Brand Hue + Me in 3 contrast colors                                                                    
(bulky, weight 5; 137yds/125m per skein)

Size US 10.5 (6.5mm) circular knitting needles, 40”/100cm long
Tapestry needle


12 sts + 16 rows = 4″/10cm in stockinette


13″ x 13″ / 33cm x 33cm (per square)
42” x 55” / 107cm x 140cm (full blanket)


All Two of Wands patterns are written in standard US terms.

CC – Contrast color
CO – Cast on
K – Knit
MC – Main color
P – Purl
Rep – Repeat
RS – Right side
St(s) – Stitch(es)
WS – Wrong side

Zodiac Icons Blanket: Aries


CO 39 with MC. Begin chart at bottom right corner, row 1. Chart is read from right to left on RS rows and left to right on WS rows. Each cell represents a single stitch in the color indicated. K each RS row and P each WS row. Use intarsia and stranded knitting techniques to complete chart through row 52, then bind off with MC.

Zodiac Icons Blanket: Aries


Zodiac Icons Blanket: Aries


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