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Step into the world of Hancock Architects studio, where innovative design meets timeless elegance. Get ready to explore unique contemporary interiors that are sure to inspire and captivate. So, grab a cup of coffee, make yourself comfortable, and let’s dive into the delightful elegant that makes Hancock Architects stand out from the crowd.

Mix of Old and New


This Sydney house’s makeover shows how old homes can start new stories. It keeps the history alive while getting ready for what’s next. It’s not just about making a house look nice; it’s about making it a place where more memories can be made, blending yesterday’s charm with today’s life.

dining room with checkered tiles by Hancock Architects
bathroom with free standing tub and large wood mirror by Hancock Architects

Eco-Friendly Can Be Cool

contemporary white hallaway with barble flooring by Hancock Architects

Hancock cares about the planet, and they show it in style. It’s all about being kind to the planet while making your home look great.

A Trip With Hancock


Walking through a Hancock house is like a fun journey. One room might take you back in time, and another might shoot you into the future. They make spaces that tell stories and give you a little escape from the real world.

An Old Church in Sydney


Hancock Architects recently took on a big project, turning an old church in Sydney into something stunning. They mixed the church’s old charm with new, shiny gold details, making it look both rich and inviting. Let’s dive into how they did it and what makes this project stand out.

Golden Touch in an Old Place


Think of walking into a place that’s both ancient and shiny new. Hancock Architects did just that by adding gold touches to the church’s old stone walls and wooden beams. It’s not just about making it look new but making the old beauty stand out more.

Mixing Old with New


Turning the church gold was like magic, blending old with new in a beautiful way. Gold lights, decorations, and details were added carefully to make sure the church’s history was still the star. The idea was to celebrate the church’s past, not hide it.

Detail in Every Corner


Hancock Architects paid close attention to every little part of the church. They added gold in just the right places, like on the pews and around the altar, to make the whole space feel special and full of light.

Green and Gold


Hancock Architects also made sure their golden makeover was good for the planet. They chose gold that was gotten in a way that’s not harmful to the environment. This shows you can have something that looks rich and also be kind to Earth.

A Place for Everyone

With this makeover, the old church became more than just a building. It’s now a place where people can come for many different events, still feeling the calm and history of the church but in a new, glamorous setting. It’s a gift to the community, mixing tradition with something new and exciting.

A Bold New Look

By turning the church into a place filled with gold and glamour, Hancock Architects showed they’re not afraid to try new things. They kept the church’s soul but gave it a new life, making it a place that stands out in Sydney. This project is a perfect example of how old places can be made new again, without losing what made them special in the first place.

contemporary bathroom with marble vanity by Hancock Architects
eclectic dining room by Hancock Architects
eclectic dining room with indoor plants by Hancock Architects
black and white contemporary kitchen by Hancock Architects
black and white contemporary bathroom by Hancock Architects

Black and white bathroom

bathroom with contempporary freestanding tab in front of a wall of convict-worked sandstone and stained-glass windows by Hancock Architects

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Vintage Apartment In Sydney

Vintage Apartment In Sydney

Historic Stone Church Turned Into a Functional Modern Home

Artistic Converted Church Home

small white bathroom by Hancock Architects

The Hancock Way

Hancock Architects make homes that do more than just look nice. They make you feel something special. Their designs mix the old and the new, fun and function, all while being good to the earth. It’s a wild ride that makes your home anything but ordinary.

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