Maybe not everyone will like the sauna, especially for those who have a phobia of being in narrow places, but for some people, being in a sauna feels very relaxing and healing. That is the reason why sauna saunas are supposed to detoxify you, and can help relieve any aches and pains you may be feeling. Being in a sauna has been shown to be effective in producing a feeling of relaxation as there is an increase in blood flow to your skin, as well as an increase in overall blood circulation. And Yoki Sauna is a unique choice of sauna because it creates good circulation in the forest.

Designed by Kairi Eguchi Studio, Yoki Sauna consists of six private saunas attached to a lodging facility built using the former Kagura Elementary School in Tanba City, Hyogo Prefecture. This sauna is designed to be a refreshing and relaxing experience that is deeply rooted in nature and local cultural heritage. The sauna is a minimalist wooden shape built using thinned trees gathered from the surrounding forest.


Based on the barrel structure, the designer added a ladder to the ceiling and installed a long window to let light in in the morning. As a result, there are steps on the round roof which have become a new icon. Yoki Sauna is located in Aogaki, Tanba city, and is designed to facilitate and foster a symbiotic relationship with the surrounding environment as the water used in the sauna baths is taken from the upper Kakogawa River. Based on this concept, “Yoki Sauna” was inspired by the names of four circulating trees as symbols.








Designer: Kairi Eguchi Studio

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