Velvet Yarn & Crochet Toys


Social media are a mind-blowing thing. Not that I just became aware of the fact, but I get flabbergasted every time a trend blows out of proportions. 
So, one of the current crochet trends popular with young people and teenagers are these cute bears, bunnies and turtles. We might throw an octopus or a whale for good measure. 
I have several regular (customers) teenagers  who love to shop the velvet yarn for these toys and some of them earn their pocket money by selling these toys. 
One of them is Theodora, my most fervent and prolific customer. She can knock several of these toys in a day!! 
Out of the 4 velvet brands that I have in my shop, Alize Velluto and Ayda Baby Vellur seem to be the most popular. 
My experience with velvet yarn is very poor, but I started a baby blanket with it and  I love it so far. What about you? Have you ever worked with velvet yarn? Are there brands you prefer?
(Click on Theodora’s IG profile to check out her toys. She has every single pattern designer tagged if you wish to peruse velvet crochet toys making)