This pendant lights reminds me of childhood memories where we used to play with pencil sharpeners when we were kids. Designed by Nanako Kume, a Japanese designer for a series of pendant lights. The shape of the lamp resembles the remains of sharpened colored pencils, she creates each pendant light design with the help of a machine that is made like a giant sharpener.

Since childhood, designers have been fascinated by the shape of the shavings made when sharpening a pencil. So, she thought that instead of having to throw it away as waste, it would be possible to create new products while still maintaining the beauty of their form.

The result, as you can see, is a unique chandelier project inspired by a giant pencil sharpener. In addition to bringing us to nostalgia, this chandelier idea also has a high aesthetic value.


Pendant lights manufacturing process

In the manufacturing process, the designer begins by softening the wooden beams in the steamer before shaving them off. This makes the wood material bendable and easy to scrape in a thin but sturdy layer. But there is something more important than softening the wood, which is adjusting the angle and position of the blade to get the strokes that match the shape of the pencil sharpener.

After the wood has the desired shape then coated with paint to match the color of the pencil. As a result, the resulting wood sharpener is very similar to a pencil shavings but in a large size. This is what Nanako Kume uses as the basic form of her pendant lights.






Pendant light details and variations

There is something unique about this pendant lights project. Every detail is completely different so it looks natural like a normal pencil shavings. You’ll find the details of each lampshade vary depending on the species, color and shape of the wood. The addition of colorants to the design is also very decisive for each design so that it evokes the shape of the colored pencils.

The shaving time makes a significant contribution to the unique curves and profile seen throughout the chandelier. Here you will see the process of working on a pendant lights complete with the machine used.






source: designboom

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